Saturday, May 12, 2012


Thursday am I made an egg and spinach omelet. It was gewd.

I think for lunch I had my squash again. With meat sauce. Ate a banana and an apple at some point.

1 Moslon Canadian 67 Sublime. I love these. Fresh and low cal. I know it's not ideal to count calories but it's kind of important if you're trying to reduce body fat. If you're eating too many calories and not expending much, the fat weight goes nowhere. True story bro.

Dinner at a Spanish tapas bar in Kensington. It was great. I didn't hold back, sorry. When it comes to good restaurants that I am being treated to, I live life. I had some sangria (which wasn't very boozy if you ask me... home made sangria is always better - rumrumrum :) Also had some wine and later a French 75 and some cocktail bar called the Spirithouse. Kind of douchey and expensive, but nice cocktails. I love me my gin cocktails at this point in my life. I didn't overdue it thank god. Surprising I should say.

Summer is on it's way - next week it seems! - And I'd love to have some friends over in my backyard to get crunk in a classy, 30-something way. This means you ladies who read my blog, get over here!



Few walnuts (I overindulged last night, need to balance out my universe)

At work:
Coffee from le gourmand - fuck, that place is loaded with croissants and everything that makes a softy fadge happy. I so badly wanted one... but last night was a doozy for food. I can't wait to go back to Europe so I can eat everything in front of me. Since I didn't have proper breakfast of course I was starving, so I had a banana and almond butter. Michelle needs real breakfast.

Lunch at the pub:
beef/wild boar meatloaf (not great) / mixed veggies / sweet potato fries - I kind of kept it paleo at the pub. When I ordered it I said, "can I get the meatloaf, but instead of those sides (mashed potatoes and veggies) can I get sweet potato fries without being charged for it?" hahahha. She said ok. She could have said no. But she didn't. How ya gonna know if you don't ax? I was polite about it.
Strongbow. Shrug. It was beautiful out and I got a bit of a tan with my inappropriate Caribana tank top on - It had a mesh back. What. I almost had a nip slip earlier with my (again) meshy bra peeking out from behind the tanktop. Note to self: don't wear that to work again. Like this but different front, mine has a galaxy on it or something (yes I am 30).

PS: UO's tank tops  - you can't wear bras with half of them. They're so loose and back-showy. If I cared about 15% less, I wouldn't wear a bra with most of my clothes. Bonus of having no boobs. But, people aren't used to seeing nipples and jiggles at work. You know, bras weren't even worn by women until like the last 100 years or so. It's not natural!!

In the afternoon:
Bits of an antipasto platter, steered clear of the bread and had minimal boccancini (sp?)
hot salami yum! / eggplant / roasted peppers / zucchini / olives / the usual suspects
handful of party mix. Love cheetos. Look at fatty go! hahah I keed, I kept it under control.

resisted temptation to hit a patio, figured I wouldn't regret going to crossfit instead. And I was right. I'm glad I went. Bench pressed 75lb - 3 reps. Almost on the third.

At home, a protein smoothie while I soaked in the bath. Watched the last 2 eps of True Blood. Goddam love that Eric Northman.

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