Friday, July 19, 2013

Crazy week

This week turned out to be a write off for exercise. Nutrition was okay, although I drank a lot last night. Mostly V+S though. And I def ate crappy pub food, did my best to steer clear of any wheat. Also I had gelato yesterday. Ok maybe this week was a semi write off for nutrition. I was doing well the beginning of the week. Back on track today, going for dinner with some friends so I'll make wise choices.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Hidee HO

Helloo I'm back from vacation, which ended over 2 weeks ago. And I'm back on track. I fully binged and didn't care about what I ate while in France, because why the fuck would I deny myself ANY of that pleasure?! You're a fucking fool if you do. Yes I said that and I don't give a fuck. Life is short, leave your eating disorder at home when on vacation.


Now that I'm back home and none of my pants fit (not kidding), I'm tightening up my diet and watching my food intake and fat/protein/carb ratios. I've purchased some good quality probiotics to get my gut nice and healthy and hopefully to help de-bloat from all the baguettes and cheese I ate. I'm cutting off grains for the next two weeks, just to "see" how I feel. That includes rice, quinoa, all that.. even beer. I can do it, 2 weeks isn't much.

I am aware that my thighs and ass are bigger due to the heavy lifting I've been doing. And you know what, it's not so bad. They're not fat chunky cellulite legs - not that there is anything wrong with cellulite, we all have some anyway... but they've got some shape. And that's cool. I just need to work on getting the proper fit of jeans. I think I'll wait until the weather cools down to worry about that, and give myself a chance to make some changes with my body over the next few months, with running, CF and nutrition. And if nothing even changes I'll accept that and move on. I do want to reduce the belly though, if anything. So, I'm limiting alcohol intake to weekends - I think - and laying off the beer for sure.

So today:

2 eggs, 3 bacon


2 chicken thighs bone in, broccoli and beets

steak, asparagus, tomatoes