Monday, October 29, 2012


Let's get back on track.

frozen berries, 1/2 fried banana w/cinnamon, coconut/cashew butter, 1/2 banana pancake leftover. All in a bowl. Yummy. + flax.


leftover pot roast + carrot/sweet potato mash

i had 2 beers yesterday and i can see it in my belly.

Friday, October 19, 2012


tonight is my final official night of th 5 week, Get Real challenge. Basically "Whole 30". Look it up.
I get measured tomorrow. Then in the evening, going out for dinner to celebrate. Well, I'm celebrating anyway, with a glass or two of wine or beer and a delicious Irish pub dinner. This does not mean I want to go back to "normal" eating after tomorrow. It means I know what I should eat, I love crossfit and if I want to improve I must continue. Although I don't want my social life to suffer as much, it is literally depressing. I like going out with my coworkers and friends for some drinks. Kill me for being a normal social being and I'm not 50. I have no kids, I have a career and I'm in good health. Going to live while I can without compromising my fitness/health. Word.

Don't feel like writing all I ate. I just got back from crossfit and I'm making some proteing powder pancakes. I'm flying solo so I'm making whatever pleases me.

1 ripe banana, mine was quite spotty
2 eggs
1 full scoop of whey isolate powder - unflavoured/unsweeted of course
splash of vanilla
1/3 cup ground flax
1/2 tsp baking soda
some shakes of cinnamon - hearty shakes
few dashes nutmeg
few dashes ground allspice
few chugs of salt
splash of coconut milk

whip that up with your whisk.

pan fry on medium. The look like real pancakes, guys. I think I've discovered the BEST "healthy" pancake recipe, no joke. Put butter on them, melt some frozen berries, coconut butter, almond butter. The possibilities are endless and they are amazing. I'm eating all of them.

Final Friday

I truly want to drink tonight. Just to be social. But I know it will bloat me for tomorrow.

I don't know what's going on, but I'm not sleeping well lately. I wake up numerous times, toss and turn. I hate it. :(

2 eggs, 1/2 red pepper, 1/4 avocado

Coffees at work

some grapes

1 hungarian sausage, sweet potatoes, broccoli

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Final Wednesday

Sleep was FUCKING ASS POO SHIT. Insomnia is the worst, if you haven't had it, you won't understand.

I wanted to go to the gym this morning, I even had motivation because other people from work were gonna do the same and we all would meet after. But since I got like 4 hours of sleep, that just didn't happen.

2.5 eggs + mushrooms + 1/4 avocad and some salami

remember when i said I'd try and starve my last week? didn't. Also, that's kind of cheating I guess.

Snacked on veggie chips

curry chicken + squash

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Final Tuesday.

I don't know if you've noticed but I'm loving that this is the final week of my challenge. Not because I will pig out (yes I will, Saturday night only) but because I will feel accomplished - although I did have a few glasses of wine and ate desserts at Thanksgiving. I still think I've done well.

Sleep was ok. If I went to bed earlier, it would have been better.

I made a layered bowl of the following - frozen berries (heated) / coconut butter / paleo banana pancakes / almond butter / butter butter / cinnamon

SO GOOD. It was tart yummy comfort food that wasn't eggs. GO! And so far I'm not hungry at work. Werk it.

Food for the day:
Chicken wings / squash.

Apple probably with maca butter.

Chocolate salty balls recipe:

• dates - no pits, I say 2 handfuls - make sure you check each date, sometimes they miss some when taking pits out and it can wreck your food processor blade / chop them first to help the processor

• about 2 handfuls of almonds or other nuts - not PEAnuts.
• splash of vanilla
• pinch of salt
• dash of cayenne pepper
• small handful coconut shreds - unsweetened
• like a tablespoon of coconut milk/almond milk or even just water - it helps them stick into balls
• 2 big tablespoons of cocoa powder

put the dates in, process a bit. add the nuts/coconut / process until small bits / add salt/cayenne/cocoa / pulse a bit / add your vanilla and bit of liquid. process until everything is small, like dirt.

make sure its sticky enough to make balls - grab a bit and pinch it, it should stick together. if not, add a bit more liquid - just a bit! and pulse again. does it look like soil? good!

when you think its sticky enough (it shouldnt be wet), transfer to a bowl and make balls. if you want to get fancy you can roll the balls in cocoa powder like truffles. and sprinkle some coarse salt on top. YUM!
you can put any nuts and seeds in this. i added flax seeds to my last batch and I felt pretty good about that. as long as everything sticks together, your food processor is your oyster, you can make all kinds of healthy energy balls like this.. use cashews..walnuts, hemp seeds, chia... even skip out on the cocoa and make them just vanilla! oooooooh!
but go easy they're addictive and although made with healthy ingredients, dates are super high in sugar.
mm now i wanna make some but i know i'll eat them all.

rogan josh + carrots + cucumber + spinach

Monday, October 15, 2012

The final countdown

This is the last work week of the challenge. It's funny, on the weekend I was thinking, I've been living like this for 4 weeks now, I can't see myself going back. I don't want to stop learning new paleo recipes and I don't want to go back to my old ways. I'm ok with never making rice or using dairy in my foods. I will eat cheese and treat myself when I feel a treat is needed and I won't make friends or family adjust their foods when I'm invited over. But everything in my control will be just that  - in my control, and if I feel like eating popcorn and butter one night, I shall. Cuz you know what will happen? I'll poo it out and move on with my life.

I can't wait to have a drink Saturday night. So what. You can't wait to eat ice cream I can't wait to have a drink. Both are vices and I'm not sorry.

My plan is to workout Mon/Tues/Thurs/Sat. Let's try and stick to it, yeah?

Sleep wasn't bad. I had bizarro dreams again.

2 eggs, 1/4 avocado, salsa, spinach.

Brought with me today:
leftover rogan josh/cauli mash/squash

1 apple

1 orange

some homemade coconut butter.

I plan on eating all of these things.

I dyed my hair on the weekend. I like it, it's a great time for dark hair. It's a semi permanent dye, because I was afraid to commit and I did it from a box (for the first time). Since my hair is short its the best time to experiment with colour - but i'm not bleaching it or highlighting it until it gets longer because bleach causes breakage and I can't afford that when I'm growing it out. I must admit I can't wait til my hair is bob-length. I am having cutters regret, I should have just gotten a shortER haircut and dyed it to satisfy my makeover needs. The good news is, it grows longer each day and I reckon it will be bob-ish by January. I've got a hair appointment in a week and a half and I'll get her to clean up the back but leave the rest.

That is all. Yay mondane.

Pre workout:
cashews and dates - so friggin good i could eat that combo til I feel sick. I'm srs.

Crossfit - felt geeeewwwwwd. Deadlifted 150lb x3. mint.

7 chicken wings, stir fried 1 red pepper/mushrooms, on top of spinachi.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Last Sunday. LAST!!

I almost caved and made myself a martini last night. Almost. If I can make it to Saturday sans booze it will be a milestone - two weeks without a drop. Elle oh Elle. I don't have a problem, I just really like wine, beer and other alcohol. Sorry for being a spectacular human with Western/Northern European roots! And if you want to get technical I'm black just like everybody else.

Can't be bothered to catch up from Wednesday's post, just know that there were zero cheats, and two crossfit sessions since. I am addicted to crossfit sometimes. I just love it and feel great after. Just like my fren reen, I look forward to working out. Kill me for giving a shit why don't you!! It's better than expanding on my couch which is what I do at other times. I'm looking forward to a social life once again though. I gota hit up bulk barn today for some nuts and coconuts - I'm making coconut butter today.

Sleep was great, I had wicked bizarro dreams.

South African sausage + coffee + spoonfuls of coconut butter. Worries about the fat content in coconuts? Read this and shut your face:

Don’t be deterred by the high fat content of coconuts, the saturated fat in coconut is made up of short-chain and medium-chain fatty acids the body quickly turns into energy instead of storing as fat. Therefore, even though it’s high in saturated fat, coconut can aid in weight loss. Half the medium-chain fatty acids in coconut are composed of lauric acid, which is anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-fungal. Coconut can help boost the immune system.

I don't want to hear people complain about natural foods that are high in fat being bad for you. Change your thinking, just because that type of fat is called fat doesn't mean it makes you fat. Fat shouldn't be called fat is should be called carbs. Maybe then you'd adjust your meals.

I have a hankering for hot yoga. Yes I just said "hankering". I may go to the 3:30 class today since I can't run in this miserable weather. Speaking of running in miserable weather, kudos to those running the Toronto Marathon today. If I trained for that shit and woke up to this today, I'd be pissed.

Happy Sunday! I think I'll make Rogan Josh or Carnitas tonight.

went shopping, hit bulk barn and sobeys.

I made Beef Rogan Josh for dinner w/cauli mash + roasted squash/beets DELISH

Made some coconut butter and had that over frozen berries as a snack. Well I microwaved it all so it wasn't frozen and added cinnamon. DANGEROUS. It's funny, a year ago I would be all over that snack, thinking I could eat it all kinds because it's just fruit. I didn't know that fruits could inhibit weight loss because of the sugar content. Sometimes learning new things sucks.

During the day:
Apple/almond butter was eaten. Also some salami.

I didn't go to yoga or exercise at all. I didn't want to wash my hair til Monday so I avoided sweating it up.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Second-last Wednesday

K, one more Wednesday to go of this madness. It's not that bad actually, its just inconvenient for social reasons.

Sleep was shit again. What's happening??

2 pumpkin pancakes (w/butter + coconut butter):
3 eggs
few spoons of pumpkin puree
bit of coconut flakes
spoonful of coocnut flour
bit of baking soda
splash of coconut milk

they were actually pretty good!
+ few slices ham

spaghetti squash + 1/2 chicken breast + coconut milk curry stuff I made + 1/4 avocado

Afternoon snack
1 apple + maca butter + raw cacao chips

few potato chips made with avocado oi - they were good

other half of chicken breast
1/4 avocado
some plantain chips

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Second last Tuesday!

Okay only one more tuesday to go.

Weekend had some cheats, can't lie. But I did run twice and crossfit once. I feel good about everything in that regard.

Sleep was absolute shit, has to do with a cheat yesterday. Fuck! Bad sleeps ruin everything.

2 slices ham, carrot muffin thing.

At work:
Coffee then apple w/maca butter

scotch egg / spinach / tomato / half avocad.

attempted to eat a crappy apple/ failed/

scotch egg + carrots

making some chicken breast/coconut milk concoction. Seems good, I'll let you know how it turns out. I freestyled a recipe I was inspired by from the net. This is for the rest of the week lunch/dinners.

It was good.

I have a bunch of pumpkin puree leftover, so I made a punpkin spice latte with coco milk and rooibos tea. it was ok.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Long weekend

Two more weeks to go on this challenge. Less than two weeks now actually. YESSSSSSS. I have been 100% on this when it is in my control. I did eat out once but I managed to choose all veggies, some had sugar but I'm not sweating about it. I've had a few glasses of red wine over these 3 weeks, what can I say, I'm weak and love that ancient Jesus juice.

Yesterday was thanksgiving with the family. There was lots of cheese, snacks, booze and of course thanksgiving dinner. I steered clear of the cheese platters and even the gluten free crackers. I did however, have one of my brother's bacon wrapped bbq'd stuffed jalepeno poppers. (stuffed with cream cheese). I figured I'd regret NOT having one. It was SO good. That was my first bite of cheese in three weeks. And it didn't upset my stomach one bit - SCORE. I'm not complaining that my body can tolerate these things, in fact, it's awesome.

I only had the meat and certain veggies for dinner. Didn't have any of the cheesie broccoli or super sweet yams. My cousin made some kickass pulled pork which had sugar in it of course, but.. no regrets. I had like 2 and a half glasses of red wine. Also didn't regret that because I wasn't feeling fat yesterday. I'm just not that strong I guess and I'm not beating myself up for it. But then dessert came out. - keep in mind I haven't had bread or gluten in three weeks. My niece made oreo/cream cheese chocolate truffles. I said no. My brother brought "sticky fingers" (cinnabon style treats) I said no. My brother made two layer pumpkin pie cheese cake with french whipped cream on top - I caved. And it was fucking awesome. Then I had a small piece of berry pie - and it was fucking awesome too. I did feel a bit of guilt for crashing on the sugar/gluten thing - but I'm pleased to tell you it didn't upset my stomach. This is fantastic because when I get back to normal I'll be sure to live 80/20 on this diet without having to worry about feeling sick over certain foods. The only thing was I noticed my heart raced a bit from the sudden sugar jolt. I was mostly concerned over my quality of sleep because of this. But I stopped eating at like 7p and my sleep went undisturbed. Cool!

Today I'm going for a run to repent for my naughty sins. That's fine. I'm warning you these next two weeks will be hardcore and I'll do bad things in order to show a difference in my body for the final weigh in.


breakfast: coffee

RUN TIME - cold weather run here I come.

Also I made those carrot/banana/pumpkin muffins everyone was raving about. They are too eggy - like a carrot spiced omelette. Fuck that.

I think when this challenge is done I'm gona look at those protein baked goods where they include protein powder n shit. These eggy ones are gross and boring. I have a bunch I need to eat still. sigh.

This afternoon I grocery shop, clean, rent a movie, cook pork carnitas, chill.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wed #3

My sleep was bad, I had a hard time falling asleep for two reasons:
too much caffeine during the day
accidentally ate sugar. a friend at the gym gave me a bag of trader joe's coconut flakes. I ate some at home, thinking how yummy and sweet they were.. then I look at the ingredients - there's sugar in them!!! uigggghhhhhh.

Anyway, won't make that mistake again.

Sleep was disruptive because of that and cramps.. see I was right with my previous night's sleep prediction. I knew I'd get it. Very in tune with my body.

I woke up extra early (read: on time) and started my chili which is slow cooking as we speak. I'm making the chocolate chili from Well Fed, it's gonna be facking awesome. I'd like to make biscuits but I'm going to my writing class tonight. Might have to wake up early and make them tomorrow. I totally will.

2 scrambled eggs, 3 dates, almonds.

Going to get an expensive americano. Hey, if I can't have booze, let me have coffee.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tuesday #3

Sleep was not good. I think (HOPE TO GOD) I'm getting my period soon, you need to know that.

I'm sick of eggs, so I had salmon/stirfry

Snack at work:
honeycrisp apple w/maca butter. Honeycrisp apples are the frickin best. SO perfect.

Metting my friend for lunch, we'll see what Marché has to offer this gyal.

Lunch at Marché:
small mixed salad plate consisted of - cinnamon/honey pumpkin, spicy sweet pumpkin, brussels + bacon, olives, salmon + leek salad, zucchini. The pumpkin part is a fail, but sometimes its hard to control these things in restaurant scenerios.

Americano from bucks after. I'm addicted right now.

cashew lara bar. I need to not buy these, I eat them right away.


aw jeez there's a pic of me on the CF website. I am scowling but I wasn't doing it on purpose!! we laughed about that pic, Leah and I.

A. push press 5×3@80-85%, rest 2min - 65lb

4 sets of:
30 sec Battling Ropes
30 sec Rest
30 secs Mountain Climbers
30 secs Rest
30 secs Flutter Kicks
30 secs of Rest

Mountain climbers aren't for tall people.

Dinner was a piece of roast beef w/salad.

Monday #3

Only two more Mondays left in the challenge. I have to say I'm not noticing much of a difference in my body. Perhaps I should eat less. I'll step it up the last two weeks.

2.5 eggs, coffee

steak and onion sausage w/squash and sweet potatoes
apple w/maca butter

coconut Lara bar

Pre Crossfit:
1/2 orange, few almonds/dates


A. deadlift 3×5 ramping, drop 20-25% from top set for 2×8. - went up to 135, then 105 for the last set.
B. group metcon, used 15's, next time i'll use 20's. Also, doing pullups on a time limit is fucked because I waste ten seconds getting myself in the bands. I need to practice chins/pullups more cuz I'm going nowhere with them.

Stiryfry which was overcooked and some salmon.