Friday, May 4, 2012

friggin friday f'real

Bad BAD sleep. I have been terrible at going to bed at a decent time this past week. Shape up, self! Gym tomorrow mos def. And a run on Sunday if the weather permits. Watch me.

I've overkilled the egg breakfast this week so I made paleo pancakes with a banana, eggs and coconut flour (cinnamon/nutmeg too) totally winged that shit. They turned out yummy though. Maple syrup was involved. And butter. They were satisfying.
also a few walnuts for fat. This kept me full til about 11:15.

Snack at work: 
1 small apple w/almond butter

tuna salad from Fusaros again. Need to get back on the home made lunches. Fuck this spendage and unknown caloric intake.

some chips, 2 MC67s.

Went out with old coworkers for drinks. I had 2 ciders and snacked on fries.

At home:
2 gin cocktails.

Happy Friday!

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