Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Week Three

I can't say I'm being great on this challenge. I mean, I want to see a diff in my body but at the same time I need consistency in the long run. So being strict for 5 weeks won't help me come Christmas time naameen.

Sleeps haven't been great. Reasons.

2 Eggs poached
coconut butter

1/2 grapefruit
dried bananas

Chicken breast
spinach salad
lemon juice/ evoo

coconut yogurt w/raspberries
not necessary

Monday, September 16, 2013

Week 2: Challenge

So far so good. I've only managed to cheat by having some cassava chips also some regular potato chips on friday. What. I'm still clean on the booze-front though! and THAT is the toughest.

chia pudding w/blueberries/coconut/maple syrup

Yes, I'm not going hardcore this time. Relaxed, healthy approach to "clean eating". Maple syrup is from a tree for fucks sake. Fuck off with that mess. Obv I'm not gonna eat a cup of it, but a drizzle fo shizzle. I'm not dealing with the "quitting sugar withdrawal" this time. THIS time around I'm doing a more realistic, livable approach to eating real foods. Something I can maintain over winter.

shep pie
snack: pistachios

Later, a gross dry peach.

Pre: CF
Banana bread

CF - did not set any PRs. :(

Salmon, sweet potatoes, spinach, bacon.

Went to my first wine class. I was so excited when I got to the building and could smell the wine down the hall. Aww yeah I was in the right place. The lab is set up kinda like a chemistry lab, but with white counters – not black, and a it's all a little more dainty. We each had 3 classes of red wine in waiting for us - not full glasses, like 2 sips each, and our own little sinks. (we had two more glasses with whites in them later) The instructor is a baller in the wine game, he is older with a big moustache and decent sized nose - not a big shnozzz or anything, but decent. it's needed :). He is definitely a "Wine Doctor" and he has published books and written many things about wine. He's traveled and I'm guessing he is a Master Sommelier - clearly a dream come true. Sure! I'd love to go to French/Italian/Argentinian vineyards, get paid and taste things. It was exciting hearing him talk about food pairing, he got really passionate about the foods he was picturing: "I'd make some BBQ pork ribs with this, a reduction with (this wine) and diana sauce, serve it with little roast potatoes.." He was speaking my language. He has a full friggin directory of recipes, tastes and smells in his head. I'm gonna work on building my own mental library f'sho. He spoke about wine production and methods, some I knew from our trip to Bordeaux, but a lot I didn't. I'm so excited to know everything. I've already learnt so much just from the tasting portion - everyone's favourite part. There is a technique, a method, a science to it all. And it's so fun. People who aren't into wine would never know that there is actually an art and science behind it all. I love it. I assumed I'd be amazing at it, and identifiying the smells, but I was like.. "I don't know what I'm smelling. This one smells like Christmas." So I'm learning to identify the different "notes", "aromas" and "bouquets" in wines. You are supposed to guess what part of the world each wine is from. And people were right! WTF I know nothing obviously. Yet. Also I was secretly thinking, "fuck off with your previous wine knowledge". There is a blind test at the end. Excited. I might practice spitting next week though, since I'm not supposed to be drinking. Oh, did I mention our homework is.. wait for it.. TASTING WINE. Ideally what we had in class and practice pairing it with the foods we mentioned. AWESOME. Why didn't I take this instead of Graphic Design? What was I thinking?!! Anyway, I've learned a lot and I'm paying attention. This is a good thing because lots of classes I have problems staying present. Go Jesus Juice!!

So, I drank about one glass of wine total. Not bad. It's just wine, people. It's paleo. :)


"Paleo banana bread" I realize it's dumb but whatever. It was good. Had a big piece.

Leftover chicken/potats.

Other things:
Well Fed Shep Pie

More banana bread. Gah, I'm a neverending pit today foshe.

Rooibos tea.

I wanted to run but felt fallmode lazy. Meh.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

It was the blurst of times

Fine. I'm in fall mode. I want to bake things, make things, cook things, roast things, crochet things, sit on things, drink things and watch things. I want to go to the suburbs on the weekend and smell the fresh air and feel nostalgic feelings. I want to walk into my parents house and smell the roast cooking and maybe sit on the porch with a glass of wine. I love fall, you love fall, we all love fall because it brings back good memories. Well, I hope it brings back good memories for you. It means new beginnings, it means endings, it's a season of change. As much as you all "hated" school, it was an exciting time of year nonetheless. New friends, new classes, new clothes and school gear. All awesome things. I hope you experienced these types of things, and if you haven't, well, I'm sorry.

I love remembering hanging out with my friends September and October nights. We all lived within 5 minutes walk from each other so it only took a phone call to arrange a hangout. Or I'd just hop on my bike and ride over to Stillwater Cres. and see if my peeps were chilling by the green box or outside Christina's house. If they weren't there, I'd check the schools. We'd hang there too. We had a crew, 4 or 5 of us in our grade, and a few that were a year younger. We were an awesome crew of good people. I'll name them off for my own enjoyment:

Darrin would make an appearance on his bike every now and then. High on something. He's married to Christina now and they have 4 kids. Christina had such a crush on that bad ass!
Lisa sometimes
"Pun" (like big pun - he was a big guy)
Kathleen sometimes
Kevin and his stoner older brother
Tyson sometimes

Those were great times. This is around grade 10 I'd say. The crew switched the following year, but that's the natural circle of life.

Damn I wish I had more photos of those times. Christina used to work at the local Harveys, we'd go there late for free things. Julie used to work at Hy & Zels. We won't get into those free things. (*cough* makeup *cough).

We'd get English toffee coffees from Country Style, or french vanillas because EW COFFEE. In the summer or on the weekends we'd hook up when it got dark and rollerblade downtown Brampton to "Gotham" (a car parking garage with many levels) we'd blade up to the top, hang out and blade down the ramps. It was called Gotham cuz apparently when you looked over Brampton from the top it looked like Gotham. No it didn't. Also there was a homeless man who slept in the stairway. We offered him a sandwich once.

I have lots of great autumn memories, I could go on. But I'll save them for future posts. Now it's movie time - another great fall past time.


Sleep was quite nice actually. Since I've had no aclohol at all this week, I didn't have a fucked up sleep at all last night. sure I woke up once and looked for my shirt on the floor beside me but that's it.

leftover meat/squash

Went to CF, squatted, deadlifted and did some ab shizz.

Ate some healthy things in the afternoon and had Portuguese chicken and potatoes for dinner.

Now, Insidious. Why not. Fall mode.

Smoothie post-workout

Portuguese BBQ chicken w/potatoes. Amaze.

Friday, September 13, 2013


It's fall today. Fall mode in full effect - I even have a hipster saggy toque on.

2 protein pancakes. Not explaining.

pistachios / americano

spaghetti squash / meat sauce

same as lunch - I made a plan to eat it, in order to avoid eating anything at the Jays game. I knew I'd get hungry and want Doritos (still did) and/or a hotdog (obv wanted anyway) but of course it would have been a big mistake. I had a decaf coffee instead. It's different being in the clear headed mindset. I saw a lady walk by me while i was waiting and she was drinking a coffee, that made me want a coffee. If I weren't on a challenge I would have definitely been drinking. I woulda sat at a bar nearby and had a cocktail on my own. Don't even care.

I did have a sip of beer though. It was so good! Stadium beer tastes better. It just does. The bubbles are smaller. But the prices are atrocious. 10.50 for a cup of beer. Fuuuuuck yoooooou.

But since I ate so early - 5pm - I was hungry by like 11pm and I had the last of the cauli soup. Note to self: cauliflower soup gives you gas. Maybe it was the onion in it. I dunno I'll have to make it sans onion next time.

That was Friday the 13th - an unlucky one in the sense that work things happened and put a slight wrench in my clear weekend.

Thursday, September 12, 2013


Sleep was not long enough.

omelet w/leftover bbq vegetables


From Fresh n Wild: 1 chicken breast, broccoli/bacon/onion salad. Had light mayo dressing on it. Yums.

Pistachios AGAIN.

Oops, a few chips. I wanted crunch! Don't tell me to eat carrots for crunch!

What do people snack on if its not nuts? Too many nuts aren't good but am I expected to have vegetables at my desk all the time? ew. Sometimes I want dry crunchy stuff.

My body is sore from last night's workout. The squats, the burpees and ball slams. It feels good to feel the pain again, too often I don't feel it.

Had a coconut chocolate healthy whatever bar. It was good. Too many calories though. We won't mention it again.

Crossfit /  did some shoulder presses and a metcon that involved burpees, kettlebell swings, box jumps and push ups. Wasn't as bad as yesterday, probably because it's less hot. It's fall tomorrow again, by the way. I'm ok with it, I'll wear socks and good ol' leathy. :)

K, I made spaghetti squash and meat sauce, but it was ready too late so I just had a protein smoothie (powder/banana/strawberry/almond-coconut milk/vanilla) and some cauli soup. It was a no teeth-puree kinda night. Not for dieting reasons, more for convenience. I had a few large spoonfuls of the meat sauce though, once it was done. And it was GOOOD.

Then I had a bath. Bath season is back.


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wednesday Adams

Apparently the Wednesday Adams look is in style this season. Whatever that means. It's not literal because bitches wouldn't have the balls to properly dress like Wednesday. They mean "harsh centre parts" in their hair, dark lipstick... oooohhhhh you H&M regulars are SO EDGY!! Make sure you buy that jacket Pinterest says is so cool and pose pigeon-toed for the camera. zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Sorry, I'm becoming a bitter old person. Or maybe I just see through everyone.

Chris Kirpatrick is on BT - he is a chubby dad now. Good luck in the dance studio. OMG bitch.

Sleep was good actually. MA sent me a text that she was going to Soho house. I was jealous because in my cab ride home from work the other night we passed by it and I went on about how I needed to be in there at some point. I need to make rich friends. Get away from me, poor people!!! That bag is so common. Where did you get those boots, Zellers!? haha kidding of course. Kinda. Just about the clothing.

Chia pudding - I put a lot of cocoa powder. Added some protein powder, froz blueberries and coconut buttah. Tastey.

mixed nuts

Gonna buy lunch today - a salad probs, cuz I'd rather eat my leftovers for dinner. WAIT. I have soup still. Score.

Hump day. This week was mega crabby, I was very irritable, but maybe I'm over it. We'll see how today goes. I managed to sleep so that could help.

big salad from Freshii
chicken/freshii mix/beets/dates/sprouts/tomatoes/roasted red peppers/broccoli/sun dried tomatoes.. balsamic dressing. avocado. I load up on those free vegetables and their balsamic is good.

pistachios, an apple

CROSSFIT kicked my ass. completely.

chicken snausage / carrots / cauli soup

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

2013 Challege

Alright now I'm back. I'm officially on another "real food challenge" even though I said I was bailing on Paleo a while back. Why am I doing this? Because I am not comfortable in my skin right now and I need to change that, even if it means being tight with my diet. I can't say "fuck this" and eat what I want because I gain weight easily.

So, I'm on day 2 of: NO sugar / NO alcohol / NO grains / NO dairy (maybe butter).
And I'm gona rock this and fit into my jeans again. Little treats add up. THISISWHYYOUREFAT.

ain't nothin free. There were some amazing gourmet cookies at work yesterday, of course. I dodged that bullet - not worth it. I can bare it for 5 weeks, I've done it before and it will be worth it once I look good in that AA dress again. It's happening. Oh yes. I refuse to let the winter blues get me fat again. Fuck this and fuck that.


Sleep was not the best, mainly because I went to bed too late and woke up too early.

2 eggs / 2 bacon

At work:
handful mixed nuts

chicken drumstick
a large tomato
olive oil

apple + mixed nuts

New discovery! Jamaican yams. Good shit. Saw them at the G-store and figured I'd give them a whirl. I like experimenting with new produce. There is no "miss" if you just look up a goddamn recipe. OR assume that Jamaican yams are related to "regular" yams and treat them the same. No brainer. Tasted like squash kinda. Sweet ish, starchy. Noms. I chopped them, coated them with ghee and baked them for breakfast on Saturday. Had them with eggs, so good! I bought a spaghetti squash and I plan on having spaghetti squash + sauce. Just like real spaghetti but without the big belly.

Crossfit happened. Why do I feel like I'm out of shape? My pullups/L-sits are shit. It's my fault, I don't practice my pullups. New goal. Also pushups - for shame.

Rowe farms chicken sausage
red pepper / mushrooms BBQ'd

2 dates, few almonds

Went to bed kinda early.