Friday, April 29, 2011

FRIDAY April 29

You know what I like? Dried apple bits. And Fridays.

  • protein smoothie - banana/strawberries, few blobs of Greek yogurt
  • one rice cake with PB and Jam. mmm.

  • Tall Americano with cream/raw sugar. Yea caffeine weening fail.
  • Some trail mix stuff - dried fruits/nuts.

  • Leftover stirfry from last night.
  • half a mug of beer. mug = coffee mug. what?
  • 6 cheesies
  • a quarter of a chocolate cake (muffin sized)

I am on the verge of failing all day today. There is a bag of cheesies over there that I plan on grazing on all afternoon. Also, I will have some wine at the meeting. You can just shut your face.

Afternoon munching consisted of chips cheesies wine and crackers. AAAND some chocolate covered almonds. FFHUUUUHHH.

Now I just boiled some artichokes and i cant wait to eat them. MMMMMMM.

But I did deny some ribs and fries for dinner. GO ME!

I ate the giant artichoke with some home made vinaigrette. It was yummy, but not necessary.

    Thursday, April 28, 2011

    Thursday April 28

    • Protein smoothie - small banana, froz strawberries/blueberries, whey powder, probiotic vanilla yogurt.

    Please note my glutes are still kinda hurting from Tuesday's workout. Good sign?

    Morning Snack:
    • 1 Hard boiled egg dipped in some roasted red pepper sauce
    • half of a low fat apple muffin from Starbucks. Gluten-free lifestyle trial FAIL.
    • Decaf green tea - plain. Weening myself off the additional cups of coffee throughout the day.

    • Salad w/hard boiled egg (loves me my eggs) half an avocado, half a tomato. need to find dressing.
    • will probably need more food.
    Bootcamp tonight. Thinking it will be upper body. Gonna kill it! And you know what? I don't want another goddam smoothie for dinner! fuck that! This is all so frustrating. Eat too much: get fat. Eat too little: store fat. WTF am I supposed to do here? I know there is the "eat for your metabolic type" thing, I understand our ancestors ate according to the sun and all that shit. But hey guess what, my ancestors are from France and the UK and all those bastards eat is fucking baguettes cheese potatoes and wine! ok that's a bit racist or whatever, but its true. They like their butter, they like their quality meats and cheeses.. so, gimme a break here. EVERYONE's ancestors were cavemen and therefore we should all be eating like cavemen. But you should probably know, my family most likely goes back to beginning of time because we like to carry fat around and we probably survived all the goddam ice ages and starvation times because of the genetic fatness. So, people who are naturally thin..? yea you over there? you are not ancient like me and my people. you are of the new human race therefore your genes are the ones that are fucked, not mine. So, enjoy your burgers and fries, your insides look like shit, at least I can see the fat I store. Yours is all around your organs waiting to stop your heart.

    Whoa, I'm mad.

    • Just had a chai tea with some soy milk in it. Laaaame.
    • and 5 crackers. I need more food.

    Here we go.
    • Just ate 70% of a raisin tea biscuit from Tim Hortons.
    • 1 Timbit.
    • ...
    • 5 Tortilla Chips.
    now i am gearing up for bootycamp. holllaaa


    • only the best stir fry evaaar! - all veggies, some water chestnuts, soy sauce, peanut butter, bit of honey, bit of vinegar, ceyenne pepper
    • lentils 
    My dinner was amazing. It was hot and delicious. Ok i had a handful of trail mix type shit while i was cooking cuz i was starvin marvin.

    PS I am listening to Best Coast right now. Totally forgot how much I love this album.

    Wednesday, April 27, 2011

    Wednesday April 27

    Well well well... look who decided to finally show up, WEDNESDAY!

    Had a hard time falling asleep (no surprise here) and a hard time waking up (also no surprise)

    • 2 eggs, scrambled. Both yolks this time. Don't care.
    • some goat cheese sprinkled on that shit.

    Walked like, 1km or so. To and from City Hall. So far I've had a tea and a coffee.

    • Beef brisket sandwich on an onion bun. Horseradish and mayo on it. 
    • Side greek salad.

    I was craving this type of sandwich since.. last night. Satisfied it. I'm good now for a while. Back to not really eating bread as of... nnnnnnow.

    Fine, I just ate two squares of a ridor sport, (chocolate) if you MUST know. sigh.

    Dinner will most likely be a salad or a protein shake. Or both.

    IF IT IS NOT RAINING I will run tonight. Prob 6k. Maybe more. The 10k race is on Sunday. So what who cares.

    Great. now I have to tell you that I just ate a handful of ketchup chips. THIS, my friends, is my weakness. And no, I won't say no to ketchup chips because they are my absolute favourite and if I die tomorrow at least I ate ketchup chips on my last day on earth. hooray validation!

    • Protein smoothie - frozen blueberries, whey protein powder and some probiotic yogurt. vanilla.
    • salad - one hard boiled egg, half an avocado, goat cheese, half a tomato, raw pumpkin seeds olive oil/cider vinaigrette (home made) some rice crackers.
    Sleep was ok, took a bit to fall asleep but oh well.

    Tuesday, April 26, 2011

    Tuesday April 26

    I have no special intro today..
    oh wait, how's this... Let's just always assume that I have a coffee with cream and sugar with my breakfast, that way I don't have to say it every day, yes?
    Ok, onwards..


    • scrambled eggs (2 egg whites, 1 yolk) bit of goat cheese
    • one rice cake and half a small avocado smooshed on w/lemon juice on it. S&P

      Morning snack:
      • the other half of the avocado with some lemon juice, S&P

        • taco salad - with lean turkey meat, leftovers from last night.
        • 2 SMALL cadbury caramilk eggs. whaddayawant from meeeeeeeee!

          Afternoon Snack:
          • 1 crappy orange
          • a bite of my friend's corned beef sandwich. It was really good.
          • 5 crackers. kinda like Ritz but more fancy.

          6pm BOOTCAMP 45 minutes, focused on legs/core.

          • protein smoothie - one banana/frozen strawberries/probiotic vanilla yogurt/water/whey protein powder
          • 6 rice crackers, some goat cheese and 2 pickles. Wait, 3 pickles. *munch munch*

          Now I am going to shower and maybe have some more food when I'm done.

          peace out

          I'm back. Turns out I had a rice cake with peanut butter, honey and some carob chips. Shoot me!

          Monday, April 25, 2011

          Monday April 25

          Tired. Weird dreams.

          • Coffee w/cream and sugar
          • 2 plain rice cakes with pb and jam
          Off to work I go.

          Morning snack:

          • Coffee w/cream and sugar. Whoa.
          • leftover thai chicken green curry/coconut (brown) rice/spinach
          • 1 orange
          • 1/3 of a nut bar. Natural. It was gross so i threw the rest out
          • 2 SMALL cadbury creme eggs
          • tea with milk/bit of sugar
          • "taco" salad: ground extra lean turkey, taco seasoning, mixed greens, red pepper, bit of cheese, blob of greek yogurt, salsa, hot sauce, plain rice crackers. It was mostly greens ok?
          • 1 banana/ice/almond milk/cocoa powder smoothie. (dessert I guess)
          That be all. No I did not drink enough water today.

          Sunday, April 24, 2011

          Sunday April 24

          Good Day. It is gloomy out. What else is new. Yes I know it was nice out yesterday but that is not enough for this cat.


          • Protein infused smoothie. Contained half a banana, some frozen strawberries and a few tablespoons of vanilla probiotic yogurt. Water. The protein powder is this. The first one on the page. (I hate these body building sites, they're super tacky and way too mannish all the time.)
          • A plain rice cake with all-natural* peanut butter. *I always use all natural nut butters so I won't say "all natural" anymore.
          I am about to go for a 5 or 6k run. I have no real excuse not to go. I've had a case of the lazies since Friday so I better burn SOME calories ferpeetsake.

          When I get back I plan on having some cucumbers with cheese. Maybe a hard boiled egg. Then making green curry for dinner. With chicken thighs. Probably no rice. We'll see. Ok fine maybe some brown rice.

          Peace out.

          Hey I'm back. I ran 6k. F'real.

          My lunch:

          • bout half a cucumber, some goat cheese and two hard boiled eggs. 
          • 2 rice crackers
          • some sweet/spicy sauce to dip the eggs in
          Like I said, dinner will be home made thai green curry. When I say "home made" I mean this:

          It's good shit. I may or may not make my rice in coconut milk. Kinda fatty fatty two by four, but good fats, n'est pas?

          K. Taa for now. 

          Back again. Ok after my curry with brown rice and spinach, we went to get ice cream. You heard correctly. And not just "some" ice cream, only the two largest scoops of ice cream I've ever had! It took me a kilometer to eat it. Walking. So we walked 2k to get the ice cream in total. Probably burned off a bite of that shit. Anyway, onwards and upwards.

          Saturday, April 23, 2011

          Saturday April 27, 2011.

          Yes, it is totally not the 27th.

          I was going to go for a run but it is raining and I hate running in the rain. I have a treadmill but that is even worse than running in the rain.

          2 plain rice cakes with an (small) avocado smooshed on them. Squeeze of lemon juice. Salt and Pepper
          Mug of coffee (some 5% cream and one teaspoon of sugar)

          I'll be going to my brothers for dinner which means I'll be eating some sort of meat and other delicious things. Will get back to you later.


          Ok back with the results of the rest of the day..

          Cheddar Cheese bagel with butter from Tim Hortons (ok rarely do I ever get this and I've never had it before even)
          Coffee with cream and sugar

          Onto Brother's feast at his place.

          Some chips and Dip. What.
          Can of light beer. A tall can but not the whole thing. SIGH.
          2 Chocolate eggs. The small ones.
          Home made Hamburger. On a bun with stuff on it. Usual type stuff, no cheese.
          Sweet potatoes - prepared in an unhealthy way
          Stuffing, like two scoops
          Snap peas - also prepared slightly unhealthy - butter was involved
          Salad. Frigging Kraft vinaigrette dressing.

          Dessert (yea that's right)
          Small piece of cherry pie and vanilla ice cream.
          Coffee. Again.

          F-U weekend.

          Oh yea, I just ate like 9 Hot Tamales. Big whoop.

          So if my calculations are correct, I consumed about a zillion calories today and a thousand grams of fat.

          Good Friday

          This day kind of doesn't count because I was sort of hungover. Well not sort of.

          Breakfast: (at the Green Eggplant in the Beaches)
          Eggs Benedict. - 2 poached eggs on an english muffin, peameal bacon, homefries. Bad.
          Coffee x 3 - the guy kept filling my cup.
          Orange juice
          1 strawberry
          piece of pineapple

          Ketchup Chips. Not a whole big bag, but enough. I KNOW.
          Some Hot Tamales. (candy) - keep in mind the hangover.
          These things are my guilty pleasures. Some of them I guess.

          Bowl of Mexican rice. Probably a cup or so. With a blob of greek yogurt and some cheese. Hot sauce.

          1 can of beer.


          I sat on the couch or in my bed all day. It was a write off. Please note I don't normally do this type of thing. I am actually quite concerned about what I consume on a daily basis.