Saturday, May 12, 2012


Sleep was pretty good. Prob cuz of the workout + not eating late. Woke up just before 9, went to gym at 10. I did my first (assisted) handstand of my life. It was terrifying. I love the trainers at my gym. They are so helpful and understanding.

I saw a photo of myself at the gym and noticed the thickness of my thighs. I've been pretty good at working out and eating well (most of the time) but My legs don't feel thinner. So I googled "thick legs crossfit" and came across this article. It was a good read, and motivating. I don't want to be a waif. I just want to be solid. If I was my size and solid, I'd be good. Just want to drop some fat %. Read that article. Just fucking read it.

pre-workout - almonds and walnuts
post-workout - 2 egg omelet w/protein powder (bit) spinach and onions. + salsa. Coffee.

This afternoon my friend MA is coming to hang out. We're hoping the clouds GTFO of our lives for today so we can soak up those vitamins. We are cats and we love the sun.

Well, I do anyway. I don't burn easily so I worship that sun god like nobody's biz. Not in an unhealthy way though. I don't want old cinema hotdog skin ever.

We'll snack on a charcuterie + drinks. No, we are not eliminating our workout. We still rocked those muscles.

K time to tidy up and get ready to do nothing.

Late lunch:
various salamis, cheese and olives. backyard picnic.
Some ciders and gin cocktails. What?

pizza, wings and salad. We're only human! we have needs!!

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