Sunday, May 27, 2012

Cottage times!!

The weekend started bright and early. 6am muhfucka. We got up and got outta the house by 7:15am to head up north. Here is all the shit I ate. Not real shit, but shit food.


Late Lunch:
crackers / cheese / pickles / chips + cider
what do you want from me, I was at the cottage which means I'm semi off the clock.


More chips.

delicious local sausage (quelle surprise) salad / corn on the nob + more cider and a rum cocktail

We went for a short stroll down to the beach. It was kinda breezy. There is a ditch out front of the cottage with water in it. I used to go out and catch frogs there as a kid. I'd always put them back of course. Only once I accidentally killed one by playing with it too much. I played with it to death. Yes I felt guilty. Another time I was catching frogs with my cousin, Charlie. We were just young, probably 5 and 7. We used to go up as a family, mine and his. We had a white bucket and we were filling it with frogs. We even named some of them. Obv my favourite was Kermit. We were probably up there for a week or two so we brought along our family cat, Spooky. (he was street-wise/cottage-wise so he was good at being outside n stuff). Either the bucket tipped over or Kermit escaped and what happens..? Spooky friggin comes out of nowhere and grabs him and takes him under the cottage. We chase Spooky and see him under there EATING KERMIT THE FROG. That was the end of poor Kermit.

Sometimes the ditch has no frogs, sometimes it has lots. This year, lots. I counted 15. I have this obsessive compulsion to go to the ditch and count all the frogs. I can't help it. I need to count them over and over again and make sure i get the number right.

I think I had another drink before bed. Booze drink. I tend to have to drink myself to sleep when I'm up there cuz I get creeped out by the silence and darkness.

*** Sunday ***

Sleep wasn't great - we sleep in separate beds when we're up there cuz the beds are old and crappy. They're small and it's impossible to sleep beside someone and not get woken up by their movement. Fuck that shit.

raspberries + coffee (folgers insta coffee is CRAP. I am spoiled by delicious city coffee)
2 hard boiled eggs, leftover sausage, cheese and crackers + a Magners

I don't think I like Magners anymore.

Snacked on some chips. Fail.

On the way home we stopped at Super Burger. Jamie got a burger and fries. I had some of his fries.

At home:
some more chips. michelle what's wrong with you?


a gin cocktail on the porch and 2 turkey slices + almonds.

Burger patty + lettuce + sweet potatoes + avocado + beer

I kind of want some ice cream..

had some ice cream. vanilla with a bit of peanut butter and jamaican rum cream. it was good.


  1. cottage fun! obvi need chips. I ate fritos and about half a strawberry rhubarb pie this weekend. beer, cider. good times. miss ya.

  2. Road trip = MCD's
    Cottage = chips, beer/cider/booze and bbq

    All the above is a must!

    p.s. Your frog story killed me....bwahahahaaaaaaaa