Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mothers Dee

It's Mother's Day today. There was a woman at the g-store who was holding her tantrum-ridden toddler. I felt both relieved I wasn't her and sorry for her. It was one of those tantrums you can't do anything about. It was out of control.

almonds and salami. I'm planning a hot ass run this afternoon.

I just went grocery shopping, this week will be full of mega clean eating. Lots of fresh fruit and veggies.

I just made this for our Mothers Day afternoon at my brothers. Reen you're gonna friggin love it and make it. It's soooooo good. I was spooning the dressing in my mouth. I used coconut palm sugar instead of general refined sugar, just to make myself feel better about it. And I added cucumbers and used green onions instead of regular sweet onions. You can add whatever vegetable you want to it..tomatoes, red peppers. I'm in love with this dressing. Cilantro + lime rules. I used a nice grainy French mustard too. Can't go wrong with having a jar of that in your fridge. Makes for great vinaigrettes. I love my food processor.

Not sure what'll be on the menu tonight, but I am sure it will be delicious. I get to spend it with people I love, and it's gorgeous out!

Went for a run, 5.47km, 39 minutes - this included a warm up/cool down walk.
Protein smoothie after.

Mothers Day BBQ at Brother's:
Snacked on veggies n dip, sunflower seeds

1 Sir Perry Cider

1 chicken burger patty - home made
some potato salad (minimal), macaroni salad (minimal), chickpea salad (plentiful), asparagus

1 gluten free cupcake. it was sugary and I didn't love the icing.

1 tea w/milk n sugar.

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