Saturday, January 14, 2017

Four years later

Well, well, well.. look who's back and fatter than ever. Reading old posts and looking at photos of myself during those times makes me realize I was an idiot with a morphed self image. I was fine. I was healthy, I was fit and basically thin. But I was still unhappy with my weight and wanted to change it. Ridiculous. Since my 'thinnest' point during these blogging years, I've essentially gained 20 pounds. And not all muscle because I've stopped lifting heavy weights consistently for a year now. This weight is fat. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't call myself a 'fat' or overweight person, but I'm on the heavier side for my frame and for my liking. For real this time. I am the same weight I was in college, which was my heaviest. It's likely due to my excessive drinking, socializing and lack of exercise. I'm not an idiot, I know how this happened. I walk to work every day now (oh, heads up, I don't live in my house anymore with my partner. That's gone a year now and is slowly becoming a distant memory. I'm not getting into that here.) so, yes I walk to work, but its literally ten minutes each way. Not much eh. So I'm lazy and put on weight but that will likely disappear once I get to Paris. Oh, PS, I'm moving to Paris in a month and a half. Read about it at if you're interested. I figure I'll be doing a lot of walking with my unemployed time, and not a lot of eating because I'll be cheap and actively trying to lose weight and if I want to get some Frenchman action, it's not going to happen if I'm self conscious, lets be real. SO, here I am, back and tracking my food and fitness because I want to.

Friday, January 13, 2017.



Some Japanese cookie thing and grapes
Coffee w/milk and sugar

4 small Armenian footballs, one small beef patty from Narine
Carrot muffin stolen from Dr's office.

Handful of ketchup chips
Can of beer

2 Campari sodas, some Pringles omg fat

Three slices of pizza, cheese bread, 2 wine
few olives, some of those pea things

As you can see, Friday was not amazing. This is not a daily occurance.

Saturday, January 14, 2017.


*Going to workout in condo gym, will update on what that is later.

Then I'm having brunch with a friend at Portland Variety. I'll try and keep it decent.