Sunday, November 10, 2013

Time is fying

I can't believe it's almost mid November already. What the hell. Friday I went to an Italian resto with my good pal MA. We had olives, bread, pizza, wine, dessert and more wine. Now I know where all my money goes. Entertainment + wine. Better than drugs, no? Better than staying home all the time in a depression spiral. I wish I had a wine cellar and I was able to collect wine to fill it. One day..

yesterday I went to CF and practiced my Oly training moves. It's not easy and I can't say I'm loving it. But I'm sticking it out til the 16 workouts are done. I'm not gonna give up until I know what I'm doing.
Also went to a fancy LCBO in "Leaside" and got carded. She looked at me, asked for my ID, I'm like heck yeah! and she was shocked by my age. Go life! Got groceries at Sobeys and went home. I had a nice nap and made a wicked mushroom risotto. Like, you would die. It's from a Jamie Oliver cookbook I got years ago. Fuckin amazing. Lots of great recipes and who doesn't love risotto?! Had it with a charcuterie board and a great bottle of inexpensive vintage red. What fun it is to be an adult!

This is the book, it's great to have on-hand. Many many awesome recipes inside. Cookbooks. GET SOME.

Should I go to hot yoga for once in my life? It looks too windy to run outside. I need to some some sort of physical activity to work off the rich things I consumed.

That's all I got, I'm just really proud that I made risotto. Hey, it's gluten free at least! But there is definitely butter and cheese :) No regrets.