Monday, February 20, 2012

Family weekend. Sat-Mon

We went up north to the Muskoka area for a getaway. Stayed in a cute Inn. I am not proud of what I consumed. It was slightly out of control.

Saturday I kept it real half the day.

Morn-Dinner time:

B: Broccoli w/bacon, 1/4 avocado, coffee
Crossfit. It was great. Kinda love ball slams.
Apres le workout: pepperette, some nuts/dates

Road trip begins. I brought along an apple, some nuts and dates. Quelle surprise!
Stopped for Starbucks in Barrie for princess me.

Got to Inn. Had 2 Magners Ciders then went for dinner.

Dinner: meat loaf w/gravy, mashed potatoes and veggies. French onion soup for an appetizer. 4 of us shared a bottle of red wine. It was great wine. After I had some wine I gave in and had some bread w/oil. Chocolate cake for dessert.

Then we went to the pub at the inn. Had a vodka cran/soda.


B: 2 hard boiled eggs (this was at the continental breakfast) and 2 small bowls of this amazing berry/yogurt/granola/honey. yes two bowls. It was good!! Took an orange for the road.

Went snowshoeing for about 20 minutes. Would have been longer if we could have fucking found the trail!! Thanks for nothing people at the Inn!! (we had a spa appt at 11am ok?)

Had some nuts and choc covered almonds

Lunch: chicken caesar salad w/sweet potato fries

Snack: few all dressed chips

Dinner: grilled chicken sandwich on foccacia, house salad, and sweet potato fries. Gin n Tonic.

Here is where it gets bad. 2 of those yogurts again. a bite of toast w/pb and honey. coffee

an orange, maybe a few all dressed chips.

Brunch at Coras in Barrie:
Coffee / spinach and cheddar omelette / rye toast w/butter / homefries. I ate everything and wanted more.

Snack at maw and paws:
A big piece of home made berry cobbler. It was really good and I just kept eating little slices which added up to a big slice.

Snack again:
small bowl of all dressed chips. See? bad weekend.

Not having dinner. Going to yoga at 7:30.

It's a new week, getting back on track. Don't judge this weekend, it was a definite bender. And I told you everything I ate! EVERYTHING.

Went to hot yoga. It was good.
Had rooibos tea and 3 pickles.

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