Saturday, May 5, 2012

ahhh weekend!

sleep was ok, would have been better had I not drank at all yesterday.

few walnuts.


post workout:
1/2 farmers sausage, protein smoothie, few more walnuts, 3 dates.

I tried starving myself today but it didn't work.

Today I go shopping so I don't have to buy my lunch. Such a waste of money and I have no control over the ingredients which doesn't help my fitness goals.

Probably BBQ meats tomorrow for dinner and lunches, won't buy too much produce..probably hit up Kensington for that. Most likely on my own all week since the james is working on tv spots, so lunches and dinners are all mine. I'm hoping the weather is nice enough this week to get some runs in.

Sunday: Run
Monday: Crossfit
Tuesday: Run home (well, 5km). Let's do this!
Wednesday: Crossfit
Thursday: N/A
Friday: N/A
Saturday: Crossfit

That's my plan. It's on paper (not on paper).

I just made my first batch of cocoa butter body lotion. I followed this recipe (kinda). Used it as a guide anyway. Hopefully it turns out! it's cooling down right now.

Ate a sausage. Got groceries. Had a lavashe cracker (2) one with goat cheese one with capacollo. Hungry today, but trying to save appetite for TUM. Had a Warsteiner.

Ate various delicious foods at the market. 3 beers.

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