Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursday Feb 16

Late night, early morning. My favourite! Tonight I WILL go to crossfit and work my ass off. I swear. Considering purchasing a 10 class pass to hot yoga in my hood. Mix up the exercise a bit ya know? Gonna get back into running. Using poor weather as a excuse is dumb, considering how mild our winter has been.

1 slice of my home made bread / it's almost gone. that almond butter is rancid. We knew it tasted funny, but thought maybe it was because we were used to my home made one. Nope. It's definitely rancid. Tastes like old oil. Very unfortunate. Oh well, I'll be making my own tonight.
Coffee of course / bowl of mixed berries w/cinnamon bit of almond milk and a few walnuts.

Snack: few cashews, 2 dates / coffee

Lunch: other half of stuffed pepper. maybe a banana for dessert.

Pre workout snack: 1.5 pepperettes

Crossfit. Kicked my ass. Loved it.

Almond crusted salmon (pan fried) roasted cauliflour / arugula / 1/2 tomato

Made some lara balls. I think I killed my food processor. It started smoking.

Rooibos tea before bed.

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