Thursday, May 31, 2012


I haven't recorded much this week. Meh. I wasn't bad.

Sleep was ok. 7/10.

1 egg, 1/2 avocado, few raspberries

1 apple + a-butter

leftover salmon, veggies. Also bought some plantain chips (said in a Jamaican accent obvi) and I've been stuffing my face with them. I don't feel fat lately, this is why.

Just found out some coworkers are going to AdBands tonight. Considering going too, but I'm not in the mood to get all crunk up in this bitch. And you know I will. Or am I in the mood?

Someone in the office brought the most amazing banana bread I've ever had. I had a slice. No regrets.

Pre workout:
2 salami, few almonds.

Thinking dinner is a protein smoothie after pumping all that iron.

Crossfit! Hey it's me looking unattractive! yay skipping face.

Monday, May 28, 2012


It's supposed to be super hot today. I don't care. Bring it. Fuck winter.

Sleep was ok, woke up a few times but I blame the pillows that were around me, getting in my way when I moved. Tonight, no pillow barriers.

2 scrambled eggs, spinach + avocado

At work:
4 hershey kisses, not needed. Just wanted.

I'm looking forward to crossfit. I just enjoy it and don't dread it. This validates my membership.

leftover burger patty, sweet potato, lettuce.

This week I don't have any evening commitments so I plan on rocking it at the gym. Maybe Friday I'll get crunk. Oh, and Saturday too. Damnit.

I thought I'd regret not running yesterday but it turns out I don't. I enjoyed my porch cocktail and beer at dinner. I'll just bust my ass tonight.

I'm getting a much needed manicure at lunch today. Think I'll get a nice bright springy colour. Can't wait! Tomorrow I get waxed, if it wasn't so inconvenient I'd be looking forward to that too. Waxing doesn't bother me. I'm over the complete humiliation that surrounds it. And being waxed in summer is ideal, I don't have to worry about the hair being there for like a month. Good times. Shorts, dresses, skirts and bathing suits. Come at me bro.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Cottage times!!

The weekend started bright and early. 6am muhfucka. We got up and got outta the house by 7:15am to head up north. Here is all the shit I ate. Not real shit, but shit food.


Late Lunch:
crackers / cheese / pickles / chips + cider
what do you want from me, I was at the cottage which means I'm semi off the clock.


More chips.

delicious local sausage (quelle surprise) salad / corn on the nob + more cider and a rum cocktail

We went for a short stroll down to the beach. It was kinda breezy. There is a ditch out front of the cottage with water in it. I used to go out and catch frogs there as a kid. I'd always put them back of course. Only once I accidentally killed one by playing with it too much. I played with it to death. Yes I felt guilty. Another time I was catching frogs with my cousin, Charlie. We were just young, probably 5 and 7. We used to go up as a family, mine and his. We had a white bucket and we were filling it with frogs. We even named some of them. Obv my favourite was Kermit. We were probably up there for a week or two so we brought along our family cat, Spooky. (he was street-wise/cottage-wise so he was good at being outside n stuff). Either the bucket tipped over or Kermit escaped and what happens..? Spooky friggin comes out of nowhere and grabs him and takes him under the cottage. We chase Spooky and see him under there EATING KERMIT THE FROG. That was the end of poor Kermit.

Sometimes the ditch has no frogs, sometimes it has lots. This year, lots. I counted 15. I have this obsessive compulsion to go to the ditch and count all the frogs. I can't help it. I need to count them over and over again and make sure i get the number right.

I think I had another drink before bed. Booze drink. I tend to have to drink myself to sleep when I'm up there cuz I get creeped out by the silence and darkness.

*** Sunday ***

Sleep wasn't great - we sleep in separate beds when we're up there cuz the beds are old and crappy. They're small and it's impossible to sleep beside someone and not get woken up by their movement. Fuck that shit.

raspberries + coffee (folgers insta coffee is CRAP. I am spoiled by delicious city coffee)
2 hard boiled eggs, leftover sausage, cheese and crackers + a Magners

I don't think I like Magners anymore.

Snacked on some chips. Fail.

On the way home we stopped at Super Burger. Jamie got a burger and fries. I had some of his fries.

At home:
some more chips. michelle what's wrong with you?


a gin cocktail on the porch and 2 turkey slices + almonds.

Burger patty + lettuce + sweet potatoes + avocado + beer

I kind of want some ice cream..

had some ice cream. vanilla with a bit of peanut butter and jamaican rum cream. it was good.

Friday, May 25, 2012


Buddy it's gonna be the hottest May 25 on record. I think thats a silly thing to say because the world is constantly and forever one-upping itself but whatever. As you were.

Sleep was 8/10. Non che malle.

1 egg + spinach + coffee

When is this tattoo artist gonna get back to me!? I'm checking my emails incessantly. I don't know how long I can wait. I know he's special and all, but srsly what the fug, guy?

Lunch outside today f'sho.

At lunch I accompanied reenie to get her first ever tattoo. It was fun. My fave part was sitting in the waiting area and a bed bug crawled on my collar. That was my cue to stand in the centre of the room, then they let me go in with her. I was paranoid the entire time.

Lunch was a sausage and salad and it wasn't outside.

ommmmmmmm.. I ate some chips later and had a snack of some sort. I can't remember what. Oh yeah I had a crappy Jamaican beef patty. It was regrettable. But I went to crossfit at night and benched 75lbs. Deadlifted 155lbs. Big tings!!! Dinner was a protein smoothie.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Almost Weekend

My sleep was great considering I drank yesterday. Usually that means a disrupted sleep + waking up with anxiety at 5am. Didn't happen. Weird.

2 eggs + spinach + goat cheese
coffee obv.

Snack at work:
1 crappy apple + almond butter

Lunch brought from home (I hate buying my lunch. HATE). 2 reasons:
1) money
2) hidden calories. eating out is the death of my diet. eating out = fat stays. When I can't control my ingredients, my caloric intake hikes. more calories = more fat on my body. Can't have this.

spinach + red pepper + 2 hard boiled eggs + home made balsamic dressing. I'm all over eggs today.

Tonight Crossfit and BBQ sausages. 

^ that happened. Minus the BBQ part.

Hit up crossfit, got my ass kicked, it was friggin hot yo. But good shit.

I had a protein smoothie afterwards then 1 sausage. Pan fried.

And an MC67 sublime before bed. So what.

Hump dizzle

I had such a great sleep. Does this mean I need to sacrifice one sleep in order to get one great one? Boo.

2 scrambled eggs / spinach / goat cheese

1 nectarine

Chicken sandwich from the Nook / bean salad

1 kiwi fruit
Had a few hershey kisses

Dinner + drinks at my frans place:
1 Sir Perry
Few white wine spritzers
2 turkey sausages
2 corn on the cob

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Little Week

It prefers being called a "Little Week" as opposed to "Short week". It gets political.

Weekend was good, not explaining all I ate/drank. My new fave light beer Molson 67 Sublime. It's refreshing and doesn't make me feel heavy or bloated. yes!

Sleep was awful. As in, pure insomnia. I couldn't fall asleep for the life of me. I must had finally dozed off at about 4am. But I didn't once check the time. I never want to know the time. It just ups the pressure to fall asleep and increases my anxiety. I'm hoping to have enough energy for my workout tonight.

scrambled eggs (2.5) + coffee

Snack at work:
nectarine and a few hershey kisses.

Tuna salad from Fusaro's + bread

NOW I'm feeling nackered. Bigtime.

Crossfit. It was great.

1 sausage + protein smoothie

I slept like a baby, it was fantastic.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hum deez

Sleep was mediocre. Woke up a few times.. not sure why. I think I was tangled in the sheets.

protein smoothie: banana + blueberries + almond milk + protein

At work:

Lunch is..
1 sausage, 2 squares of pizzaiolo, salad. the pizza was good.

kiwi, tomato 1/2 avocado

I had a few kisses, starburst and a patty. what. I'm actually apparently pms-ing, and I haven't had mega cravings. I wasn't even craving those sweets today, I just felt like eating them. Although I could have gone for a second pep patty.

pre workout:
almonds and olives.

when I got home it was just after 6pm. I stood in the living room looking at the clock. Then it hit me.. I had an appointment at the gym to get re-measured!! So I got ready and headed over. Good things I remembered, that would have been a dick move.

So, Summer checked my body fat % and weighed me. My weight hasn't changed. In fact, I think it's gone up a few pounds. Doesn't bother me too much because my fat % has dropped by 4%!! Which is great! It means what I'm doing is working. And I'm not overly deprived of anything. I still treat myself and I don't stress as much. New goal: drop 4% more :) Here is an "ideal body fat" chart. Looks like I'm in a good zone. This makes me happy because I have truly been trying.. through food and fitness. Naturally skinny people don't know what it's like TRYING to be thinner or lose weight. They have no idea the struggle. How we always have to think before we choose food. Think before we decide to laze on the couch all weekend. It's not easy. It's all about my genetic makeup. My family isn't athletic, slim, tiny...So I am going against the grain here by busting my ass and watching my food. And how that things are happening, I am friggin happy. Like I said before, I don't want to be a waif, I just want to be more solid. It is happening... in time. I doubt I will ever be actually solid. I am a 'softbody' as Jamie likes to tell me. Soft. He doesn't mean soft like a big fat jelly ass, I am just powdery soft like a marshmallow hahaha...


Workout was great, kicked my ass. My fave part was dropping a 20lb dumbbell on my toe.

Baked almond crusted salmon / spinach salad / carrots / smoked cheddar

I had sausage still but I thought I should cut back on those fatty little bastards. They're good.. but you know when things are really good.. they are probably friggin fatty.

Now I will chill and attempt to watch Corrie online. It keeps lagging.

Peace out homies, looking forward to seeing the old crew domani. Hi Char!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Two Fifths...

Of the way to the weekend. Let's go!

Slept well. It was needed. Woke up to a sunlit room (through curtains). Felt nice.

1 egg +  half avocado + kiwi fruit

1 pear + almond butter

I know I'm supposed to cut back on the fruit, but when I was a bit thinner, I didn't cut back on the fruit. And I didn't eat "paleo" - well I was a bit younger, but still. Moving forward, I'm going to do my best to not obsess over food and put that energy elsewhere-into working out and enjoying the summer. And I will not starve, I've tried that route before (in my younger more impressionable days) but I'm too old for that shit now. Plus I like it when some things still jiggle.

leftover sausage + spinach salad

I'm running home today. Brought my shit.

Banana + almond butter

Ran home : 5.3km. It was kind of tough, I don't know if it was the backpack or if it was uphill.

sausage + broccoli  (i'm all over sausage these days even though pork sausage gives me gas) need to switch to beef.

Rooibos tea before bed

Monday, May 14, 2012

Summer is here I think

So far its beautiful out. Sleep was horrid though. I blame the tea I had and Jamie's snoring. Can't get a break in this house.

egg omelet w/spinach and 1 tomato

At work:
1 pear

2 rice cakes w/almond butter and raspberries.
few olives, roasted red peppers

Going for a walk after.

Kiwi fruit and salami

Pre workout:
almonds, salami

GREAT workout tonight. Felt so good.

1 sausage + spinach salad: spinach / tomato / cheese / homemade balsamic
few almonds

Got my magnesium back and had my rooibos tea before bed. Slept pretty well!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mothers Dee

It's Mother's Day today. There was a woman at the g-store who was holding her tantrum-ridden toddler. I felt both relieved I wasn't her and sorry for her. It was one of those tantrums you can't do anything about. It was out of control.

almonds and salami. I'm planning a hot ass run this afternoon.

I just went grocery shopping, this week will be full of mega clean eating. Lots of fresh fruit and veggies.

I just made this for our Mothers Day afternoon at my brothers. Reen you're gonna friggin love it and make it. It's soooooo good. I was spooning the dressing in my mouth. I used coconut palm sugar instead of general refined sugar, just to make myself feel better about it. And I added cucumbers and used green onions instead of regular sweet onions. You can add whatever vegetable you want to it..tomatoes, red peppers. I'm in love with this dressing. Cilantro + lime rules. I used a nice grainy French mustard too. Can't go wrong with having a jar of that in your fridge. Makes for great vinaigrettes. I love my food processor.

Not sure what'll be on the menu tonight, but I am sure it will be delicious. I get to spend it with people I love, and it's gorgeous out!

Went for a run, 5.47km, 39 minutes - this included a warm up/cool down walk.
Protein smoothie after.

Mothers Day BBQ at Brother's:
Snacked on veggies n dip, sunflower seeds

1 Sir Perry Cider

1 chicken burger patty - home made
some potato salad (minimal), macaroni salad (minimal), chickpea salad (plentiful), asparagus

1 gluten free cupcake. it was sugary and I didn't love the icing.

1 tea w/milk n sugar.

Saturday, May 12, 2012


Sleep was pretty good. Prob cuz of the workout + not eating late. Woke up just before 9, went to gym at 10. I did my first (assisted) handstand of my life. It was terrifying. I love the trainers at my gym. They are so helpful and understanding.

I saw a photo of myself at the gym and noticed the thickness of my thighs. I've been pretty good at working out and eating well (most of the time) but My legs don't feel thinner. So I googled "thick legs crossfit" and came across this article. It was a good read, and motivating. I don't want to be a waif. I just want to be solid. If I was my size and solid, I'd be good. Just want to drop some fat %. Read that article. Just fucking read it.

pre-workout - almonds and walnuts
post-workout - 2 egg omelet w/protein powder (bit) spinach and onions. + salsa. Coffee.

This afternoon my friend MA is coming to hang out. We're hoping the clouds GTFO of our lives for today so we can soak up those vitamins. We are cats and we love the sun.

Well, I do anyway. I don't burn easily so I worship that sun god like nobody's biz. Not in an unhealthy way though. I don't want old cinema hotdog skin ever.

We'll snack on a charcuterie + drinks. No, we are not eliminating our workout. We still rocked those muscles.

K time to tidy up and get ready to do nothing.

Late lunch:
various salamis, cheese and olives. backyard picnic.
Some ciders and gin cocktails. What?

pizza, wings and salad. We're only human! we have needs!!


Thursday am I made an egg and spinach omelet. It was gewd.

I think for lunch I had my squash again. With meat sauce. Ate a banana and an apple at some point.

1 Moslon Canadian 67 Sublime. I love these. Fresh and low cal. I know it's not ideal to count calories but it's kind of important if you're trying to reduce body fat. If you're eating too many calories and not expending much, the fat weight goes nowhere. True story bro.

Dinner at a Spanish tapas bar in Kensington. It was great. I didn't hold back, sorry. When it comes to good restaurants that I am being treated to, I live life. I had some sangria (which wasn't very boozy if you ask me... home made sangria is always better - rumrumrum :) Also had some wine and later a French 75 and some cocktail bar called the Spirithouse. Kind of douchey and expensive, but nice cocktails. I love me my gin cocktails at this point in my life. I didn't overdue it thank god. Surprising I should say.

Summer is on it's way - next week it seems! - And I'd love to have some friends over in my backyard to get crunk in a classy, 30-something way. This means you ladies who read my blog, get over here!



Few walnuts (I overindulged last night, need to balance out my universe)

At work:
Coffee from le gourmand - fuck, that place is loaded with croissants and everything that makes a softy fadge happy. I so badly wanted one... but last night was a doozy for food. I can't wait to go back to Europe so I can eat everything in front of me. Since I didn't have proper breakfast of course I was starving, so I had a banana and almond butter. Michelle needs real breakfast.

Lunch at the pub:
beef/wild boar meatloaf (not great) / mixed veggies / sweet potato fries - I kind of kept it paleo at the pub. When I ordered it I said, "can I get the meatloaf, but instead of those sides (mashed potatoes and veggies) can I get sweet potato fries without being charged for it?" hahahha. She said ok. She could have said no. But she didn't. How ya gonna know if you don't ax? I was polite about it.
Strongbow. Shrug. It was beautiful out and I got a bit of a tan with my inappropriate Caribana tank top on - It had a mesh back. What. I almost had a nip slip earlier with my (again) meshy bra peeking out from behind the tanktop. Note to self: don't wear that to work again. Like this but different front, mine has a galaxy on it or something (yes I am 30).

PS: UO's tank tops  - you can't wear bras with half of them. They're so loose and back-showy. If I cared about 15% less, I wouldn't wear a bra with most of my clothes. Bonus of having no boobs. But, people aren't used to seeing nipples and jiggles at work. You know, bras weren't even worn by women until like the last 100 years or so. It's not natural!!

In the afternoon:
Bits of an antipasto platter, steered clear of the bread and had minimal boccancini (sp?)
hot salami yum! / eggplant / roasted peppers / zucchini / olives / the usual suspects
handful of party mix. Love cheetos. Look at fatty go! hahah I keed, I kept it under control.

resisted temptation to hit a patio, figured I wouldn't regret going to crossfit instead. And I was right. I'm glad I went. Bench pressed 75lb - 3 reps. Almost on the third.

At home, a protein smoothie while I soaked in the bath. Watched the last 2 eps of True Blood. Goddam love that Eric Northman.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

slept a bit better

but i had some trouble falling asleep. I was thinking about work stuff.

One of my tricks that helps me ease my mind and sleep is thinking about working out. If I think about weight lifting somehow it calms my brain. Probably because of its repetition. I also like to think about Christmas time when I was little. I think about how I felt at that time and what it felt like to be a kid waiting in bed Christmas eve. I find it very calming. It was a peaceful time of my life, only full of fond memories.

1 apple, almond butter. I really don't like that AB, and I keep saying it. I don't know what they did to the recipe. I have to make my own

At work:
coffee, walnuts and dates - apple for breakfast is not filling at all.

pep pattty - small

Squash and meat sauce

2 pieces dark chocolate.

Later I will have my deli meat and my avocado so I'm not starving for dinner.

Crossfit at 7 unless I can scoot outta here right at 5.


few pieces salami, 4 olives, 3 lavashe.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

shit sleep.

kale, 1 egg, 1 small avocado

Coffee at work

leftover spaghetti squash n meat sauce

2 hershey kisses, 1 pep patty - I need to stop this.

later, 2 squares of dark chocolate. Nareeeeeeeeeen! haha

at home, before I didn't go running:
almonds, 4 dates

few slices salami/capicollo
1 tomato
2 lavash crackers (see below)

Monday, May 7, 2012

sleep not long enough.

1 egg / large handful of spinach sautéed (which becomes like1/2 a cup if even) / 1 small avocado (= about 1/2 large)

I am cutting my food quantity down, 1 egg instead of 2 from now on.

At work:

leftover steak (steak is a about 3/4 size of my palm)
and grilled veggies (zucchini, onion, mushroom, red pepper)

apple/almond butter

4 Hershey kisses
1 pep patty


Spaghetti squash, meat sauce

Sunday, May 6, 2012

It's a Beaut out.

Sleep was meh, could have been better. I'm sure that mediocre cupcake I had before bed didn't help. Regrettable and dry, it was.

2 eggs, bit of goat cheese and a teeny avocado.
I bought a pack of 5 little avocados yesterday, I plan on eating one per day this week. Well, now there are only 4.

Planning a run this afternoon.

I think I had some walnuts at some point

Went on a 6k run. took about 40min. it was perfect out for it. A bit of a cool breeze, but all good.

2 slices turkey breast. 4 olives.
1 gin cocktail.

sat out in the sun for about an hour, read my book, soaked in the rays.

steak and veggies, spinach salad w/apples and goat cheese.
1 gin cocktail.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

ahhh weekend!

sleep was ok, would have been better had I not drank at all yesterday.

few walnuts.


post workout:
1/2 farmers sausage, protein smoothie, few more walnuts, 3 dates.

I tried starving myself today but it didn't work.

Today I go shopping so I don't have to buy my lunch. Such a waste of money and I have no control over the ingredients which doesn't help my fitness goals.

Probably BBQ meats tomorrow for dinner and lunches, won't buy too much produce..probably hit up Kensington for that. Most likely on my own all week since the james is working on tv spots, so lunches and dinners are all mine. I'm hoping the weather is nice enough this week to get some runs in.

Sunday: Run
Monday: Crossfit
Tuesday: Run home (well, 5km). Let's do this!
Wednesday: Crossfit
Thursday: N/A
Friday: N/A
Saturday: Crossfit

That's my plan. It's on paper (not on paper).

I just made my first batch of cocoa butter body lotion. I followed this recipe (kinda). Used it as a guide anyway. Hopefully it turns out! it's cooling down right now.

Ate a sausage. Got groceries. Had a lavashe cracker (2) one with goat cheese one with capacollo. Hungry today, but trying to save appetite for TUM. Had a Warsteiner.

Ate various delicious foods at the market. 3 beers.

Friday, May 4, 2012

friggin friday f'real

Bad BAD sleep. I have been terrible at going to bed at a decent time this past week. Shape up, self! Gym tomorrow mos def. And a run on Sunday if the weather permits. Watch me.

I've overkilled the egg breakfast this week so I made paleo pancakes with a banana, eggs and coconut flour (cinnamon/nutmeg too) totally winged that shit. They turned out yummy though. Maple syrup was involved. And butter. They were satisfying.
also a few walnuts for fat. This kept me full til about 11:15.

Snack at work: 
1 small apple w/almond butter

tuna salad from Fusaros again. Need to get back on the home made lunches. Fuck this spendage and unknown caloric intake.

some chips, 2 MC67s.

Went out with old coworkers for drinks. I had 2 ciders and snacked on fries.

At home:
2 gin cocktails.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Sleep was not good. It might have something to do with what I ate last night or it might have something to do with all that's on my mind. Family stuff, upsetting stuff that I am trying to block out.

2 egg omelet w/spinach and goat cheese.

At work:
Apple w/almond butter @11am.

Lunch will be purchased. What though? I need to keep it healthy cuz Jamie and I are grabbing dinner before the movie tonight.. and It may or may not be Indian.

Tuna salad from Fusaro's. Good shit. Might hit that up again today. Their salads are fantastic.

Afternoon snack:
Lara bar.

2 MC67s Sublime.

Dinner @ 8.30 at Insomnia - waited a friggin hour for our food. NOT impressed.
Chicken sandwich - it was open faced, roasted chicken, avocado, brie. OMG. so good.
sweet potato fries and a few bites of salad. Backwards I know but I wasn't feeling the salad.

1 dry gin martini with a twist.
0.5 dirty vodka martini - it was on the house cuz of our long ass wait. whatever.

Saw "Indie Games The Movie" at Hot Docs. It was ok... I didn't get most of the jokes the audience of nerdbombers got. Just kidding! about the nerd part. Also, why are game developers so... not hygienic? They don't seem to bathe or groom themselves. It's weird. Like, one guy's nails looked like he was friggin gardening all day but he sits at a computer! wtf. gross. And their beards are all frazzled and out of control. I realize their image isn't a priority to them because all they do is design and program games.. but still. I dunno.

I chewed too much gum last night and my mouth tasted gross all through the night. NO MORE GUM.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

a high of 18

Yeah just like yesterday was 17? why you lie fo!

I had trouble falling asleep last night. My mind was racing. I hate that.

Every night this week I'm not home. Every single night - well I chose to go to the gym Mon/Tues. Good thing I didn't get groceries on the weekend. Tonight is the final duffle bag class and Wednesdays are free for working out again.

Crossfit was pretty good last night. I don't think I pushed myself enough in the Metcon. I used 15lb weights for the DB presses, I should have used 20's. But since there was running involved and I knew I'd be the slowest even at my best (easiest weight), I didn't wanna be friggin last. And I knew that if I used 20's I'd be last. It's a shit feeling cuz it brings me back to being a fat slow ass in elementary school and high school.  

Note to self: don't wear those black/purple running leggings for running because they fall off my ass and I need to hold them up while running. Wtf is that? And it's not because I'm getting thinner, they're just tight in the wrong places I guess.

Although one of the girls, (the super strong one) didn't even care, used fuckin FORTY POUND weights and was extra last. She wanted to challenge herself, she didn't run fast, she's not a runner but a weight lifter. I need to think that way and not care about what other people think. Next time, I'm using 20's, fuckit.

2 eggs, spinach and 1/4 avocado.

2 walnuts, 1 date, coffee.

leftover steak and grilled veggies.

banana and almond butter

Grilled veggies. Can't go to that class hungry or I'll be a monster.
1 Molson Canadian 67 Sublime. What are you reaching for? reppin'

Jamie went to McD's on the way to class. I had him get me a hamburger. Just a plain little hamburger and it was glorious. I was Gaseous Maximus later though. Oh yeah I had 3 cookies at the workroom. When I cut sugar out, I gorge. And holy shit since where are Oreos so friggin good!@?#!$#!@


Finished up my duffle bag. Well, I have some hand stitching to do on the inside but other than that it's done. I'll upload a pic when I finish it. Surprisingly you can't see my shitty sewing. It's all hidden! yes!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


sleep was ok, not long enough as per.

2 eggs, sauteed spinach, 1/4 avocado, salsa

Snack at work:
Coffee, apple w/almond butter on 3/4 of the apple.

leftover sausage, broccoli and sweet potato. 1/4 avocado.

Lara bar.

Bought some meat at the butcher in Kensington. 2 steaks for tonight (bbq) and some more sausage. One is a wild leek and something sausage. Can't wait. I'm obsessed with fresh, local sausages right now.

Crossfit at 7pm.
Shoulder presses and chin ups.
200m run and heavy db presses x 15 (5 rounds)

Steak on the BBQ and spinach salad. (unless i grab some other veggies on the way home)