Sunday, May 15, 2011


Fuh, Monday tomorrow. UGGHH.


  • Rice cereal slop w/almond milk/blueberries/maple syrup/cinnamon
  • green tea (caf free) ginger and maple syrup (looks like I'm all over the maple syrup these days huh.)

  • Leftover indian food. ya so?

  • Lays kettle cooked ketchup chips - oooooooohmygod so good. 
  • Small glass of Pinot. tee-hee, it's Sunday! and apparently all I wanna do is eat.
Later Snack:
  • Fudge babies - google that shit if you don't know what that is.

  • Leftover stew.
  • celery stick w/goat cheese

  • 2 enormous strawberries

No exercise today, it was raining out. I WAS going to go for a run if the weather was nice, but it wasn't ok? Maybe I'll go to that stupid bootcamp tomorrow night. Ok its not stupid, it's just fackin hard, m'kay?

BUT I've already prepared my lunch for tomorrow - spinach salad w/egg/veggies. Surprise surprise! Will I get harassed for having a good mom lunch again tomorrow? we'll see.

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