Friday, May 25, 2012


Buddy it's gonna be the hottest May 25 on record. I think thats a silly thing to say because the world is constantly and forever one-upping itself but whatever. As you were.

Sleep was 8/10. Non che malle.

1 egg + spinach + coffee

When is this tattoo artist gonna get back to me!? I'm checking my emails incessantly. I don't know how long I can wait. I know he's special and all, but srsly what the fug, guy?

Lunch outside today f'sho.

At lunch I accompanied reenie to get her first ever tattoo. It was fun. My fave part was sitting in the waiting area and a bed bug crawled on my collar. That was my cue to stand in the centre of the room, then they let me go in with her. I was paranoid the entire time.

Lunch was a sausage and salad and it wasn't outside.

ommmmmmmm.. I ate some chips later and had a snack of some sort. I can't remember what. Oh yeah I had a crappy Jamaican beef patty. It was regrettable. But I went to crossfit at night and benched 75lbs. Deadlifted 155lbs. Big tings!!! Dinner was a protein smoothie.

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