Tuesday, May 17, 2011

aight. Tuesday, let's do this.

I have a headache. Caffeine bullshit STILL? is this possible? fuhmuluh. It may be that, or ir may be something I ate at lunch...cuz it's only come along after lunch. There was probably sugar in the salad dressing I had...anyway

I went to bed way too late last night, I was grumpy, groggy and tired this morning. When turtle doesn't get the sleep she needs, turtle is a crab. Not a carb. Fact. I can't wait to hit the hay tonight I tells ya.

  • rice slop/almond milk/fresh berries
  • water

  • 9:30am: rice cake, PB and raspberries
  • some almonds
  • 1130am: nother rice cake/pb/raspberries

  • grilled chicken/veggie salad. 
  • Some bread and hummus/babaganoush/eggplant shit

Now: drinking a Vanilla Rooibos Tazo tea latte - soy milk. it's not that great actually.

Gym tonight. Happy about that. Perhaps it will help me to sleep well. Hollerrr. I will prob have a protein smoothie after le workout.

Worked out - mostly upper body but there was jumping involved. Skipping rope which I suck at (find the tall awkward cantskip girl) and some burpees with weights. Yea that's right. But I think I'm getting better at stupid burpees. HATE.

  • protein smoothie when I got home (then had a nice shower, had to wash ma hurrr)
  • spinach salad w/egg/tomato/goat cheese/crutons/lemon vinaigrette. delicious.

So, today wasn't that bad aside from the sweet dressing at lunch and the bread. Ain't nobody perfect aight!

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