Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tuesday #3

Sleep was not good. I think (HOPE TO GOD) I'm getting my period soon, you need to know that.

I'm sick of eggs, so I had salmon/stirfry

Snack at work:
honeycrisp apple w/maca butter. Honeycrisp apples are the frickin best. SO perfect.

Metting my friend for lunch, we'll see what Marché has to offer this gyal.

Lunch at Marché:
small mixed salad plate consisted of - cinnamon/honey pumpkin, spicy sweet pumpkin, brussels + bacon, olives, salmon + leek salad, zucchini. The pumpkin part is a fail, but sometimes its hard to control these things in restaurant scenerios.

Americano from bucks after. I'm addicted right now.

cashew lara bar. I need to not buy these, I eat them right away.


aw jeez there's a pic of me on the CF website. I am scowling but I wasn't doing it on purpose!! we laughed about that pic, Leah and I.

A. push press 5×3@80-85%, rest 2min - 65lb

4 sets of:
30 sec Battling Ropes
30 sec Rest
30 secs Mountain Climbers
30 secs Rest
30 secs Flutter Kicks
30 secs of Rest

Mountain climbers aren't for tall people.

Dinner was a piece of roast beef w/salad.

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