Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Wednesday!

I didn't go to yoga last night. Instead I stayed home and had dinner with Jamie. I did however, make an awesome steak salad. AND that bread I made turned out awesome.

2 eggs, 3 strips of turkey bacon. I wouldn't buy this bacon, but Jamie did the shopping. The ingredients aren't bad, not perfect...but I'd prefer bacon. :)

1 date, few almonds, large Americano.

home made gf bread w/almond butter

frittata and salad again. - salad contained greens, tomato, avocado and coconut chunks
3 more dates, few more almonds.

I can already tell I eat too much.

banana w/almond butter n cinnamon

Peppermint tea

Pre Workout:
3 spoonfuls of greek yogurt. So good!! Oh yes, and some pistachios. I was friggin hungry and almost bailed on CF.

Shoulder presses @ 45lb 3x7 / chin ups 3x3 slow let down. (I've FINALLY advanced to the purple band. Plus the red one. Maybe it equals the green but I was able to do 2 with just the purple. This is a milestone for me.


30 Thrusters – 45% push press 1RM (I used 2 x 12 lb weights)
10 KBS - 12kg
20 Thrusters
20 KBS
10 Thrusters
30 KBS

I managed to finish in 5:30, before all the boys - er - MEN!! Mind you, they were probably using way heavier weights. Still, I am never EVER first, and it was still a challenge for me. I swear I didn't cheat. Like, at all.  Burpees and man-makers... yeah I cheat cuz I fuckin hate them and they hurt my knees and I can't do pushups to save my life. Sometimes. Usually. Not these though. I sucked it up and pushed through.

Thai red curry  - chicken thighs, coconut milk, red curry paste (good ingredients), red peppers, garlic, bok choy and cauliflower rice. It was awesome. I am satisfied. Oh yes I also had a slice of my almond loaf. The loaf is small, btw, which means so are the slices. I had it with butter. MMM.

Also, a glass of red vino. Now I am having rooibos tea - I almost had another glass of wine though but I refrained.

I think I hurt my knee during the warm up - the rear leg elevated squat things. Seriously, my right knee hurts now. We'll see how it is domani.

Practically the weekend and its March tomorrow!!!
Looking forward to the crossfit party on Saturday. I'm gonna eat erryting! And we get to see everyone in "normal" getup. Cool.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Let's go week, Finish already!

I went to bed late last night because I was watching "The Help". I probably didn't get to sleep til 1am. Not worth it. Good movie and all, but I like my sleep better.

1 apple w/almond butter / coffee

coffee / 3 dates / almonds

Salad: Mixed greens, sweet potato/meatball frittata, toasted coconut chunks, roasted garlic cloves, 1 tomato, 1/4 avocado, home made balsamic. YUM!

2 Lindt  75% dark chocolate pieces

Considering yoga tonight, I really wanna improve my flexibility.

Afternoon Snack:
1 hard boiled egg, 1/4 avocado

When I got home:
2 spoonfuls of greek yogurt with a bit of coconut.

I am going to yoga. It's been decided. So right now I have a steak thawing, just a thin one. Which I will fry up later, so I have lunch for tomorrow. In the oven I have my second gluten free 'paleo' bread happening. I got the recipe here. It's more of a bread that can be used toasted with egg, or with almond butter. Yes, it's not a vegetable or a slab of meat, but I enjoy baking and if this is my only means, so be it. I'll let you know how it turns out. Hopefully it doesn't give me explosive gas like my previous flax bread. i'm thinking the culprit was the coconut flour for some reason. It can't be the flax. Anyhoo. We shall see!!

When I get back from yoga I'll probably try out that bread, maybe have a smoothie. Depends on hunger.

Peace out. Hump day tomorrow!! wooo!

I bailed on yoga. Might do crossfit tonight or yoga. Either one, for sure. yoga seems more appealing as my legs feel tight from Monday.

Monday, February 27, 2012

It's Almost March.

Which means it's almost spring which means it's pretty much summertime. Suck it, winter. I see that sun blazing and I know the days are getting longer. You lose, my friend. You lose.

My sleep was ok. Not the best. We went to bed late because of the Oscars and because we had a nap mid day. I don't regret either of the two.

I never mention this, but as soon as I get up , I always always chug back two tall glasses of not so cold water. Even if I have to force it down. It helps get my digestive system going in the morning.
Coffee / frittata from the weekend (egg/sweet potato/meatball) / handful of almonds.

Large Americano - Black / almonds and 3 dates

Pork tenderloin, 3 or 4 brussels sprouts and some green beans. Poured a balsamic vinaigrette over top. Delish.

See, because of the sugar indulgences on the weekend, I want more sweets. Naughty naughty. I will avoid it at all costs. I'll just fill up on decaf herbal tea all afternoon if I have to. I have a banana I'll eat later.

Tonight I crossfit my ass off. This week I will be strict and disciplined. Trust. Summer is on it's way and I'm willing to suffer now if it means less suffer in the summer. I'm thinking I'll sign up for a run that happens one fine eve in August. Gives me plenty of time to train and build up my endurance.

Afternoon Snack:
Banana, cinnamon and peanut butter (natural)

Pre-workout snack:
2 chunks of coconut. Jamie randomly bought a coconut. It was good. Also 2 small spoonfuls of this awesome thick greek yogurt.

Backsquats like a muhfuh and some other ass kickage.

Salad with pork tenderloin. Consisted of: greens, tomato, coconut chunks, pork tenderloin, egg, bit of blue cheese, home made balsamic. It was really, really good and satisfying.

2 dates, 5 almonds / rooibos tea w/almond milk. This snack wasn't necessary.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday Feb 25

Clearly I didn't rehydrate myself enough after yoga, I never do. Need to get on that properly. I woke up with a bit of a dehydration headache and dry lips. Shame!

The other night when we had sausage and sweet potatoes, well, Jamie made a lot of sweet potatoes. I decided to make a frittata with them this morning. So I fried up some bacon, put a bunch of chopped, cooked sweet potatoes and onions in a greased pie pan, whisked up 9 eggs and poured them over top. I chopped the crispy bacon over top of the frittata and put it in at 350ยบ for about half an hour. Oh yeah, I had 4 meatballs left too, and chopped them up and put them in it. It's just come out of the oven, smells delish. I'll let ya know how it is, but I'll assume it's awesome.

Update: it was awesome.

Had a banana with almond butter.

Went out for lunch wif me auntie and the james. I had a chicken club sandwich on rye. I removed the middle slices of bread. Ate that with a greek salad. It was damn good. I love rye bread and I know it's naughty.

Later on I had some friends over. We snacked on cheese, salami, pickles, olives, pickled pearl onions.. and I had a small small piece of bday cake. It was really good. Then I drank a lot of vodka.

After we got back from this bar (which was more of a club, and the last time I ever go to a place like that) we had chocolate chip cookies. Literally the best ones in the world, made by my longtime friend's mum. They are consistently awesome, soft and perfect. Also ate some crappy cajun mix peanut thing. Damn.


Woke up this morning, had coffee, and another cookie. Figured whatever. We went out for breakfast and I had 3 eggs, bacon, rye bread - again and homefries. SMACKING WRIST!

We just got home and I ate the last cookie. There. No more to eat.

I took a pork tenderloin out. I don't feel like getting groceries today. So I'll just make that with frozen veggies or something.

My weekend bender has officially ended. I was considering yoga today, but is it wise to go to hot yoga after a night of drinking? Actually, I have nothing to wear to yoga scratch that idea.
Wait, the binge hasn't ended. I had a nap. After I woke up I had some salami and cheese. It was awesome. Then I ate the last piece of cake. It was REALLY small, fyi. Whatever, still bad. See what happens when I get a taste of sugar?! I crave it and eat it. It's bad. This is why sugar is bad bad bad and I was doing SO great not eating it. ugh I hope I don't need to go through withdrawal again.

I read this to help me get over my bender and realize I will just move forward. I haven't gained 10 lbs, I'm good.

I need to step my game up like 100% if I want to get more fit.

Workout schedule this week:
Thursday-Crossfit or rest

Making pork tenderloin on the bbq for dinner with a side of green veggies and leftover sweet potatoes. Did I say this already?

The Oscars are on tonight. I plan on being full from dinner and not snacking. Back on track.

Currently drinking a rooibos tea. I still kinda feel hungover. Annoying.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Fry day Feb 24

omaguh so happy it's Friday.

Think tonight I'll go to Bikram at 7.30 to wind down from the week so I can sleep in tomorrow. Yeah, no CF for me tomorrow. I'll go Monday.

1 meaball / half a big apple w/almond butter/cinnamon / coffee

Some walnuts and a Sense Appeal Americano.

Leftover Macedonian sausage (half) some sweet potatoes and green beans.

Craving chocolate so I bought a 70% cocoa chocolate bar. It has low sugar, yes. Like 8g/serving of three squares. Less sugar than a lara bar, actually. And quite satisfying. Of course the ingredients aren't perfect, but they're not as bad as a Mars bar or something. I think I had 5 pieces. Reen ate a few pieces too, we shared. It tastes great with coffee. So do walnuts by the way. But I think that coffee kept me up a bit at night. Oh yeah, I had a bit of coffee with my chocolate.

Some BBQ chips. Not too many. I also ate the other half of my sausage and a few more green beans, since I was planning on going to yoga at 7:30 and didn't want to eat too close to then.

Bikram (hot) Yoga @ 7:30. I made it just in time, I hustled after work, friggin rushed my ass home, changed and drove over. I'm glad I did. It's my third class and I actually think I'm getting better. I didn't have to sit down and gather myself or anything. Maybe it wasn't as hot? Or maybe I'm getting used to it/ Either way, it feels good to make progress. And I felt like a million bucks after all that hard work. It may sound lame-o, but I think it's a great way to end a work week. Especially if I've worked out at all during the work week, having a good, proper stretch feels amazing. I might go back on Sunday.

Post Yoga:
Made a smoothie w/ Banana/few frozen mixed berries, almond butter and almond milk. and cinnamon. It was yummy.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Paleo Breads

Note to self: Bookmark this page at home. Totally making paleo banana bread.

Thurs Feb 23

Is it my brother's birthday today? I don't even know. It might be tomorrow. Anyhow.

B: 1 meatball, a sip of a gross smoothie I made, then half an apple with almond butter. / coffee obv.

S: few walnuts, 3 dates / 3 meatballs / an Americano

L: grilled chicken and avocado salad from Zoeys. It's on work. Although I brought my lunch, this is free and on track so I'll eat my lunch domani since I won't be making dinner tonight. Ate it, it was good. The dressing was creamy, mayo-y. Meh. Very delicious though. And huge.

Gonna have a tea soon.


anout 4 or 5 vodka soda's, they go down like water. kill me why don't you! It was fun seeing some of the old gang. Even though it was very very brief. We'll  have to make up for it next time. Hi Char!

After meeting with the old gang I met with the new gang. It was tame, at a pub. Had another v&s (don't you judge me!) some sweet potato fries, half a burger - just the meat - and some of someone else's french fries. I love fries. They are meant to be loved, otherwise they wouldn't be so good. Oh, and three onion rings. Maybe four. My stomach hurts now. I pay. See ain't nothin free homey. Tomorrow I do yoga like a good nerd and maybe follow up with some crochet.

It's Friday tomorrow, my frans!

I'll leave you with this photo of me with mock short hair:

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wed Feb 22

I had an ok sleep, but I was still full from dinner when I went to bed. Note to self: don't eat such large portions.

1/2 a huge fugi apple, cup of blueberries (fresh) w/almond butter and cinnamon / coffee

S: handfull of mixed nuts / coffee / rooibos tea

Leftover pesto chicken spaghetti squash n kale. Not as much as dinner. Must brush teeth after although it won't take care of the entire smell. Garlic seeps through your pours you know. I'll be the stinky garlicy girl at crossfit tonight. Damn. Raw garlic is more potent than cooked.

S: grapes. quite a few. they were so good! then a choc chip lara bar. a green tea. and a rooibos tea.

When I got home, a spoonful of almond butter / a few blueberries

CROSSFIT it was great

D: 1 macedonian sausage from st lawrences. 2 small homemade meatballs. sweet potato, green beans. great dinner!!

PS I am dreaming of Europe again. Thinking Munich and Prague. Castle Roads even. Was looking at my pics from Berlin and I was missing Germany. And I know there is someone from Germany reading this should we go?? I don't want to go back to Berlin anytime soon, I want to go somewhere older. I want to see castles and old, old architecture. Holler!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pancake Tuesday

No pancakes though.

B: 2.5 scrambled eggs w/salsa / 1 coffee / small handful of almonds

S: 1/4 avocado / coffee - cutting back on the avocadsss

L: spaghetti squash and meat sauce

S: 1 apple, 1 nectarine, cut up in small pieces to make a fruit salad. spoonful of pb and some cinnamon. Need to make some almond butter. Hopefully my food processor isnt fried.

S#2: 1 hard boiled egg. I'm always self conscious eating a hard boiled egg with my hands. I feel like it grosses people out.

Thinking of doing a pesto n chicken spaghetti squash meal. I have a squash to use at home, and I realize I had it for lunch. But.. oh well.

I made my version of the Italian Raw Bowl from Fresh. Only it wasn't raw at all. Or vegan. it was Spaghetti squash, chicken breast, kale, bacon, fried tomatoes and dairy free pesto. I made the pesto with a pack of fresh basil, 2 cloves of garlic, a handful of cashews, a handful of walnuts, olive oil, lemon juice and salt. It was super creamy and delicious. PS the magic bullet sucks for making pesto but i was afraid to use my food processor because it started smoking last time. Who needs parmesan cheese! (I do, but not today). So, it was so friggin good. I added some more cashews and other nuts to my dinner pile just for some added crunch. The only problem is that the serving I ate was huge. It was just really good. Yes I sort of regret it but whatever it was facking awesome. I'm also drinking a beer get over it. I haven't had a beer since Jamaica, so like a month. It won't be a regular thing, I just had a craving for one. And it went well with my dinner.

I bought a container of blueberries. Might have a few later. If my stomach deflates at some point. Anyhoo. That's all. Reen I'll let you taste my pesto tomorrow. You'll love it, it's super garlicy! heh heh.

CF tomorrow night, maybe yoga Friday. Maybe not, I've got to set the spare room up for my frens that are coming over Sat. bye!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Family weekend. Sat-Mon

We went up north to the Muskoka area for a getaway. Stayed in a cute Inn. I am not proud of what I consumed. It was slightly out of control.

Saturday I kept it real half the day.

Morn-Dinner time:

B: Broccoli w/bacon, 1/4 avocado, coffee
Crossfit. It was great. Kinda love ball slams.
Apres le workout: pepperette, some nuts/dates

Road trip begins. I brought along an apple, some nuts and dates. Quelle surprise!
Stopped for Starbucks in Barrie for princess me.

Got to Inn. Had 2 Magners Ciders then went for dinner.

Dinner: meat loaf w/gravy, mashed potatoes and veggies. French onion soup for an appetizer. 4 of us shared a bottle of red wine. It was great wine. After I had some wine I gave in and had some bread w/oil. Chocolate cake for dessert.

Then we went to the pub at the inn. Had a vodka cran/soda.


B: 2 hard boiled eggs (this was at the continental breakfast) and 2 small bowls of this amazing berry/yogurt/granola/honey. yes two bowls. It was good!! Took an orange for the road.

Went snowshoeing for about 20 minutes. Would have been longer if we could have fucking found the trail!! Thanks for nothing people at the Inn!! (we had a spa appt at 11am ok?)

Had some nuts and choc covered almonds

Lunch: chicken caesar salad w/sweet potato fries

Snack: few all dressed chips

Dinner: grilled chicken sandwich on foccacia, house salad, and sweet potato fries. Gin n Tonic.

Here is where it gets bad. 2 of those yogurts again. a bite of toast w/pb and honey. coffee

an orange, maybe a few all dressed chips.

Brunch at Coras in Barrie:
Coffee / spinach and cheddar omelette / rye toast w/butter / homefries. I ate everything and wanted more.

Snack at maw and paws:
A big piece of home made berry cobbler. It was really good and I just kept eating little slices which added up to a big slice.

Snack again:
small bowl of all dressed chips. See? bad weekend.

Not having dinner. Going to yoga at 7:30.

It's a new week, getting back on track. Don't judge this weekend, it was a definite bender. And I told you everything I ate! EVERYTHING.

Went to hot yoga. It was good.
Had rooibos tea and 3 pickles.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Feb 17

2 hard boiled eggs / last slice of my coconut flax bread. good riddance, it gave me gas. yeah.

3 lara balls. probably equals one Lara bar. / black americano

Leftover salmon / cauliflower / arugula

Apple / banana / peanut butter / trail mix all in a big bowl. look at me i'm stuffing my face! cool!

later snack:
some sour cream and onion chips. michelle you suck! a glass of champaign.

1.5 pepperettes / bowl of broccoli and bacon.

Gonna go to bed, zonked. Need a sweet potato or something. Crossfit in the am. so what! ps, i bought that 10 class card for yoga.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursday Feb 16

Late night, early morning. My favourite! Tonight I WILL go to crossfit and work my ass off. I swear. Considering purchasing a 10 class pass to hot yoga in my hood. Mix up the exercise a bit ya know? Gonna get back into running. Using poor weather as a excuse is dumb, considering how mild our winter has been.

1 slice of my home made bread / it's almost gone. that almond butter is rancid. We knew it tasted funny, but thought maybe it was because we were used to my home made one. Nope. It's definitely rancid. Tastes like old oil. Very unfortunate. Oh well, I'll be making my own tonight.
Coffee of course / bowl of mixed berries w/cinnamon bit of almond milk and a few walnuts.

Snack: few cashews, 2 dates / coffee

Lunch: other half of stuffed pepper. maybe a banana for dessert.

Pre workout snack: 1.5 pepperettes

Crossfit. Kicked my ass. Loved it.

Almond crusted salmon (pan fried) roasted cauliflour / arugula / 1/2 tomato

Made some lara balls. I think I killed my food processor. It started smoking.

Rooibos tea before bed.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hump Day

Yay I'm still at work. I wanted to go workout tonight. Didn't happen. I hope I get fatter.

Piece of my home made coconut flour/flax bread / almond butter / coffee

Snacks (spread out before and after lunch):
3 Dates, some cashews / coffee

Lunch: 1/2 a stuffed pepper (leftover) it was a big pepper.

Snack: Apple w/cinnamon / decaf coffee / later on some vanilla rooibos tea.

Dinner: Italian Raw Bowl from Fresh.

Please note that due to the ridiculous binging I did yesterday, my stomach hurt all night and I felt like shit. I will not go so far as to say I'm 'gluten intolerant' because I don't know if I am or not. But I do know that eating crap makes me feel like crap. IT's not like I become violently ill if I eat grains/sugar/dairy. I just don't feel great. Let's get real here.

Anyway. That's all.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I gorged myself today. I’ve been sugar free for a while (for the most part) and I had a taste of chocolate today and couldn’t stop. This is why it’s all or nothing. You can’t cut it out then have a bit cuz then you just go crazy. Well, I do anyway. So, everything in moderation, people. But, really cut down on the sugar in general. And I don’t plan on eating bread or grains regularly. Today was a special day and that’s that. Back to normal tomorrow. I have a headache. too much alcohol. And I’m not drunk.

I won't even bother listing what I ate. It's just embarrassing. Tomorrow is a new day.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Feb 13

One day before Valentine's day. Woooooo.

Home made coconut flour flax bread / almond butter / coffee

Banana w/cinnamon and some walnuts / coffee

Leftover stuffed red pepper

Apple w/cinnamon / walnuts

Snack #2:
1 Cake pop. Yes I felt extreme guilt after. sigh. Doesn't help that i'm PMS'ing like a mofo so I feel like a fatty. Not to mention I saw the most hideous photo of me today, I looked like a dwarf. And I'm 5' 9.5". (had to add that .5 in there ok?)

Arugula w/mushrooms, tomato, kale, bacon and half an avocado. 1 slice of my coconut flour/flax bread w/butter.

Now I finish my vday project. I'll let ya know how it turns out tomorrow.


Sunday, February 12, 2012


Feb 10 / 11 / 12

B: froz berries, warmed up w almond butter n cinnamon / coffee

S: can't remember..

L: leftover spaghetti squash and meat sauce. i think.

S: some chips. red wine

D: raw italian bowl from fresh / 1 dirty martini / some amazingly amazing raw coconut balls that ma fren MJ made. An indulgence, but so delish! (Reen, make them!! they're soo good) / then we polished off half a bottle of red wine. get over it.


B: paleo pancakes. they were good. had maple syrup and berries on them. hey, the challenge is over, think i'll enjoy my weekends a little more. Balance!! coffee, of course

L: 2 eggs, mushrooms and brussels sprouts / 1 tomato / decaf coffee (added some rum cream I got from Jamaica. didn't enjoy it so i tossed that mug out. black coffee from now on!!

S: 2 pieces of lindt 75% dark choc.

D: this dinner was a mix of snacks and dinner. chips were involved. and chinese food. but i stuck to the meat/veg of the chinese food / 1 beer / 1 glass of wine.


B: 2 strips bacon 2 eggs / coffee

S: 2 pepperettes. you know the ones.

L: apple w/ almond butter

I'm making some Coconut Flour Flax bread. Gluten/dairy free. I added a tablespoon of coconut sugar to this recipe:

1/2 cup coconut flour, sifted
1/2 cup flax seeds, ground [or chia seeds, unground]
1/2 teaspoon salt [or less]
1 teaspoon baking soda
5 eggs
1/4 cup coconut oil, melted
1/8 cup water (I subbed in unsweetened apple sauce in hopes it will be more moist)
1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar [or coconut water vinegar or lemon juice]

Preheat oven to 325F. Grease a small loaf pan (7 3/4" × 4 1/2" × 3" H).

Mix all the dry ingredients together.

Combine all the wet ingredients.

Add the dry ingredients to the wet and beat well. Batter will be thick.

Pour into loaf pan and bake for 40 minutes or until toothpick comes out

Cool completely before slicing.

Recipe submitted by Carrol, Huntington Beach, CA

Comment from Carrol: This recipe can also be made into herb dinner rolls by
adding a teaspoon each of chopped fresh thyme, sage, and rosemary. I then
use the rolls to make stuffing. Just cube, toast and use in your favorite
stuffing recipe.

I'm excited to have something to spread almond butter on besides fruit! Fingers crossed it turns out yummy.

Dinner will be stuffed peppers. I've got a pork/beef/veal ground mix. I'll use cauliflower as though it's rice. Thinking of kale as the side dish. Maybe kale and bacon. :)

Looks like I most likely won't make it to CF until Tues or Wed. We'll see.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday Feb 7

B: 2 eggs, salsa, coffee (it was mostly decaf. blech)

S: americano from bucks - yum! almonds

L: frittata, spinach, 1/2 teeny avocado, 1/4 red pepper, some balsamic vin. that was in the fridge. its vegan, but it had traces of sugar in it. shrug.

S: Davids Tea, a banana nut one. Apple w/cinnamon.

S#2: a small sweet potato with butter and cinnamon. I was feeling woozy, needed a carb like that. Then I binged on these vegan cranberry/date/banana/raisin/banana nut balls from Fresh n Wild - such a rip there...I ate the entire pack. it was a small pack, but the serving size was 25g (lame) and the entire pack was 100g... 90 cals/serving and like 11g of sugar/serving. You do the math. I should have just got a Lara bar.

D: an apple with some home made almond butter. I'm getting my almond butter tomorrow, but I wanted something on the sweet side for dinner, so I made a quick little batch of it. I wasn't feeling any of my leftovers and I didn't wanna make something new.. I was very generous with the almond butter on my apple slices. I don't care, it was soooo good.

I'll have a rooibos tea later. I hope my dried fruit binge doesn't fuck up my sleep. ugh.

Bailed on yoga tonight. 7:30-9 then I'd be home at like 9:30, have to wash my hair.. no supper. Fuck that. Tonight I chill, tomorrow I crossfit then maybe yoga Thurs. Definitely yoga Saturday.

Hump day tomorrow! I'm watching Corrie.. Tracey is pregnant.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Feb 6

Slacking on the postage.


B: coffee, ommmmmmmmm .. a frittata and sweet potates.

spontaneously bought a week long pass to Bikram yoga here in the beaches. Well I don't live in the beaches but I live more in the beaches than I do downtown. Anyway, I felt like I needed a good stretch after all the crossfit I did this week. Did I go three times? I think I did! so did MA. Nice! So I participated in a hot yoga class. It was a smaller class. It was fucking hot and disgusting and I almost passed out, but man did I feel good after. I might go again tomorrow or Wed. We'll see.

L: spinach salad with 1/2 can tuna, red peppers and almonds.

I ate the rest of my Lara balls. I goddam love those things. I'm gona make more. So what. And the countdown to the bottle of wine I'm drinking on friday is on!

Oh, my new favourite tea: Rooibos. SOOOOOO good. way better than crappy green tea lake water. I love Rooibos vanilla. Gonna have a cup now! Apparently it helps you sleep. I believe it.

S: slow cooked ribs, backed curry cauliflower and carrots.

It was a good weekend. Relaxing. God shit done and chilled out bigtime. Getting stuff done on Saturday is awesome because I can be so lazy Sunday if I want. Or go to a yoga class! Look at me drinking herbal tea and going to yoga and stuff. Who knew!?


B: 2 fried eggs, 2 strips of bacon, coffee

S: cashews

L: spaghetti squash and meat sauce. that meal lasted a long time! yum!

S: apple w/cinnamon and half a teeny avocado

S#2: spinach, the other half of that avocado and almonds.

Pre-supper (yes I eat alot apparently): 2 scrambled eggs a la microwave

Crossfit. Worked out like a mother---

D: leftover ribs, spinach, carrots/cauliflower.

Last week of the 100% Paleo ness. I'm keeping it up. I'll say at 85-90%. Thats cool.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saturday Feb4

Just made some 'paleo pancakes'. They're ok. Better than my last version which was all almond flour. I cut the recipe in half since I am the only one eating them. Also put some frozen berries in a sauce pan with some coconut milk and honey. good alt to maple syrup. The texture is really soft.. not so pancakey. They're much fluffier than my stupid almond flour ones. I'll modify this recipe in the future.

Today I clean, laundry, pick up my boots from Purolator. Get my Valentine supplies. Get some meat from the butcher for my ribs and the week. Tonight, I'll chill and finish Jamie's hat.. Yes I am a loser right now but I don't want to go out and spend money!

I'm thinking tomorrow I'll visit my grandma.

Weekends I don't normally do lunch, but we'll see how hungry I am in a few hours.

There is one week left in this challenge. So far, I've been great ..let's forget that week to Jamaica, shall we? However, I don't think I'll win. I feel that MA might though! go! go! go! I'd love to see one of my friends hit that jackpot, and she's been doing so great. We're gonna go take our measurements and stuff on Thursday so our weekend is freeeeeeeee!

I'm thinking I will continue another week with this to make up for lost time, just for my own personal gain. And I plan on keeping up with this lifestyle as much as possible. Let's say I'll be at 90%, with that 10% allowance for some cheeses and sweets here and there. And chips, let's get real here. And I promise I won't be picky when going out for dinner or going to someone's house, because moving forward, those occasions are special and I will treat them as just that and get over it.

Sorry, reen I've been slacking on the photos. I think I'll start a tumblr account just for that. It's much easier to upload from my phone.

Friday Feb 3

scrambled eggs, salsa and 1/2 avocado

banana, almond butter, cinnamon

leftover spaghetti squash w/meat sauce and kale w/bacon

grapes, almonds

Lara Bar, few Terra chips


spaghetti squash/meat sauce and my attempt at breaded sweet potato fries. it failed.

Decaf coffee. I think it ruined my sleep.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


leftover spaghetti squash and home made meat sauce
half an avocado


Leftover Almond crusted salmon, cauliflower "fried rice", mixed greens, cashews, balsamic

Banana w cinnamon and almond butter - home made
Rooibos vanilla tea

Apple w cinnamon

I wasn't gonna make anything but I couldn't resist. I wanted kale. So I baked it with some bacon OMAGA! sooo damn good. Deadly. Ate that with the same thing I had for lunch.

This week has been great. Zero fail.

Now I will have another rooibos tea, with a splash of vanilla.

Tomorrow is Friday! wooooooo!