Saturday, May 14, 2011

It's the Freakin Weekend

Ok so last night we ate friggen indian food and I felt like shit all night. Heartburn kinda. That shit just sits in my stomach. Not a good thing to eat too late.

So, you'll be happy to learn I've just come in from a run. 5k. Usual. It was nice out, felt springy.. I love running in the summer, I love the smells, the flowers.... Everything. It was kind of muggy today actually. Not complaining though. Much better than cold rain garbage. I'm glad I went, I feel good and ready for the day. Got some cleaning to do and prepping for dinner. Having some family over, thinking of making pasta with meatballs. Home made of course. Probably a salad too.


  • Protein smoothie - mixed berries, fresh squeezed OJ (from one orange), whey protein powder and almond milk. Oh, and some flax seeds. I'm back, baby.

This afternoon will consist of chores, a trip to the G-store or know what, I make a kickass stew, maybe I'll do that. Hey Narine, if you want an amazingballs recipe for beef stew, check Chef Michael Smith's recipe. I go by that pretty much-you don't HAVE to use beef short ribs, you can just use stewing beef, it's cheaper. All his recipes rule.

Anyhoo, I'll let ya know how the dinner turns out, what I end up making, ok?

whoakay, so I went shopping for groceries, made stew for dinner.


  • Some chips, various kinds. Not an obscene amount.
  • Beef stew over mashed potatoes - the mashed potatoes were made in the typical way - with butter, cream and sour cream. not too much of that stuff though
  • bit of a baguette
  • few glasses of wine, maybe four.
  • coupla fudge babies - MA, I got this idea from you! mmmmmm, guiltless, yet cocoa=caffeine. Not a lot of caffeine, but still present. I bought carob powder to use instead but I didn't want to force that upon my family, besides, it doesn't really taste like cocoa anyway. I think it tastes like burnt sugar or burnt marshmallows. 
Still haven't had a cup of coffee since last Sunday. One week coffee free. Keep in mind I will drink coffee eventually, but like I said, on MY terms. Not cuz I NEED one. It will be cuz I feel like one. I don't miss the crash coffee gives me, that's for sure.

So, Saturday was a clean/family day. I scrubbed the SHIT outta my counters, with Clorox guy. Felt good but made my hands dry. Anyhoo... bye.

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