Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Feb 13

One day before Valentine's day. Woooooo.

Home made coconut flour flax bread / almond butter / coffee

Banana w/cinnamon and some walnuts / coffee

Leftover stuffed red pepper

Apple w/cinnamon / walnuts

Snack #2:
1 Cake pop. Yes I felt extreme guilt after. sigh. Doesn't help that i'm PMS'ing like a mofo so I feel like a fatty. Not to mention I saw the most hideous photo of me today, I looked like a dwarf. And I'm 5' 9.5". (had to add that .5 in there ok?)

Arugula w/mushrooms, tomato, kale, bacon and half an avocado. 1 slice of my coconut flour/flax bread w/butter.

Now I finish my vday project. I'll let ya know how it turns out tomorrow.


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