Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wednesday Aug 3

soo tired this morning. yesterdays caffeine kept me up. ugh

scrambled eggs w/mushrooms
coffee cream/sugar

banana and peppermint tea - which i do not enjoy but i was having stomach pains

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

yes i still exist

but i'm slacking on the postage. one month til euro trip '99 and i'm considering doing this Whole 30 til then. google it, not explaining it.

So. This weekend was full of eating too much and too much beer. this doesnt go well with bloated uterus syndrome. you know what i mean. so i feel like a whale. Crossfit tonight for sure.


Coffee w/cream and a bit of sugar
2 rice cakes w/ pb and honey

morning snack

handful of goldfish crackers - fail
some hershey kisses - double fail

tomato/cucumber/rice/chicken salad. small

after lunch:
starburst. sigh.
iced americano - sweetened.



Then I went to crossfit and almost barfed from the workout. fareal.
this is what i did

Part 1
A1. Russian Step-ups 4×12/side, rest 45sec
A2. Deadlift at strict tempo: [52x0] 4×6-8, rest 45sec
A3. Ring Rows at strict tempo [2013] rest 45sec

Part 2
4 rounds:
Back squat 15 reps @ 50% 1rm
run 300m
rest 2mins

it makes no sense to you, i know. so what.

dinner was steak and spinach salad. good.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday July 10th

It's JULY TENTH! can you believe it?! where is this summer going? soon enough it will be winter again. SIGH.


  • Coffee w/cream
  • smoothie w/banana / strawberries / almond milk and a bit of cocoa powder. good shit

  • grazed on some tuna salad w/crackers cheese olives and some chips. 2 Heinekens.

  • grilled chicken breast and grilled veggie salad.

Man it is hot out. I am not complaining. But I am not going running. 

k missed a day or two


Coffee for breakfast

Went to Crossfit for my second one-on-one. Learning proper form. I hung from some bars.. like the olden days. Monkey bar styles. I had to hang there and lift my legs up to my chest. Fat chance. They made it about as high as my hips. But still pretty proud I managed to hang on the entire time. 3 or 4 sets of 6. Not bad for a first timer. I'll get better. I can't wait to get ripped. You should see MA! she's got some good tone and definitely noticeable muscles! good job guuuurrrrrl. so she is now my motivation. and if you ever read her food blog.. like I do.. she doesn't starve. It's all about balance people, balance, time and dedication. Keep up the good work.

After gym:
Smoothie w/banana/strawberries/almond mild and protein powder. Once that tub is done of the powder, I'm done with it all together. I'm with you, Nareenay, with the no more whey protein. It's all about natural sources of protein and I'm cutting back on the dairy. I've been good with no sugar. sort of. none in my coffee though! Right now it feels like there are spiders crawling all over me. I'm in the backyard.

Afternoon Dinner:
Portobello mushroom panini thing it had roasted red peppers and brie cheese. very greasy. fail. and a caesar salad. fail. I think i got bit by a spider! bastard! its the one i threw through the cracks on the deck, he came back for revenge! what a jerk.

Later after my much needed nap.
one cold leftover burger patty. home made.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

well well well

look who decided to finally show up. hey it's me the slacker. ok let's do a little catch up.
I dont do my beloved bootcamp anymore. why? cuz Jose only left the country! so that also meant i had no one on one personal training. So no good workout since like the beginning of June. Shame on you! Shame!!! I've gone on a few jogs.. done some ab stuff. Nothing as good as bootcamp. So..since my fat is taking over my muscles, i've joined another gym. It's a crossfit, and i'm going (most of the time hopefully) with my dear friend MA. Sorry Narine, you're out! haha i kid. I wish i could still do bootcamp with narine too. but it is not possible at this time. so this one is a bit more hardcore and a bit more intimate. it's slightly different from jose's camp. There is a nutritional aspect of it and i know they will try and push (good god.. not the word..) PALEO on me. shah, i don't hate it that much. maybe i just hate that its a new fad.. come on it is. just like the zone and all that. but i do understand how it works and why it works. I could live most of my life that way but there are things i wont give up forever. sorry cavemen.

ok. now back to reality here.


  • banana blueberry smoothie
  • coffee with cream. trying to nix the sugar at lease
  • Iced soy coffee half sweet from starfucks. meh.
  • some almonds
  • strawberries
  • homemade peanut sauce chicken thighs with peas, bok choy and spinach. good shit. sometimes i wanted to gag on the chickeny ness of it, but it was tasty nonetheless
  • iced herbal tea with honey. it was refreshing.
  • some of those flat breads, you know the long ones. i forget the brand
  • homemade lean hamburgers / no bun / spinach / asparagus / red pepper / half a pickle / gruyere cheese / a few garlic stuffed olives
  • soda water with a small splash of tropical fruit juice and lemon juice. fail. good tho.
  • corn on the cob, bitch!! with butter and s/p. so what.

so i'm pretty good with cutting out carbs oh shit i just remembered after dinner i had a rice cake with pb and raspberries. i dunno why, just did.

so, thats it folks. i'll keep up with this shit. maybe i'll get creative like reen and add some pics. it makes it more interesting thats for sure. hey narine i hate that tutu guy. like, i cant tell if he's fake crazy, just annoying, or real crazy. that is all. he cant have a job. theres no way. well he probably has some odd job like a novel reader or some sort of weird collector of tap shoes or some shit. thats it byeeeeeee

Sunday, June 5, 2011


yes i am a zombie.
no i'm not. but helloooo here i am! I haven't been updating my food sitch much, so you should know i've gained 15lbs because of it. nah just kidding. I look the friggen same. I am absolutely not catching up, all I can do is move forward from here.
Last night I drank and got drunk with my friends. a bazillion calories there. ok maybe not, it was all vodka soders. and then when we got home i ate three slices of pizza and hit the sack. I was hungry and it was good. Suck it up sister. This morning we went out for breakfast and I had 3 eggs, slices of bacon, some rye bread and coffee.


  • rice crackers. greek yogurt. like a few dips.

went for a walk to the g-store. bought some fresh buns for the lezby burgers were gonna have for dinner (veggie burgs). Also picked up two big racks of ribs. They were 5 bucks each, guy!! Next time I will slow cook the shit out of those bad boys and they will be amazeballs.

  • 1 home made mojito a la james. good shit. did i need that? hell no. 
  • 1 vag burg. it was good. low fat, but ya know what, meat is better. because i know it is meat and not a mash up of soy this soy that blablabla. cheese/pickles/tomatoes were on that mofo
  • sweet potatoes.

Dessert (yea thats right)
  • teeny tiger tail ice cream. from the freezer. ok thank god that tub is gone.

Now i am chugging some delicious cold water and goon watch The Killing at 10. it;s a good show, Reen. watch it.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


It's dumb that it's spelled Wednesday anyway.

  • 2 rice cakes, peanut butter and honey
  • 1/2 cup crappy decaf. Wasn't even good.

  • I had a coffee at work. Listen, it was on MY OWN TERMS, not out of addiction. Let's hope I don't start getting headaches again.

  • Spinach salad w/tuna, tomato, pepper, goat cheese.

  • 1 Bernana, 1 apple.

Workout tonight. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bla bloo bla bla

and now it's Tuesday. I'm not going to bother filling your eyeballs with all that I ate this weekend. Let's just say there was a cottage involved. Beer. Chips. Sausage. Bacon and Eggs. Typical cottage shit. So, back on track startinnnnnnng NOW.


  • 2 scrambled eggs, 1/2 cup shitty decaf coffee. Pointless. PS I'm over coffee. I don't crave it to much. PPS, McDonalds decaf is THE BOMB.

Morning Snack:
  • 1 bernana.

  • Small cup of home made rice and peas. Brown rice. Jamaican styles. It's made with beans (like kidney) rice, coconut milk, onions, garlic and thyme. Needed more zing.

  • Honey and nut/seed bar. Yum. Datoo!

Workout: upper body. My face, mostly because my knee bothers me when I work my legs. It clicks/crunches. Also my hip/leg joint pops when I do leg raises. No like.

  • Salad w/tuna, tomato, rice crackers, goat cheese, red pepper & Newmans own vinaigrette. They were 2/$5.00! crazy.
Fuggun snack: Ketchup chips. Just a small bowl! faaack.

That's it. Time to update Mishkebob.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday, sometimes known as Friday

Thank fark its Thursday.

  • 2 rice cakes, PB/strawberries
  • DECAF coffee with cream and rice syrup. Tasted like diluted coffee. Not good.

  • 1/2 gingerbread cookie. sigh.
  • coupla almonds

  • going to Loudawgs to meet a friend. Pulled meat sandwiches. Mama likes.

tonight bootcamp. Not bailing. I said, NOT BAILING.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesday disguised as Thursday

I love Wednesdays like these. Tonight I can't wait to watch Modern Family and hopefull enjoy a meal with ma man since he's been working late nights. I hate the rain because it makes me too hermitty but I love to sit on the couch and veg when it's shit outside. Watch my fave shows, surf the net. you know, the uje.

My sleep was ok. Took me a bit of a while to fall asleep but pretty much slept the whole night.

  • 2 eggs, scrambled. 2 giant strawberries.
  • water.

  • like, a TENTH of a chocolate cookie from Tim Hortons. No joke. it was amazing.
  • rice cake w/PB and strawberry. Extra strawberry on the side. (I'm all about berries these days)
  • lil bit of almonds.

  • Leftover stew w/brown rice in it. There probably isnt any meat in it, most likely just broth, onions and a few carrots.
  • spinach salad w/egg/red pepper/walnuts/vinaigrette - a smaller salad than normal.

This aft... not sure what I'll snack on, but i know i'll get hungry because I always am anyway.

fffuuuh you dont even wanna know about my ribs ordeal. Fine, here.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

aight. Tuesday, let's do this.

I have a headache. Caffeine bullshit STILL? is this possible? fuhmuluh. It may be that, or ir may be something I ate at lunch...cuz it's only come along after lunch. There was probably sugar in the salad dressing I had...anyway

I went to bed way too late last night, I was grumpy, groggy and tired this morning. When turtle doesn't get the sleep she needs, turtle is a crab. Not a carb. Fact. I can't wait to hit the hay tonight I tells ya.

  • rice slop/almond milk/fresh berries
  • water

  • 9:30am: rice cake, PB and raspberries
  • some almonds
  • 1130am: nother rice cake/pb/raspberries

  • grilled chicken/veggie salad. 
  • Some bread and hummus/babaganoush/eggplant shit

Now: drinking a Vanilla Rooibos Tazo tea latte - soy milk. it's not that great actually.

Gym tonight. Happy about that. Perhaps it will help me to sleep well. Hollerrr. I will prob have a protein smoothie after le workout.

Worked out - mostly upper body but there was jumping involved. Skipping rope which I suck at (find the tall awkward cantskip girl) and some burpees with weights. Yea that's right. But I think I'm getting better at stupid burpees. HATE.

  • protein smoothie when I got home (then had a nice shower, had to wash ma hurrr)
  • spinach salad w/egg/tomato/goat cheese/crutons/lemon vinaigrette. delicious.

So, today wasn't that bad aside from the sweet dressing at lunch and the bread. Ain't nobody perfect aight!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Mundain May 16, 2011.

do i want to go to hard bootcamp tonight? no. Will i? i dont know.

kay. Breakfast:
  • rice cereal slop/almond milk/fresh strawberries/maple syrup/cinnamon

  • half a small piece of home made banana bread. Ok, so I wanted to be back on track with my clean eating this week, but maybe I should focus on cutting out one vice at a time. Caffeine being the main one. Because after I was eating the banana bread - which was delicious - not only was i thinking of the goddam flour that was used, i was thinking of the effing sugar. Ugh. I'll go crazy with this you know.
  • Just ate a few almonds.
  • nother snack - apple with peanut butter. we all know i love PB.

Lunch (will be..):
  • spinach salad, 1 egg, walnuts, half a tomato and a bit of red peppers.
  • lemon vinaigrette - home made obv.
  • fine. I had a handfull of BBQ chips. Sue me.
  • some chips. FAIL.
  • an orange. WIN.
  • some hickory sticks. FAIL.
  • some pineapple. WIN.

Guess I should go to hell bootcamp. le sigh.

Well i didn't go cuz i didn't goddam want to.


  • 2 rice crackers and PB. 
  • brown rice and leftover stew. good shit.
  • rice cake w/PB and raspberries. ok i need to ease up on the PB.

I resisted the urge to drink wine. That is all. Favourite bootcamp tomorrow. Awessss.

    Sunday, May 15, 2011


    Fuh, Monday tomorrow. UGGHH.


    • Rice cereal slop w/almond milk/blueberries/maple syrup/cinnamon
    • green tea (caf free) ginger and maple syrup (looks like I'm all over the maple syrup these days huh.)

    • Leftover indian food. ya so?

    • Lays kettle cooked ketchup chips - oooooooohmygod so good. 
    • Small glass of Pinot. tee-hee, it's Sunday! and apparently all I wanna do is eat.
    Later Snack:
    • Fudge babies - google that shit if you don't know what that is.

    • Leftover stew.
    • celery stick w/goat cheese

    • 2 enormous strawberries

    No exercise today, it was raining out. I WAS going to go for a run if the weather was nice, but it wasn't ok? Maybe I'll go to that stupid bootcamp tomorrow night. Ok its not stupid, it's just fackin hard, m'kay?

    BUT I've already prepared my lunch for tomorrow - spinach salad w/egg/veggies. Surprise surprise! Will I get harassed for having a good mom lunch again tomorrow? we'll see.

    Saturday, May 14, 2011

    It's the Freakin Weekend

    Ok so last night we ate friggen indian food and I felt like shit all night. Heartburn kinda. That shit just sits in my stomach. Not a good thing to eat too late.

    So, you'll be happy to learn I've just come in from a run. 5k. Usual. It was nice out, felt springy.. I love running in the summer, I love the smells, the flowers.... Everything. It was kind of muggy today actually. Not complaining though. Much better than cold rain garbage. I'm glad I went, I feel good and ready for the day. Got some cleaning to do and prepping for dinner. Having some family over, thinking of making pasta with meatballs. Home made of course. Probably a salad too.


    • Protein smoothie - mixed berries, fresh squeezed OJ (from one orange), whey protein powder and almond milk. Oh, and some flax seeds. I'm back, baby.

    This afternoon will consist of chores, a trip to the G-store or know what, I make a kickass stew, maybe I'll do that. Hey Narine, if you want an amazingballs recipe for beef stew, check Chef Michael Smith's recipe. I go by that pretty much-you don't HAVE to use beef short ribs, you can just use stewing beef, it's cheaper. All his recipes rule.

    Anyhoo, I'll let ya know how the dinner turns out, what I end up making, ok?

    whoakay, so I went shopping for groceries, made stew for dinner.


    • Some chips, various kinds. Not an obscene amount.
    • Beef stew over mashed potatoes - the mashed potatoes were made in the typical way - with butter, cream and sour cream. not too much of that stuff though
    • bit of a baguette
    • few glasses of wine, maybe four.
    • coupla fudge babies - MA, I got this idea from you! mmmmmm, guiltless, yet cocoa=caffeine. Not a lot of caffeine, but still present. I bought carob powder to use instead but I didn't want to force that upon my family, besides, it doesn't really taste like cocoa anyway. I think it tastes like burnt sugar or burnt marshmallows. 
    Still haven't had a cup of coffee since last Sunday. One week coffee free. Keep in mind I will drink coffee eventually, but like I said, on MY terms. Not cuz I NEED one. It will be cuz I feel like one. I don't miss the crash coffee gives me, that's for sure.

    So, Saturday was a clean/family day. I scrubbed the SHIT outta my counters, with Clorox guy. Felt good but made my hands dry. Anyhoo... bye.

    Friday, May 13, 2011

    Fry Day

    Thank hell its Friday. I should be working on something right now but I'll just do a quickie post here.
    went to bootcamp last night. Sweat alot. Considering going to the military hated bootcamp tonight. ugh. We'll see.

    • rice cereal, almond milk, froz blueberries, maple syrup
    • green tea w/ginger and maple syrup. just a bit!

    • a pear
    • some walnuts/almonds

    • I've become a pro at making a whatever mashup in the frying pan. I was starving after the gym last night and wanted to just down a smoothie but felt it would be better to eat real food and have leftovers for lunch. So, I made some lentils, flavoured them with some spices, fried them up with some onions and red peppers. This was my lunch today, with some leftover sweetpotatoes. I am the leftover mashup queen, let me tell you.
    my coworkers were eating crap right beside me... McShittys...a bag of Munchies... I remained strong. Another one opened a bag of hickory sticks right beside me at my desk. the bag is still here. I kind of want some but not too bad. Should I go to bootcamp? or takeiteees?

    Ok, so I may have had a BIT of snackage at the meeting styles. I had two glasses of wine. One red, one white. I didn't enjoy them much and the white tasted SUPER strong. I ate mostly trail mix, like two doritos, two massive strawberries and a good handful of hickory sticks. Kill me why dontcha. We just ordered indian for dinner. I don't think it's creamy, just a curry with rice and stuff. Meh. I will run tomorrow if its not raining. Whatever. My scale said i was down a pound or few this morning, but, of course its up EOD. Bah.

    Thursday, May 12, 2011


    and in Narine's words, practically the weekend.

    Bootcamp tonight. GOOD. My abs still hurt from Tuesday. Good sign I reckon.

    • a big glass of water. I wake up thirsty these days and I always have to pee really bad at like 5am. ugh.
    • 2 eggs, scrambled. No butter, just sunflower oil
    • 3 strawberries

    For a snack imma have an apple with PB. I f-word LOVE peanut butter. All natural of course.

    Lunch will be leftovers from last night. BBQ chicken spinach salad, threw some sweet potates in the mix. Yum. prob get crazy and add some walnuts.


    I had the day off today. Spent most of it at my gramma's nursing home. No one like nursing homes, I wish we were rich and could afford a home nurse for her at her own home. This makes me sad. BUT we did have a nice visit with her, she seems to be doing well (considering) and we took her on a nice walk (roll) to Dairy Queen. She got some new wheels, so it wasn't too hard rollin her up to the DQ. My cousin did all the pushing, I was way too nervous or that. I was having visions of gramma either falling out of the chair, or us losing control of it and it rolling away into traffic. Yes, this is my mind. But I held  my nephew's hand as we walked, so I did serve a purpose on the adventure. Everyone got ice cream. I didn't. I remained strong in my own promise, and it only makes me look forward to my next indulgence, because I feel I'll deserve it.

    So, here goes:


    • rice style cereal, it's like a porridge made from brown rice. Easy to digest, no gas later. I put some almond milk and fresh berries on that shit. And a drizzle of maple syrup and cinnamon. GOOD.

    • Pear and fennel salad, with a cider vinaigrette, bit of rice syrup. It wasn't that good. I blame the cider vinegar. This salad tastes better with rice vinegar.

    I stuffed an apple and an orange in my bag and headed to the nursing home. Ate the orange there.

    When I got home, I had plenty of time to go to my hardcore bootcamp, but I was soo lethargic - prob from the caffeine bullshit - that I just had no desire to go. I'm sure it would have been fun too, since it was nice out. Oh well. I ate an apple with PB and a few rice crackers.

    • BBQ'd chicken with spinach salad and sweet potatoes. SOO good. I needed that dose of protein. FUUUCK vegan styles. I can live without dairy/sugar/caffeine/wheat every day but I needs me my meat and eggs. Sor-reeeeee!
    • Soda water with lemon.

    I'm proud I didn;t give in to ANY temptations this week so far. At the work function, or at DQ. Normally I'd be like, screw this I want some. Nope. sticking to my word this time. Now that I'm off coffee, I don't NEED it every morning anymore. So far anyway. I do enjoy coffee, so I will have some eventually, but maybe I'll stick to decaf soy latte's when I'm clear of the addiction. Onwards and upwards.

    Tuesday, May 10, 2011

    May day may day

    I'm forcing summer now. Today I am wearing short pants, deck shoes and an airy blouse. I'm cold but I won't be once I am in the sun.

    • 2 rice cakes w/pb fresh raspberries/blueberries and a bit of honey
    • detox licorice tea - tastes like shit. I miss coffee. SIGH.

    • handful raw almonds, handful raw walnuts
    • bit of kale

    • leftover grilled veggies from the barbie - red peppers and mushrooms. 
    • baked kale.

    I've got a banana and an apple for later. FML. I was researching decaf soy lattes from Starbucks. There is caffeine in them still, waaaaaay less than a regular coffee, but still present. I was close to getting one but I couldnt find online what type of soy milk they use. If it is unsweetened I may get one. BUT I want to defeat the caffeine demon. I will drink coffee again but I want to drink it on MY terms, not my addiction's terms. AIGHT!?

    the withdrawal is less painful today. I am a bit tired still, and slightly hazy, but not as bad as yesterday. I soooooo want a coffee. Mainly because I can't have one.

    Anyway, Jose bootcamp tonight, looking forward to releasing some anxiety.

    Peace out

    Post workout:

    • protein smoothie - just mixed berries, honey, almond milk, why powder
    • 1 rice cake, 3 strawberries, honey
    • few rice crackers

    Caffeine headache seems to be gone at the moment. Thinking about what to have for lunch tomorrow
    I'm thinkin a ... wait a second i'm not working tomorrow! sweet.

    Monday, May 9, 2011

    holy no posts!

    Ooookaaay, so I haven't posted in a week. Shoot me! I'll try and sum up the week without too much detail...

    Tuesday I went to Jose's bootcamp as per use. Good shit, loves me my workouts now. Wednesday had a one on one training session with him, kicked my ass, felt good. Thursday we were supposed to have a work do in the evening but it got cancelled. So since it was so lovely out, we drank anyway. I had 2 or three pints of beer (BAD!) and like two glasses of wine later. Meh. Felt like shit on Friday of course, and I ate poorly on Friday. Not poutine style poorly, but falafel and some chips later. But not too many chips cuz I went to this other bootcamp which was fucking crazy. Run by this military dude who makes us do jumping jacks and shit. I hated my life but I am definitely going back.

    Weekend was bad too. Sushi, nachos (made at home) then a Mothers day meal which consisted of roast beef sandwich fries... i don't even want to talk about it. But basically this lead me to a new challenge:
    for the next five days, I will not consume ANY of the following...

    1. Caffeine - let me tell you, the withdrawal from this right now is not pleasant. I had no idea i was addicted to coffee. I have a hazy headache, I was feeling nauseous earlier and almost fevery. I will not give in.

    2. Sugar - in any way shape or form. I have rice syrup and honey. That is all I will use to sweeten anything.

    3. Wheat/gluten - I don't NEED this in my life, I'm okay without it on most days.

    4. Alcohol - I don't reeeeeally drink it daily, usually once a week.

    5. Dairy - no milk, cream, cheese... NONE. so far so good. (day 1)

    What I planned on doing was a vegan style thing this week, but I'm not sure if I will not eat any meat. I was challenged at a work function tonight (that was supposed to happen last week) everyone was drinking beer etc, there were delicious wings for everyone, nachos, POUTINE... omg but I wasn't dying. I was more bored that I couldn't have a brew. I ate a carrot stick and a celery stick. I dipped it in guacamole. That is all. And a soda water. OK I really wanted some wings, but I was strong and resisted temptation. I asked my colleague to just smear some wing sauce on my plate, or give me his bones so I don't look like a loser anorexic by not eating. He did not comply. But I managed to not get harassed for being a bird eater.

    Day 1 challenge, DOWN.

    I ate mostly fruits/veggies/nuts and legumes today. Fact. And this detox tea that tastes like liquorice. Maybe I'll have one now actually. Turrah.

    Monday, May 2, 2011

    fuggin monday May 2


    • quinoa with blueberries cream cinnamon and maple syrup. I would normally put some almond breeze in that shit but we out.

    • Hard boiled egg w/salt n pepa
    • 3 boring dry crackers.'
    • oh and half of a stupid crappy fake banana muffin. FAILING.
    I WANT MORE FOOD I am irritable as hell today even when blogger tells me I've spelled things wrong I get mad!

    • Leftover lentil/quinoa/meatballs from last night.
    AND THEN I had 1.5 cookies from Treats. Yes. I was raging today and the only thing to cure that was some chocolate.
    Oh, I just ate 3 Twizzlers.


      Sunday May 1 - 10K Race Day!

      I woke up at 5.30am.

      • Had some oatmeal with frozen blueberries, cinnamon, bit of cream and maple syrup.
      • Water

      Ran 10km in the Sporting Life 10k. Took me 1:13. Not bad for my first 10k EVAR. Since I was famished and exhausted I ate a rediculous "brunch"

      • Turkey club sandwich on an onion bun. The usual club stuff on it.
      • FRIES.
      • 2 coffees. Yep.

      Went home, had a nice long hot bath then had a wonderful 4 hour couch nap. It was glorious.

      • Lentils
      • Quinoa with peppers, onions and home made meat balls made from extra lean ground beef
      • one glass of red wine

      • pop corn made on the stove with some brown sugar and butter. LIGHTLY seasoned ok???!

      Saturday April 30

      I did nothing last night. Today I have to go pick up my run kit for tomorrows race. 10k all the way baby.

      • Omelet with peppers/onions/goat cheese, some salsa, hot sauce
      • coffee. uje

      • Tall americano with cream/sugar from Starfucks
      • Lemon and cranberry scone. SOOO good. Don't care.
      • small sample CLIFF bar from my run kit.

      • giant artichoke, home made vinaigrette.

      • Spinach rice pasta w/chicken sausage, olive oil/lemon tossed with it. Parmesan cheese.
      • Oasis fruit drink with soda water
      That's all I can remember for now... I am writing this on Monday. Today is Monday.

      Friday, April 29, 2011

      FRIDAY April 29

      You know what I like? Dried apple bits. And Fridays.

      • protein smoothie - banana/strawberries, few blobs of Greek yogurt
      • one rice cake with PB and Jam. mmm.

      • Tall Americano with cream/raw sugar. Yea caffeine weening fail.
      • Some trail mix stuff - dried fruits/nuts.

      • Leftover stirfry from last night.
      • half a mug of beer. mug = coffee mug. what?
      • 6 cheesies
      • a quarter of a chocolate cake (muffin sized)

      I am on the verge of failing all day today. There is a bag of cheesies over there that I plan on grazing on all afternoon. Also, I will have some wine at the meeting. You can just shut your face.

      Afternoon munching consisted of chips cheesies wine and crackers. AAAND some chocolate covered almonds. FFHUUUUHHH.

      Now I just boiled some artichokes and i cant wait to eat them. MMMMMMM.

      But I did deny some ribs and fries for dinner. GO ME!

      I ate the giant artichoke with some home made vinaigrette. It was yummy, but not necessary.

        Thursday, April 28, 2011

        Thursday April 28

        • Protein smoothie - small banana, froz strawberries/blueberries, whey powder, probiotic vanilla yogurt.

        Please note my glutes are still kinda hurting from Tuesday's workout. Good sign?

        Morning Snack:
        • 1 Hard boiled egg dipped in some roasted red pepper sauce
        • half of a low fat apple muffin from Starbucks. Gluten-free lifestyle trial FAIL.
        • Decaf green tea - plain. Weening myself off the additional cups of coffee throughout the day.

        • Salad w/hard boiled egg (loves me my eggs) half an avocado, half a tomato. need to find dressing.
        • will probably need more food.
        Bootcamp tonight. Thinking it will be upper body. Gonna kill it! And you know what? I don't want another goddam smoothie for dinner! fuck that! This is all so frustrating. Eat too much: get fat. Eat too little: store fat. WTF am I supposed to do here? I know there is the "eat for your metabolic type" thing, I understand our ancestors ate according to the sun and all that shit. But hey guess what, my ancestors are from France and the UK and all those bastards eat is fucking baguettes cheese potatoes and wine! ok that's a bit racist or whatever, but its true. They like their butter, they like their quality meats and cheeses.. so, gimme a break here. EVERYONE's ancestors were cavemen and therefore we should all be eating like cavemen. But you should probably know, my family most likely goes back to beginning of time because we like to carry fat around and we probably survived all the goddam ice ages and starvation times because of the genetic fatness. So, people who are naturally thin..? yea you over there? you are not ancient like me and my people. you are of the new human race therefore your genes are the ones that are fucked, not mine. So, enjoy your burgers and fries, your insides look like shit, at least I can see the fat I store. Yours is all around your organs waiting to stop your heart.

        Whoa, I'm mad.

        • Just had a chai tea with some soy milk in it. Laaaame.
        • and 5 crackers. I need more food.

        Here we go.
        • Just ate 70% of a raisin tea biscuit from Tim Hortons.
        • 1 Timbit.
        • ...
        • 5 Tortilla Chips.
        now i am gearing up for bootycamp. holllaaa


        • only the best stir fry evaaar! - all veggies, some water chestnuts, soy sauce, peanut butter, bit of honey, bit of vinegar, ceyenne pepper
        • lentils 
        My dinner was amazing. It was hot and delicious. Ok i had a handful of trail mix type shit while i was cooking cuz i was starvin marvin.

        PS I am listening to Best Coast right now. Totally forgot how much I love this album.

        Wednesday, April 27, 2011

        Wednesday April 27

        Well well well... look who decided to finally show up, WEDNESDAY!

        Had a hard time falling asleep (no surprise here) and a hard time waking up (also no surprise)

        • 2 eggs, scrambled. Both yolks this time. Don't care.
        • some goat cheese sprinkled on that shit.

        Walked like, 1km or so. To and from City Hall. So far I've had a tea and a coffee.

        • Beef brisket sandwich on an onion bun. Horseradish and mayo on it. 
        • Side greek salad.

        I was craving this type of sandwich since.. last night. Satisfied it. I'm good now for a while. Back to not really eating bread as of... nnnnnnow.

        Fine, I just ate two squares of a ridor sport, (chocolate) if you MUST know. sigh.

        Dinner will most likely be a salad or a protein shake. Or both.

        IF IT IS NOT RAINING I will run tonight. Prob 6k. Maybe more. The 10k race is on Sunday. So what who cares.

        Great. now I have to tell you that I just ate a handful of ketchup chips. THIS, my friends, is my weakness. And no, I won't say no to ketchup chips because they are my absolute favourite and if I die tomorrow at least I ate ketchup chips on my last day on earth. hooray validation!

        • Protein smoothie - frozen blueberries, whey protein powder and some probiotic yogurt. vanilla.
        • salad - one hard boiled egg, half an avocado, goat cheese, half a tomato, raw pumpkin seeds olive oil/cider vinaigrette (home made) some rice crackers.
        Sleep was ok, took a bit to fall asleep but oh well.

        Tuesday, April 26, 2011

        Tuesday April 26

        I have no special intro today..
        oh wait, how's this... Let's just always assume that I have a coffee with cream and sugar with my breakfast, that way I don't have to say it every day, yes?
        Ok, onwards..


        • scrambled eggs (2 egg whites, 1 yolk) bit of goat cheese
        • one rice cake and half a small avocado smooshed on w/lemon juice on it. S&P

          Morning snack:
          • the other half of the avocado with some lemon juice, S&P

            • taco salad - with lean turkey meat, leftovers from last night.
            • 2 SMALL cadbury caramilk eggs. whaddayawant from meeeeeeeee!

              Afternoon Snack:
              • 1 crappy orange
              • a bite of my friend's corned beef sandwich. It was really good.
              • 5 crackers. kinda like Ritz but more fancy.

              6pm BOOTCAMP 45 minutes, focused on legs/core.

              • protein smoothie - one banana/frozen strawberries/probiotic vanilla yogurt/water/whey protein powder
              • 6 rice crackers, some goat cheese and 2 pickles. Wait, 3 pickles. *munch munch*

              Now I am going to shower and maybe have some more food when I'm done.

              peace out

              I'm back. Turns out I had a rice cake with peanut butter, honey and some carob chips. Shoot me!

              Monday, April 25, 2011

              Monday April 25

              Tired. Weird dreams.

              • Coffee w/cream and sugar
              • 2 plain rice cakes with pb and jam
              Off to work I go.

              Morning snack:

              • Coffee w/cream and sugar. Whoa.
              • leftover thai chicken green curry/coconut (brown) rice/spinach
              • 1 orange
              • 1/3 of a nut bar. Natural. It was gross so i threw the rest out
              • 2 SMALL cadbury creme eggs
              • tea with milk/bit of sugar
              • "taco" salad: ground extra lean turkey, taco seasoning, mixed greens, red pepper, bit of cheese, blob of greek yogurt, salsa, hot sauce, plain rice crackers. It was mostly greens ok?
              • 1 banana/ice/almond milk/cocoa powder smoothie. (dessert I guess)
              That be all. No I did not drink enough water today.

              Sunday, April 24, 2011

              Sunday April 24

              Good Day. It is gloomy out. What else is new. Yes I know it was nice out yesterday but that is not enough for this cat.


              • Protein infused smoothie. Contained half a banana, some frozen strawberries and a few tablespoons of vanilla probiotic yogurt. Water. The protein powder is this. The first one on the page. (I hate these body building sites, they're super tacky and way too mannish all the time.)
              • A plain rice cake with all-natural* peanut butter. *I always use all natural nut butters so I won't say "all natural" anymore.
              I am about to go for a 5 or 6k run. I have no real excuse not to go. I've had a case of the lazies since Friday so I better burn SOME calories ferpeetsake.

              When I get back I plan on having some cucumbers with cheese. Maybe a hard boiled egg. Then making green curry for dinner. With chicken thighs. Probably no rice. We'll see. Ok fine maybe some brown rice.

              Peace out.

              Hey I'm back. I ran 6k. F'real.

              My lunch:

              • bout half a cucumber, some goat cheese and two hard boiled eggs. 
              • 2 rice crackers
              • some sweet/spicy sauce to dip the eggs in
              Like I said, dinner will be home made thai green curry. When I say "home made" I mean this:

              It's good shit. I may or may not make my rice in coconut milk. Kinda fatty fatty two by four, but good fats, n'est pas?

              K. Taa for now. 

              Back again. Ok after my curry with brown rice and spinach, we went to get ice cream. You heard correctly. And not just "some" ice cream, only the two largest scoops of ice cream I've ever had! It took me a kilometer to eat it. Walking. So we walked 2k to get the ice cream in total. Probably burned off a bite of that shit. Anyway, onwards and upwards.

              Saturday, April 23, 2011

              Saturday April 27, 2011.

              Yes, it is totally not the 27th.

              I was going to go for a run but it is raining and I hate running in the rain. I have a treadmill but that is even worse than running in the rain.

              2 plain rice cakes with an (small) avocado smooshed on them. Squeeze of lemon juice. Salt and Pepper
              Mug of coffee (some 5% cream and one teaspoon of sugar)

              I'll be going to my brothers for dinner which means I'll be eating some sort of meat and other delicious things. Will get back to you later.


              Ok back with the results of the rest of the day..

              Cheddar Cheese bagel with butter from Tim Hortons (ok rarely do I ever get this and I've never had it before even)
              Coffee with cream and sugar

              Onto Brother's feast at his place.

              Some chips and Dip. What.
              Can of light beer. A tall can but not the whole thing. SIGH.
              2 Chocolate eggs. The small ones.
              Home made Hamburger. On a bun with stuff on it. Usual type stuff, no cheese.
              Sweet potatoes - prepared in an unhealthy way
              Stuffing, like two scoops
              Snap peas - also prepared slightly unhealthy - butter was involved
              Salad. Frigging Kraft vinaigrette dressing.

              Dessert (yea that's right)
              Small piece of cherry pie and vanilla ice cream.
              Coffee. Again.

              F-U weekend.

              Oh yea, I just ate like 9 Hot Tamales. Big whoop.

              So if my calculations are correct, I consumed about a zillion calories today and a thousand grams of fat.

              Good Friday

              This day kind of doesn't count because I was sort of hungover. Well not sort of.

              Breakfast: (at the Green Eggplant in the Beaches)
              Eggs Benedict. - 2 poached eggs on an english muffin, peameal bacon, homefries. Bad.
              Coffee x 3 - the guy kept filling my cup.
              Orange juice
              1 strawberry
              piece of pineapple

              Ketchup Chips. Not a whole big bag, but enough. I KNOW.
              Some Hot Tamales. (candy) - keep in mind the hangover.
              These things are my guilty pleasures. Some of them I guess.

              Bowl of Mexican rice. Probably a cup or so. With a blob of greek yogurt and some cheese. Hot sauce.

              1 can of beer.


              I sat on the couch or in my bed all day. It was a write off. Please note I don't normally do this type of thing. I am actually quite concerned about what I consume on a daily basis.