Monday, April 30, 2012

Tax pain

Today is the last day for taxes! I'm so happy I left my t4 at work so we couldn't finish them last night. Oh well, we're done and we don't owe. *phew*. And it will help with Euro 2012. Mint.

I am not recapping this weekend. It wasn't good, really. Although I did go to crossfit on Saturday and the first 3/4 of my Saturday was good, food-wise. Friday night I went to crossfit.

K, Monday, last week of April, first of May.. let's DO this. I'm telling you, once the good weather comes, running home. watch.

Breakfast - after an ok sleep, just not long enough.
rice cake x 2, almond butter and a bit of honey. Sorry that almond butter is gross and needs honey. Fail. We have no groceries. coffee obv.

frittata and salad from Fusaro's. Side of olives. Chucked the bread. I hate wasting food I should have told them to hold it.

Snack: 4pm
1 granny smith and good almond butter, the one from the g-stores.. got it from kensington though. Narine we need to go back there, maybe tomorrow.

pre crossfit: handful almonds

CROSSFIT. It was ok, i cheated on the burpees.

farmers sausage, sweet potatoes and broccoli.

tea time.

Friday, April 27, 2012

May is coming

Next week it's May. And the weather will get warmer and warmer. Fuck this stupid coldness in it's ath hole.

And my running home will begin as soon as this wretched weather ends. I'm srs.


apple, almond butter, coffee

I'm distracted right now, Fight Club is on and Ed Norton is hot. God, he looks about 28 in this. That's younger than me. Edward Nortan has never looked younger than me. (and mister Pitt is obv in his peak hotness in this movie. even his body is incredible. sorry.)

ok snack...what did I have??.. oh yeah. Jamie made an omelet this morning with sausage in it. But I decided to bring it for lunch. I had half as a snack since apples skip my stomach when I have them for breakfast or any time for that matter.

Then I had coffee with my coworker friend at Little Nickys. We shared 6 little delicious fresh donuts. Whatever. They were awesome.

Eventually I had the other half of my omelet - which in total was only 2 eggs today. I love eggs.

Pep Patty. Friggin snacks.

Then, Friday meeting styles, I had some chocolates from England. Always better from England. And some chips. I am so out of control this week. I didn't have any booze though cuz I wanted to go to crossfit. Which I did! And I learned how to properly bench press. I managed 3x5 @ 60lb. Not bad. I guess I am able to bench heavier.. just not 5 reps. I love weight lifting. And of course the group "Metcon" kicked my ass. It was great.

Protein smoothie after and 3 chicken wings.

My friends came over and I had 2 cocktails - gin and lemonata. We also ate some popcorn. Buttered.

Now I am waiting to hear that she got home ok so I can go to bed!!

Happy Friday everyone! I'll try and get back into my mishkebob blog, with photos and stuff. Less about my eating habits and complaining and more about other junk.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bad bad sleep. well, not so much bad, but went to bad late. so wired last night.

Brace yourselves kids, today was a really really naughty day.

omelet with peppers and blue cheese

Dark chocolate (85%) and tea. Like, regular tea with milk and sugar. I am day 1 period and crampy and tea is just lovely on these days. Gramma styles tea. Comforting. Also black coffee.

Lunch at Shoeless Joes.
Steak on salad w/goat cheese and balsamic. Meh.

the rest of that friggin chocolate bar. you know, the large Lindt ones you buy at Shoppers. yeah. I am an animal.

I then proceeded to NOT go to Crossfit due to my tiredness/laziness. More so tired. I can be lazy but still get over it and go. But when really tired, I skip the workout. MA and I will go Friday.

Dinner.... here is where it gets ugly. I ordered a large pepperoni pizza. I had.. wait for it.. 3 slices. Oh and 2 beers. Oh and 3 chicken wings. Yep, and some caesar salad. And you know what, I want more pizza. See what happens when I get a taste of bread? I go nuts.

I can't buy chocolate bars anymore. Narine, I need your support on this! I never order pizza so I don't need anyone's support in that regard. I'm over pizza for now.

I'm excited to use my little running backpack. As soon as the weather is nicer, it's happening. Maybe next week even. My plan:
go to work as per usual. Bring my running shoes/clothes. Change at work before going home, put my little backpack on with my wallet/keys/phone/necessities and head home. Get off at a subway stop AT LEAST 5km from my house. Run the rest of the way home. It's happening. This way, my workout is done by the time I get home! Win Win.

I'll let you know the moment it actually happens. Tonight I tried on a running outfit with a hat and my backpack. I look like a sporty adult. It's an interesting look for me. One day I'll photograph it for you..


Protein Smoothie - from now on I will just say Smoothie, assume it has protein in it.


Apple w/ab

Beef and half a sweet potato

Pep Patty

Went to Workroom for duffle bag class. I'm getting the hang of the sewing machine now so I don't hate it as much. I think I could make another bag, the steps are pretty simple so far.

Ate some Live Organic Almond butter cocoa things. Made with Almond butter, coconut butter... blabla. Sweet and fattening probably. Also ate a bag of my fave pumpkin chips.

JAMIE AND I almost went for a drink but said fuckit and went home.

Then we booked our flights for Euro 2012! Normandy and Edinburgh here we come!!

Getting to Normandy will be a bit of a hike. We are landing in Paris at 2:55pm (after a stopeover in London) then heading to our cottage in Normandy which is
A) a 4 hour drive from Paris during rush hour - YUCK and OMG French drivers are crazy.
B) a 2 hour train ride + 1hr (or half hour depending on whether we go to Caen or Bayeux) car ride to the cottage. So... That might be the way to go. Only, we can't secure a car until we find out the train schedules and we can't know the train schedules until at least 90 days prior to our travel dates. So, planning is on hold for a bit. Which sucks, I want it all done NAOW.

After a week in Normandy's countryside in the cutest little cottage we are taking the ferry from Caen (pronounced CAHN) to Portsmouth (UK), then taking a train from Portsmouth to Edinburgh. It will be a long day of traveling but it will be scenic and different and heck it's better than working. I don't mind. I like taking the train and it will be an experience going across the English Channel for the first time. Yay trips! Boats! Food! Wine! NO WORK! Europe. I'm thinking this will be our last splurge on a Euro vaca for a while. Next year we'll hit up the East coast of Canada.

My biggest concern is potentially driving on our first day in France in the dark. On country roads. In randomville. after over 12 hours of traveling. eep!

We may have to drive stick, let's hope it doesn't come to this.

I need to learn more French, we won't be in Kansas anymore..

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

ugh no motivation right now. I am tired and lazy and crabby and I don't want to do my class tomrrow.

going to crossfit tonight and i'm going to hate the 10 burpees I have to do.

2 eggs, spinach, coffee

apple, AB

chicken again over spinach, 1 tomato

1 pep patty

2 hershey kisses.

some cashews and choc covered raisins.

just had 2 lavash crackers and heading to crossfit.

Prob gonna eat some beef when i get home.

Ate beef and half a sweet potato then some dates and choc chips.

Crossfit fully kicked my ass and I almost threw up. No joke. I think they should have a defibrillator there. But it sure felt good. 

Monday, April 23, 2012

i ate popcorn last night while watching Battle Royale.

Along with a glass of red wine.

Sleep was ok. Not great.

leftover pulled beef and spinach. coffee

rice cake/almond butter

1 sausage, spaghetti squash. Some chicken dishes from our potluck.

1 pep patty
1 banana w/almond butter

I know I eat too much. But I know if I have a little or no breakfast, I will be ravenous by the time I get to work. Then I've got slim pickins and I'll get something bad.

Dinner will be my chicken I made today that no one ate. So glad I participated.

Didn't go to crossfit cuz i had to work, yay life!

Sunday, April 22, 2012


I ate a lot this weekend.

Went to crossfit yesterday am. Had protein and water after.

Bacon and eggs for brunch.

We had company and we like to feed our guests. Cheese, salami, crackers and booze was consumed. All before we had brisket on a bun. Wow I am a pig and I'm not losing any weight.

Sunday was even worse. well, I ate an enormous breakfast that included big chocolate chip pancakes and a frittata. Cow.

Then I ate chips in the afternoon, yay me!

Fucking burpees on the menu tomorrow. Fuck you, burpees you ruin my life.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hum deez

Sleep was good.

1 meatball, sauteed spinach

3 lara balls. sigh. period is coming = neverending gut.

stuffed red pepper and kale. these are the best red peppers yo.

chocolate butter tart. :(

I'm gonna have some celery and almond butter now before my class.

Peace out.

Went to duffle bag class at workroom. I suck at sewing - need mega practice, and I get crabby and tired at these after work classes. And when I fuck up I get especially tired. And crabby.

I snacked on a Lara bar, some Sasha buckwheat treats (meh) and a choc chip cookie. Naughty naughty. Sugar. At home I had a few lavashe crackers and a protein drink before bed.

*       *        *


Sleep was ok. I had a nightmare and I was screaming in my sleep. Jamie woke me up out of it.

protein/fruit smoothie. coffee.

at work:
half an avocado. grande bold.

lightly breaded and fried filet of sole with salad from Fusaro's. It was great. Bunch of olives.

apple and almond butter, I bought a jar to keep at work.
2 starburst. Havent had those since before the challenge!

few lavashe cracker bits.

ran 4.8km. no iphone/music. It was nice, being with my own thoughts. Beautiful night for it. I must admit, it was the burpees in today's workout that kind of made me prefer a run. Plus the weather :)

Chicken, cauliflower and sweet potatoes. Half a Warsteiner.

Tea and chill time now.


Narine: Sase of sharing.


Tuesdays suck and no I did not go to the AM class. I am more likely to go for a run in the am than a 6am class. I could run at 6:30am. we'll see.

I don't remember breakfast. Oh yes, bacon and eggs. St Lawrence bacon. So good. Waaaay better than any other bacon.

Snack... don't remember.

Portuguese chicken and salad.

Don't remember

Crossfit. It was ok. I signed up for the 6 month unlimited. Watch me get into beast mode!
I'll go Thursday night and Sat am.

Stuffed peppers X1 (cauli rice)
Lara ball for dessert.
1 Warsteiner

Monday, April 16, 2012

It's monday! again!

I'm 2 days behind in posts. I'm not making up for it.

Sleep was ok surprisingly. Wanted to go to crossfit in the am but I always want to and never go.

2 egg omelet with sausages and mushrooms in it. coffee.

Americano and 2 lara balls.

Spinach salad with 2 hard boiled eggs.

Can't go to CF tonight because we're having a community meeting at 7. I guess I could go for a run if I get home on time.

apple with peanut butter.
2 more lara balls. Why do I make these? No control. They aren't even that good, needs more cocoa.

Carrot sticks

Lavash crackers and leftover popcorn from the cinema. Ate this while at stupid community meeting. Snoozefest.

Just had a protein smoothie, it's 9.30pm.

K. Tomorrow I am ACTUALLY setting my alarm for 5.30am. Narine can do it, why can't I?! Right!?

I'll let you know if I follow through.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

sleep deprived

bigtime. I am so tired, I want to cry.

2.5 egg omelet w/goat cheese and organic chipotle sauce. how the fuck do you spell omelet?
1 rice cake with almond butter and honey. I felt I needed it for extra energy. It was good.

Americano. 2 hershey kisses.

Leftover hungarian sausage, potato, sweet potato, red pepper, onion bake.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hump Deezy

Sleep was not great. AGAIN. Getting sick of this you know.

protein smoothie: banana, bit of blueberries, coconut milk, vanilla cocoa. Yum.

Snack at work:
americano. some walnuts. 1 york pep patty.

Leftover spaghetti squash, meat sauce.

Apple w/peanut butter. God I love peanut butter..
3 hershey kisses (the ones with almonds)

Here's the deal, self: If it's still sunny out this evening, we run. cool? cool.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tuesday + Wed + Thurs = Friday

Sleep was bad again. I'm having trouble falling asleep these days. Need to clear my head better. Get back into the occasional night of hot yoga before it gets hot out ya nameen.

Woke up tired. And dreaming of Jamaica and the Queen of England. Long story, I won't even bother you with it. You're welcome.

Protein smoothie: frozen blueberries and raspberries, coconut milk (tetra), water, cocoa powder and vanilla. All smoothies need bananas. I opted out as I am reducing my sugar intake. See if that helps my sleep.

Snack at work:
small piece of mama Narine's traditional Easter sweetbread. It's off my list, but I'll just treat that as my 20% of non-paleo styles for the day. Not freaking out about it. I figure if I keep my naughty foods in the am, I'm good. It was delicious by the way. Very much like panettone bread.. which I devour when it is near me.

leftover sausage, cauliflower and sweet potatoes. Roasted. So good. Roasting snausages among veggies always turns out awesome. The fat and flavours from the sausage... mmmmmmm. Crispy bits of onion and sweet potato.. best.

Tonight I crossfit for sure. This sickness is like 10% present. I have a slight cough and my throat feels funny. Bit more tired than normal. Let's hope it is at its peak right now.

Afternoon snack:
Cucumber slices. Did I have anything else? Tea. Herbal. I avoided ketchup chips like the plague because I have no self control around those bad boys.

Crossfit. That was my last class of the 15 pack I bought. Time to get my shit together and get a 6 month package. Gettin huuuuge! In a sexy lady like kinda way of course. ;) GOAL: WORK OUT IN THE MORNINGS. CHAAA right.

Spaghetti squash with meat sauce. Had beef and sausage in it. So good!!

I was feeling headachey.. i know it might have been lack of sugar/carbs or something. I remember that feeling. I didn't wanna deal with it so I had a rice cake with almond butter, honey and chocolate chips. I felt better after. Had trouble sleeping again. Fuck, what the hell!!

Monday, April 9, 2012


Bad sleep, very tired. Kinda feel like I'm getting sick. Almost like a cough is lingering in my chest but not full force.

2 eggs, mushrooms, coffee

Coffee at work.

Spinach salad w/1 can tuna from home. 1 tomato. Balsamic dressing. Pumpkin seeds.

1 small peppermint patty - what else is new.

Skipped CF in case I'm coming down with something.

Sausage from butcher w/cauliflower, sweet potatoes, spinach.

I feel shitty.

Kiester Sunday

Protein shake after Goth run.

Wait, that's a lie, I had an omelette.

Went to brother's for dinner. Had some crackers and hummus. Roast beef for dinner. Potatoes, green beans, carrots, stuffing, gravy. 2 pieces of cake for dessert. That's right. small pieces though. I made a cake and so did my sister in law's granny. So I had to have one of each.

1 beer.

Sleep Sunday night was terrible. Too much sugar. It's out!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Good Fridee/Saturdee


Last night had too much booze and snacks. Today I pay by being fat.

2 eggs, 1.5 bacon, sweet potatoes, coffee

almond butter balls x2?


Fish n chips from Off the Hook on Broadview. It was really great. I can't remember the last time I had fish n chips... long ass time. 2 kroenenbourg blancs. gelato for dessert. whoa!


Crossfit in the AM. no Metcon for me. nice workout though.

Breakfast post workout:
protein smoothie: blueberries, banana, coconut milk, water, cocoa, vanilla

3 little pepperettes. Last almond ball.

I made Nigella's Guinness cake and licked the bowl. (pot).
the recipe called for 1 cup of guinness. I drank the rest. Waste not want not! ha.

Dinner at Toronto Underground Market:

LA style mexican sandwiches and taquito from ESE
Cuban style sandwiches from FIDEL GASTROS
hawaiian taco and mac salad DONT REMEMBER
cornbread grilled cheese: NOTE TO SELF MAKE THIS ONE DAY FOR GUESTS WHO SLEEP OVER. So good. Love cornbread. It's a treat.

4 glasses of wine. I bought four tickets, ambitiously. meh.

2 little macarons. good but no Parisian.

Jamie and I kinda went wild when we got there, didn't pace ourselves. But kinda good cuz if we waited it would have been pure lineups.

TERRIBLE sleep. I probably didn't fall asleep until 3am. I had a coffee at like 5, that was the culprit. Also, my stomach hurt until then. For shame.

Today (Sunday) MA and I run in the cemetery. It is my punishment but it will feel good.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


shit sleep

omelet w/spinach mushroom bacon and onion
almond ball - just to try them out. They're ok.


omelet again. he made lots.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Headache and shit day

reen you know why. Today sucked.

I have a headache.

smoothie protein banana blueberries coconut milk water


1/4 avocado

leftover casserole

dark choc. its gone now.


flax cracker


Protein smoothie blueberries coconut milk water
bit of casserole left. mostly veg.

made almond butter balls.

headache still

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hump day

Technically because Friday we are off! sweet.

Sleep was meh, had weird dreams and woke up a few times. Too much sugar?

omelet w/mushrooms, bacon, spinach. 1/4 avocado. blueberries. coffee.

Coffee at work, few almonds. Didn't even need them.

I haven't gotten hungry at work until right now. It is 11:19am. Looks like that breakfast was just enough to last me to lunch. Good to know. A hearty breakfast prevents snacking.

pulled beef, carrots, spinach, cauli hummus.

chicken breast/bacon/cauli chipotle casserole. it was awesome.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring is in the ayerrrrr.

A new week, back on my health and gym game. Not that I was off it for long. Just the usual weekend carelessness. But I did work out Fri night.

Sleep was ok. Not long enough.

2 egg omelette w/goat cheese and spinach. Coffee.

Snack at work:
1/2 avocado, coffee. few almonds. I'm over you, almonds.

leftover pulled beef, spinach, cauliflower.

G&B's 85% dark choc.

Today is a hair wash day. Perfect time to hit crossfit up.

A. Back squat 3RM, rest as needed - will adjust to low box step ups (boring, miss my BS's) for my weak left knee.
B. Powel raise 2-3sets of 6-10reps per side. [4010 tempo], rest 45sec between sides – these feel good I enjoy them.

C. Group metcon
1min max pull-ups
2min max push-ups
3min max KB swings
[rest 4min]
1min max pull-ups
2min max push-ups
3min max KB swings

Killed my arms.

Dinner was pulled beef, spaghetti squash.

2 dates, rooibos tea.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sun-less day

It's crappy out. Meh.

coffee, banana choc chips 'paleo' pancakes. I had maple syrup and blueberries. It was all delicious.

carrots. then "Pop Chips". Look them up if you care.

Dinner is pulled beef on buns. Maybe I'll go sans bun. Ma and pa are on their way. I made cauli-hummus. It's pretty good! Chickpeas are not my friend.

Game of Thrones is back tonight.. but no HBO! booooooooooooo!
K i should put some pants on and a bra, the rents will be here shortly.