Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thurs Feb 23

Is it my brother's birthday today? I don't even know. It might be tomorrow. Anyhow.

B: 1 meatball, a sip of a gross smoothie I made, then half an apple with almond butter. / coffee obv.

S: few walnuts, 3 dates / 3 meatballs / an Americano

L: grilled chicken and avocado salad from Zoeys. It's on work. Although I brought my lunch, this is free and on track so I'll eat my lunch domani since I won't be making dinner tonight. Ate it, it was good. The dressing was creamy, mayo-y. Meh. Very delicious though. And huge.

Gonna have a tea soon.


anout 4 or 5 vodka soda's, they go down like water. kill me why don't you! It was fun seeing some of the old gang. Even though it was very very brief. We'll  have to make up for it next time. Hi Char!

After meeting with the old gang I met with the new gang. It was tame, at a pub. Had another v&s (don't you judge me!) some sweet potato fries, half a burger - just the meat - and some of someone else's french fries. I love fries. They are meant to be loved, otherwise they wouldn't be so good. Oh, and three onion rings. Maybe four. My stomach hurts now. I pay. See ain't nothin free homey. Tomorrow I do yoga like a good nerd and maybe follow up with some crochet.

It's Friday tomorrow, my frans!

I'll leave you with this photo of me with mock short hair:

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