Friday, May 13, 2011

Fry Day

Thank hell its Friday. I should be working on something right now but I'll just do a quickie post here.
went to bootcamp last night. Sweat alot. Considering going to the military hated bootcamp tonight. ugh. We'll see.

  • rice cereal, almond milk, froz blueberries, maple syrup
  • green tea w/ginger and maple syrup. just a bit!

  • a pear
  • some walnuts/almonds

  • I've become a pro at making a whatever mashup in the frying pan. I was starving after the gym last night and wanted to just down a smoothie but felt it would be better to eat real food and have leftovers for lunch. So, I made some lentils, flavoured them with some spices, fried them up with some onions and red peppers. This was my lunch today, with some leftover sweetpotatoes. I am the leftover mashup queen, let me tell you.
my coworkers were eating crap right beside me... McShittys...a bag of Munchies... I remained strong. Another one opened a bag of hickory sticks right beside me at my desk. the bag is still here. I kind of want some but not too bad. Should I go to bootcamp? or takeiteees?

Ok, so I may have had a BIT of snackage at the meeting styles. I had two glasses of wine. One red, one white. I didn't enjoy them much and the white tasted SUPER strong. I ate mostly trail mix, like two doritos, two massive strawberries and a good handful of hickory sticks. Kill me why dontcha. We just ordered indian for dinner. I don't think it's creamy, just a curry with rice and stuff. Meh. I will run tomorrow if its not raining. Whatever. My scale said i was down a pound or few this morning, but, of course its up EOD. Bah.

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