Thursday, May 24, 2012

Almost Weekend

My sleep was great considering I drank yesterday. Usually that means a disrupted sleep + waking up with anxiety at 5am. Didn't happen. Weird.

2 eggs + spinach + goat cheese
coffee obv.

Snack at work:
1 crappy apple + almond butter

Lunch brought from home (I hate buying my lunch. HATE). 2 reasons:
1) money
2) hidden calories. eating out is the death of my diet. eating out = fat stays. When I can't control my ingredients, my caloric intake hikes. more calories = more fat on my body. Can't have this.

spinach + red pepper + 2 hard boiled eggs + home made balsamic dressing. I'm all over eggs today.

Tonight Crossfit and BBQ sausages. 

^ that happened. Minus the BBQ part.

Hit up crossfit, got my ass kicked, it was friggin hot yo. But good shit.

I had a protein smoothie afterwards then 1 sausage. Pan fried.

And an MC67 sublime before bed. So what.

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