Monday, May 16, 2011

Mundain May 16, 2011.

do i want to go to hard bootcamp tonight? no. Will i? i dont know.

kay. Breakfast:
  • rice cereal slop/almond milk/fresh strawberries/maple syrup/cinnamon

  • half a small piece of home made banana bread. Ok, so I wanted to be back on track with my clean eating this week, but maybe I should focus on cutting out one vice at a time. Caffeine being the main one. Because after I was eating the banana bread - which was delicious - not only was i thinking of the goddam flour that was used, i was thinking of the effing sugar. Ugh. I'll go crazy with this you know.
  • Just ate a few almonds.
  • nother snack - apple with peanut butter. we all know i love PB.

Lunch (will be..):
  • spinach salad, 1 egg, walnuts, half a tomato and a bit of red peppers.
  • lemon vinaigrette - home made obv.
  • fine. I had a handfull of BBQ chips. Sue me.
  • some chips. FAIL.
  • an orange. WIN.
  • some hickory sticks. FAIL.
  • some pineapple. WIN.

Guess I should go to hell bootcamp. le sigh.

Well i didn't go cuz i didn't goddam want to.


  • 2 rice crackers and PB. 
  • brown rice and leftover stew. good shit.
  • rice cake w/PB and raspberries. ok i need to ease up on the PB.

I resisted the urge to drink wine. That is all. Favourite bootcamp tomorrow. Awessss.

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