Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ciderday! Last one of March.

Bring it, summertime. Bring it.

Sleep was great. Ish. Well I got to sleep in which is magical enough. Ugh I just had a vision of having children and never being able to sleep in again until they can make their own breakfast. Whoa.

I'm glad I worked out last night. I've lazed on the couch allllll morning.

2 egg omelette w/goat cheese, 3 bacon, lots of coffee.

handful walnuts/choc chips. surprise!

Tonight I am going to my friend's for dinner. She is making chicken soft tacos. yum! wine and snacks will be had. And cider. Maybe some dancing.

Evening there was snacking and pasta. Yes, pasta. I was a guest and that's what dinner was. It was delicious. I also ate some salami, cheeses, ace bakery toasties... and i made lara balls. Ate like 5 of them. Eep. Also drank.

Friday, March 30, 2012

TGIF as per.

Sleep was fine.

2 eggs, 3 natural bacon. coffee.

Americano, few mini eggs, few almonds. I'm finding being 100% good is very very difficult. And almost no way to live! fack. I'm a flip flopper.

I feel ok with my body right now, I even feel a bit leaner. I'll be working out tomorrow and once the good weather is here to stay, many more runs.

Lunch I have to buy. Ugh I hate that!

Few mini eggs. Damn you.

chicken breast, veggie salad w/italian dressing. Overpriced fail. Next time Fusaro's.

70% dark chocolate.. Green and Black's. I am aware that just because it says organic doesn't mean its fair game.

Few..and I mean FEW ruffles sour cream n onion.

an apple.

Workout #3..No Metcon. Will not complain. :)

meat muff. broccoli, red pepper spinach etc.

Drinking cider currently. Movie time.

Handful of walnuts and chocolate chips. Note: do not buy chocolate chips and pretend like they'll be used in baking.

TGIF as per.

Sleep was fine.

2 eggs, 3 natural bacon. coffee.

Americano, few mini eggs, few almonds. I'm finding being 100% good is very very difficult. And almost no way to live! fack. I'm a flip flopper.

I feel ok with my body right now, I even feel a bit leaner. I'll be working out tomorrow and once the good weather is here to stay, many more runs.

Lunch I have to buy. Ugh I hate that!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

ok NOW it's surzday.

Sleep was ok again, still woke up tired.

smoothie - 1 banana, frozen blueberries, coconut milk, water, protein powder, vanilla.

Americano, 2 dehydrated flax cracker things w/half an avocado.

Lunch at Hibiscus in Kensington:
Blue cheese and pear Crepe. it was meh and that place is dirty. Not going back.
ginger/squash soup. meh.

I have a headache.

Some Green and Black's 70% dark chocolate.
Few ruffles bbq chips.

1 can cider.
1 meat muffin and spinach salad at 5.30.

sushi later:
spicy tuna roll (6) and wakame salad at 9.15pm.

Won't be doing that again, it didn't agree with my stomach.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Surzday - Tomorrow

Sleep was ok. Got woken up by Jamie in the wee hours of the morning.

2 eggs, spinach, tiny piece of steak. Coffee

At work:
Americano, dehydrated flax thing, peppermint patty

Salmon, greek salad

Apple w/ pb and cinnamon
another pep patty. BAD! I'm off the wagon!

Note to self: Make these or something like them.

meat muffin, 3 zucchini pancakes (savoury/paleo) with yogurt - not paleo. And some sweet potatoes.

Then I had some chocolate chips w/almonds. Sugar/chocolate addiction is back and raging.

Rooibos tea.

OK sleep.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cold-ER today.

Come on, spring, where'd you go?! It's friggin winter coat weather today. FO real.

Slept ok last night. Just went to bed too late.

2 eggs, spinach, 1/4 avocado, salsa, coffee.

At work:
americano, trail mix
2 small peppermint patties, 1 hershey kiss (yikes)

leftover salmon and broccoli.

Organic chocolate spice tea.

Another peppermint patty. Why am I obsessed with these?? I love them.

Crossfit - I'm on a roll. A two day roll haha.

A1. push press 4×3@85%, rest 90sec
A2. chin-ups 4×2-5, rest 2mins
B. Group Metcon
3 rounds for time:
12 thrusters @ 45% push press 1RM
16 ball slams

Meat Muffin, sweet potatoes, 1 tomato, 1/4 avocado

Few chocolate chips  / rooibos tea before bed

Monday, March 26, 2012

Cold today.

Slept ok, I was super tired and had to sleep with a hot water bottle on my pelvis. 2X extra strength Advils did nothing. Nothing!

(didn't wanna get out of bed at all. Sooo tired. damn you lady curse!)
2 eggs, spinach, salsa, coffee

1 cookie. almond kind.

leftover steak and veggies

So I looked at the WOD again.. 4 burpees. I can handle that! haha.. well 16 total.. but better than 60.

I will go.

1 peppermint patty (small kind)
rooibos tea

Saw a tall girl with awesome hair today. Kind of like what I want. Still on the fence about it.

Snack later:
cucumber and trail mix.

pre workout:
these dehydrated flax cracker things I got from Essence of Life in Kensington. New fave spot!

I also bought some whey isolate protein powder. A brand reco'd by Leah and Summer. That'll be my go-to lazy meal replacement. Most likely for breakfasts here and there and post-workout dinner. Sometimes you just don't wanna make food!


A. Back Squat 4×3 @ 90%, rest 3mins - prob be adjusted for my gimpy knee.
B. Group Metcon: 
4 sets:
3mins of: 16 double unders, 8 wall ball, 4 burpees (I tried getting out of them. No deal)
2mins rest

almond crusted salmon
broccoli/onion oven roasted

the LAST TWO chocolate chip cookies. Good, they're gone now.
Rooibos tea before bed.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Wedding yesterday, too much everything. hungover.
Today, I hope to run.

banana pancakes again. That's the last of the bananas.

2 peperette sticks.

So it turns out that getting smashed on a Saturday night ruins your Sunday. Who knew?! I'm 17, how would I know that?

I was hungover alllllll fucking day. What a waste. Someone send me to a California rehab centre. Not that I have a problem, but it would be nice to go to Cali and come back clean and glowing.

I had a strawberry milkshake from.. wait for it.. MCDONALDS. and a small fry. I didn't eat all the fries, they werent even that good. But I did finish the milkshake. It was good.

I got my period yesterday - you need to know that. Which explained my annoying cravings and hip discomfort. It's like my hip sockets get sore along with cramps. Weird and uncomfortable. It also completely drains my energy, I feel drowsy and lazy and restless.

steak on the bbq and vegetables.

I was feeling like I wanted some comfort food and comfort smells in my house since the weather was cool again. I made those paleo almond flour chocolate chip cookies. Only half the batch though. They turned out way flatter and crispier than my last batch. Felt like a fat fuck but whatever I'll get back into it starting now. I don't think I'll go to CF tonight because there are burpees involved. See what happens? I hate them that much. Fuck you, burpees. Maybe I'll go to yoga and stretch out my hips.


Saturday, March 24, 2012

First weekend of spring!

I am not motivated to go workout whatsoever. This is what happens when you get off track.
right now i am making 'paleo' banana pancakes.

1 banana (very ripe)
1 egg
2 tablespoons of almond meal, or you can use one big spoonful of almond butter.
splash vanilla
cinnamon and nutmeg
pinch of salt

i'm getting my period any day now, is this a valid excuse?

well, I have 2 hours to decide if I want to work out. There is a 10am class and 11am class.

Friday, March 23, 2012

this friday is well deserved.

Right Narine?! Holy shit what a busy two weeks it's been.

Sleep was mediocre. Woke up a few times and had some trouble falling asleep. What's this all about? Active brain? Too much sugar? By 'too much' i mean a few pieces of dark chocolate in the afternoon and a late dinner.

Oh well, I am learning every day. I thought my run would put me to sleep. Yoga seems to be the best at tiring me out. Then crossfit, then running. Unless I kill it running and go like 6k +.

Smoothie: frozen blueberries, 1 medium banana, coconut milk (from a tetra box, not a can....yuck) and some almond butter. Splash of vanilla. I wouldn't have had the banana in there but there are 4 on the counter getting riper by the day. I didn't want to waste them. It was a good breakfast. 2 bananas this week. boo!

Americano and 3 pieces dark chocolate.

This weekend we have a wedding. A night of indulgence no doubt and you better buhleeeeve I'm drinking that bar. I don't think there was every a 'paleo' option in regards to menu choices. I'm sure it's steak and veggies though. Come to think of it, I'm looking forward to tomorrow night :)

leftover chicken thighs / veggies / sweet potato

It's rainy and shitty here, a great night so stay in and watch a movie. SO not making dinner.

Update: It got nice out.

Snackage (fail)
mini eggs - I really wish work didn't have them. Yes i have no control.

2 white wine spritzers. piece of brownie, a few cool ranch chips. I'm embarrassed writing it.

chicken parm sangwidge from our local eye-talian spot. so good. And german beer - (DONT COUNT)

Crossfit in the am for sure. 

Thursday, March 22, 2012


I'm behind in posts due to a busy ass week at work. I'm not even gonna recap. I was generally good aside from some chocolate I had yesterday and a fruit smoothie at night. I wasnt in the mood to cook, I was tired. Tonight we bbq!

I am lacking in the exercise department though. I'll be missing mah fran MA the next 10 days or so.. she's off to Florida on vacaysh.

Speaking of... I want to go to Paris. Again. Forever.

2.5 eggs + zucchini omelette.  1 small tomato. coffee.


Veggie frittata from Fusaro's. It was awesome. Def had cheese in it.  / side salad

few pieces dark chocolate.

4.57km run / 35 minutes - included a bit of walking, no more than 30 seconds at a time.

BBQ chicken thigh, grilled veggies, sweet potato. Avoided beer because it disturbed my sleep the night before. I've decided, in regards to beer, it's either none or 4. One will eff my sleep, a few will PUT me to sleep. haha. True though.

Creme Caramel Rooibos tea before bed.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March 20th, a high of 20º for today.

Wonderful! Bring on spring! Bring on patios, cottages, walks, runs, drinks with family and friends... ah the list goes on. Summer rules.

Sleep was good, went to bed a bit late but slept most of the night. Maybe this magnesium IS helping my sleep...?

1 egg, sauteed spinach, 1/4 avocado, coffee.
I'm cutting back from 2 eggs to 1 for breakfasts. See how that goes.

veggie sticks, guacamole, americano

leftover stew - slim pickins, the cut of meat I chose for this stew as too fatty. So I didn't eat much of my stew.
2 big handfuls of kale chips (had a few bacon bits in)

1 york peppermint patty. The small ones.

Snack 3-ish:
1/2 sausage, cucumber, guac.

Working late again. Advertising wants their people to be fat. I'm convinced.

My back hurts.

Snack 530-ish:
pumpkin chips, coconut chips. snackage.

Dinner: 730:
Chicken breast, 1/2 red pepper, slice of eggplant, small container blueberries.

Hope to make it to CF tomorrow night.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring is on it's way

Sleep was pretty good considering I had 2 scoops of ice cream last night. I don't regret it one bit.

2 eggs, 1/4 avocado, sauteed spinach / coffee

2 baby carrot sticks, 2 celery pieces, guacamole.

Leftover spaghetti squash, meat sauce

rest of veggies, guacamole.

Cajun chicken breast and brussels sprouts w/bacon bits from Fresh n Wild. This is my new spot for late nights at work. They have a good selection of meats and veggies. Not limited to vegan Fresh anymore!!

4 Ruffles sour cream n onion chips.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Is summer here??

It seems like it. Beauty out. I don't have the courage to be outside yet. I'm still in winter hermit mode. My plan was to go for a run. I would still like to, but my clothes are in the bedroom and jamie is napping, dont wanna disturb. I'll wait.

Sleep was pretty good, but I didn't drink enough water yesterday.

Almond flour pancakes. I made regular pancakes for everyone else. I loved mine actually. I added chocolate chips! I love CC's in my pancakes. Had them with butter, blueberries and maple syrup.

My cousin doesn't believe I enjoy my coffee black. I don't blame her. I never believed Jamie enjoyed his coffee black. I was like .. there is no way you enjoy that. It tastes like poison. But I only have black coffee now, and I love it. It takes getting used to, but eventually you learn to taste the coffee for what it is, and the bitterness becomes a craving. It's great.

Some chocolate chips. Fail. And a pepperette.

Summer is well on it's way. Its so so nice out. I can't wait for summer evenings and weekends. Chilling at the cottage... anyones cottage. My deck. Love it all. Summer rules and makes everyone happy.

5.45km jog. Took about 40 minutes. Not bad. It was glorious. The weather was PERFECT for jogging. I got warm, I wasn't hot. I could smell my summer jog sweat and it made me happy.

spaghetti squash with meat sauce marinara styles. Mazing. Turned out exactly how I wanted it to.
Magners cider while I cooked. :)

This is what happens when I run. I think I can eat and drink more. In fact, I am extra hungry. Running makes you hungry. We're going for ice cream and there is nothing you can do about it!!!

Walking Dead tonight.

I had a great weekend.

love you longtime.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Ciderday!

St Patrick's day, y'all. Not that I'm overly festive about it, but its a good excuse to make Irish stew and drink. Not excessively.

Woke up 9am, went to Crossfit. Pretty good sleep overall.

2 eggs, 2 slices bacon, sauteed spinach and a bit of leftover greek salad. Lots of coffee today. It's Saturday!

85% dark chocolate. 4 pieces. Some red wine.

If the weather holds up, MA and I are gonna go for our Sunday goth run through the cemetery. We love it, it's always so dead. Ba-dum pshhh!

Tonight we're having company so I made "Irish" stew. Well, more like MK stew.  Beef short ribs, veggies.. the whole nine. So good!!! I Start my stew on the stovetop and transfer to the oven for a few hours of slow cooking. This way I don't have to be nervous about the gas stove being on for a while.

I'll be drinking some cider tonight, and probably eating chips.

Tomorrow I am back to strict. I realize my goals are to reduce body fat, and it will happen. But I need balance of some sort or I'll go mental. Running will help.

2 tall boy cans of cider: William's brand. It's Canadian, organic. I like it. It's on my list!
Kettle chips-salt and vinegar and plain. I didn't hold back.

Dinner was home made beef stew: beef, carrots, onions, potatoes, turnips.. the uje. I don't like sweet potatoes in my stew. Sorry.
85% dark chocolate. Prob ate half the bar or more. You know the bigs ones you get at the grocery store. Yeah.

Before bed: 
a few puffs off a doobie and rooibos tea. What?


Friday, March 16, 2012

I am happy to be home this Friday night

I don't know why. Maybe the crazy busy week.. maybe I just love my house.

Today was a doozy, I can not lie.

2 fried eggs, cup of frozen blueberries/almond milk/cocoa powder-blended.

Half a sausage

1 tallboy Strongbow / Greek salad with chicken from the Firkin. Few fries of others plates.

MINI EGGS! like 3 handfuls. they are heroin and i have no control.

Snack later:
salami, olives, few veggies, 2 glasses of red vino. (advertising. shame) small cube of cheese. Wasn't worth it. - the cheese.

Greek salad again! with chicken souvlaki. had some of the tzaziki too. Meh.

Now rooibos and Six Feet Under. Crossfit in the AM.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

one mo day

til the weekend. And thank jebus for that.

2 eggs, small piece of steak, coffee


1 farmer's sausage, cucumber salad from last night

1 apple with cinnamon. (first apple of the week. And last)

Veggies and some almond butter. Not alot of AB. First almond butter since Saturday. Sigh. few almonds also.

Pre dinner:
Bag of "pumpkin chips" (Danielle Chips brand) from Fresh and Wild. They are awesssommmmmme.
New fave snack. Indulgence I'd say.

"Fresh" of course (working late)
Raw Italian bowl and a 12oz smoothie: almond milk (sweetened.. damn. Didn't know.) blueberries, cocoa powder and protein + whey isolate powder.

I've decided I'm buying protein powder. I can't make perfect meals all the time, and come summer, after a workout, sometimes I just want a smoothie. I won't load it with berries anymore, but some blueberries and a bit of coconut milk will do. (Summer's reco). I'm cool with that. I'll pick up a tub of it on the weekend or something. Maybe tomorrow if I get a proper break. There are good, natural brands.

I almost reached for a beer. Or a glass of wine. Luckily the wine was old and the beer was beer.

Home time.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hump Deezy

Sleep was better last night. Went to bed 11-ish.. fell asleep maybe 11:30 or so. Woke up 7am.

small piece of steak, few brussels, 2 small broccoli pieces, 1/4 avocado, coffee.


Chicken w/ cauliflower/brussels again.

Veggies and quick guac.

Later SNack:
1 egg, veggies.
1 Pepperette

Crossfit. My arms still kill from Monday.

1 Farmer's sausage, grilled red pepper, cucumber/apple/tomato salad with olive oil, lemon and dill.

I love barbeque! Its delicious and has less clean up. Bring on summer!!!

Rooibos tea then bed.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Long ass week and it's only Tuesday

Last night at Crossfit I had to do pushups. I can't even do ONE pushup. It's sad, really. It looks like I'm trying to do the worm. I can't lift my body up. During the metcon I wanted to cry, for real. Probably didn't help that I'm sugar detoxing again.. but still. Ugh. I still feel emo today.

Sleep was very shit. I think I went through this at the beginning of the challenge.

1 scotch egg, broccoli, (god I never spell that right!!) and 1/4 avocado.

Coffee time.

2 celery pieces, 2 carrots, quick guacamole (avocado/lime juice, s&p) 

Leftover chicken thighs, cauliflower, brussels sprouts

2 celery pieces, 4 baby carrots, few cherry tomatoes and a cauliflower piece. w/quick guacamole (avocado/lime juice, s&p)
small teeny piece of chicken (from lunch)

Pepperette before supper
small piece of steak, kale w/turkey bacon bits, 1 tomato.

Rooibos tea before bed.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Haute Life Challenge V.2

I'm trying this again. 3 week challenge. The only bump in the road will be a wedding on the 24th.

Crossfit tonight f'sho!!!

1 sausage, green beans, pat of butter.

few baby carrot sticks, celery

Lunch @ 1pm:
scotch egg made with lean ground beef, raw broccoli and some balsamic vinaigrette (home made).

few baby carrot sticks, celery

There was a 'do after work that included lots of yummy things. I was crabby and had to leave cuz of my sugar detox. I was resenting everyone who was enjoying it all!!

Crossfit at 7.

Chicken thighs, cauliflower and brussels sprouts

Rooibos tea later

Shitty sleep.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Monday Tomorrow. AGAIN!?


Sleep was good but I feel bloated from this weekend of indulgence which isn't over. We're going to my parents place for dinner and I'm sure there will be lots of non paleo eats. I won't be that person tonight, since this is for my birthday.

2 eggs, 3 slices turkey bacon. coffee.

Need to go shopping and stock up of veggies for snacks. Gonna make Scotch eggs tonight for the week. I also need to bake something for someone's last day at work tomorrow. What am I making??? Do I bother making it paleo?

Made some GF cookies, from this paleo blog. They aren't 100% "paleo" because I used butter instead of coconut oil. Coconut oil is too expensive for this. Plus, I made it for a work function, and they don't care about that stuff. They turned out great, btw.

Pepperette, 1 cookie, maybe a spoonful of raw dough!

At Parents:
Appetizers, bread was involved, olives, party mix,

roast beef, carrots, corn, potatoes, gravy, bread again...

Cake for dessert. The best cake ever! I'll post it later.

Oh yea I had some wine and a strongbow.

I let all this happen over the weekend. But I'm back to normal now +100%. Going to sugar detox again and reduce fruit. My plan was to go to CF Monday morn.. but that definitely didn't happen. I was on 4.5 hours slee. Let's hope I don't work late tonight.


Friday was a faleo day, I can not lie. This seems to be a new trend in my life, actually.

2 rice cakes, almond butter and honey. (I used to eat this often before the challenge), and haven't had it since then. / coffee


Spinach salad contained: chicken, beets, artichoke hearts, peas, roasted red peppers, cashews, broccoli... with a red wine dijon vinaigrette. I didn't bring my lunch twice last week.

Went bowling after work with coworkers. Drank probably 6 or 7 manhattans. Yeah that's right. And ate some of the crap that was bought for snacks. Typical bar/pub shit. I didn't eat too much as I had dinner plans at 9pm.

Dinner at Spice Route.
It's like the Moxy's of Chinese food. It's big, overly modern, 'too cool' for me. People had bottle service in booths.. like vodka bottles for 200 bucks. Totally not my style (this was a bachelorette btw). So I ate some Chinese food.. Not really authentic chinese food, but fancy Ho Lee Chow. It was good because I was hungry and drunk, but lots of sodium, deep fried stuff and of course I had another Manhattan.

Later had a pint of cider at a bar.

Then I went to bed and woke up with a hangover and 6 pounds heavier than I normally am.

Had a nice chat with Summer about my diet habits and my goals. I'm giving myself a second chance to bounce back... I realize it's a slow process, but I need to see results by the time summer hits. I'm not buying clothes until everything fits like a glove.

I skipped the gym because of my hangover. See? you lose with booze. I regretted it, and then slept most of the afternoon before my bday dinner.

2 eggs, turkey bacon and a sausage. coffee.

rice cake, almond butter, honey. This is not going to continue.

Went to Allen's on Danforth. It was great. Food was amazing, company was even better. I won't bother listing what I ate. My main meal was a hamburger. Few glasses of wine and dessert of course. I will point out that all of their meat is quality meat, I think it's local?? And they list what the damn animal was fed before it was slaughtered.  Which I think is pretty awesome. Go there for a quality meal.

Tea before bed.

I slept pretty well considering what I ate.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Go Tall-y It's yer birfday

Jamie made me a yummy birthday breakfast. A meal fit for a 30 year old. Well, maybe I should eat something lighter... who knows. Since this blog is about food and my body, I will take this moment to complain. I am wearing a pair of jeans I got in September. They don't fit me any better and I have been working out  (improving in the strength area) and eating better, but not too much has changed on the physical front-the jeans actually make me feel fatter. I can see where my abs would be if I had less chub on my belly, and I can definitely see my arm muscles.. but there is still too much fat on everything. My legs look shorter.. could it be that I'm gaining bulk on my legs?? I don't want that!

Ugh. I feel like the key is running. For me. We'll see how it goes once I get back into it.

2 eggs, 3 strips turkey bacon, some sweet potato and avocado. See? Big breakfast.

4 mini eggs / coffeeeeeee

Raw Italian Bowl from Fresh.

4 squares of 80% dark chocolate. It has less sugar, fat and calories than a lara bar.

Dinner at Live organic with my friend Julie. It was great. I wrote a post about how much I like this place but it appears to be gone.. It mustn't have saved.

I had 'raw vegan tacos' and some cashew tiramisu dessert. Glass of Pinot Grigio.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

half way there.

Every week is a countdown to the weekend. I live for weekends. Doesn't everybody? I may go to yoga tonight.. I'll see how I feel. The only part in yoga I like are the lying down poses. True story. I think after my 10 class is done I'll try another type of yoga.. maybe this Ashtanga I hear so much about. Or maybe I'll just start running since the nicer weather is on it's way! On that note, how beautiful is it outside today!!!

Didn't do a big shop on the weekend cuz Jamie did it last Monday.. This weekend I'll do a super haul.

Besides I'm not home for dinner Thur/Fri/Sat OR Sun.

3/4 apple and almond butter / coffee / 1 meatball

few almonds / beef jerky / Americano

2 of those chocolate from the fridge again. 

blackened salmon salad from Zoeys (on work!) It was a huge salad and I ate 99% of it. Now I am stuffed.

See, now I am craving more chocolate.

damn. i ate a small bag of mini reese pb cups.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Choose Day

1 apple / almond butter / 1 meatball / coffee

almonds / 4 dates / coffee

2 chicken thighs / kale / sweet potato

There were these chocolate covered somethings int he fridge.. like you know in bridge mixture, there are the dark choc ones with a white mystery centre? that. had 4.

Snack 2pm:
home made beef jerky, an average portion.

Snack 330pm?:
unsweetened applesauce, peanut butter and some trail mix

Pre workout:
spoonful of almond butter / 1 date (lots of dates today, for shame!) / 1 meatball

Crossfit. It was good, deadlifted 135lbs biatch!

Frittata (such a great quick meal) contained onions, turkey bacon, red pepper, sweet potato / salsa / 1/4 avocado

Rooibos tea then bed!

Monday, March 5, 2012

2 eggs / 3 strips turkey bacon / salsa / coffee

coffee / 3 lara balls

4 meatballs (bout 1.5" each) and some asparagus

couple of squares of cocoa camino chocolate 80%. so good.

apple w/Narine's home made "nutella" - hazelnuts, cocoa, agave and rice milk. Right? Delish.

some home made beef jerky

2 chicken thighs, kale, 1/2 sweet potato w/butter

1 lara ball.

I can feel myself slipping.. wanting to eat treats. I almost ate some chips for no reason.

Too tired to workout tonight, will do tomorrow.

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Last night I ate waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much meat. And paleo desserts. Like, seriously. I had a stomach ache all night .. until about 4am. I'm telling you, I never learn. When there are drinks involved, I am a neverending pit. It's bad.

Sunday. Deep breath.. A new day.

I had terrible sleeps all weekend, and it is ALL because of alcohol. I'd not drink but that would also be the end of my social life. And of course it is fun at the time.

mixed berries, a banana and some greek yogurt / french press coffee x1.5

My mom's beef cannelloni. Faileo, but I love my mom's cooking. I also had a tea with milk n sugar (black orange pekoe tea is just a sin in my opinion) and I never have it anyway. Tea with like 6 'blue menu' cookies. No excuse. I was just really enjoying them, OH WELL.

a hot pepperette, some spicy olives and a handful of semi sweet choc chips n sunflower seeds.

Pre dinner:
a date, few almonds and a taste of the new jar of almond butter. It tastes funny again! maybe it's just the brand.

Meatballs are in the oven, I'm having asparagus with them.
Yep, just made lara balls. they were ok. Sugar is crack, yo. It stops NAOW.

Crossfit x3 this week. I hope.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

La première weekend de mars

Second night flying solo.

Like I said, last night I went out for a few drinks with workmates then came home and watched a movie. I ended up staying up til like 12:30 or so. I planned on going to crossfit this am but decided I needed a good night's sleep instead. Good call, self.

Glory shot of the pint.
This afternoon I have a wax appointment and later on a skinny party at the gym's 2 year anni 'do. We'll see how skinny it actually is. I think mah fran MA is coming over before I'll have the place spick and span just in case. Well I want this place spick and span anyway cuz I am Costco'ing it up with me mum domani, and most likely gonna be in Brampton the majority of the day. K.

I woke up to the wind howling and my house shaking. I kept thinking the wind noise was someone screaming, it freaked me out a few times.

coffee / 2 eggs / 3 pieces turkey bacon / 1/4 avocado / salsa

I'm back baby. And I can't wait to start running in the good weather. Running is kind to my body fat. Er, should I say MEAN TO IT!

I woke up mega bloated and gassy. That'll learn me from drinkin Strongows, what was I thinking? Oh yes I was thinking 'it's Friday, what the heck'. I think I'll stick to wine tonight and keep away from the crap. Unless there are ketchup chips, we all know I can't say no to those guys. Why? Because I look at ketchup chips this way: I love them. They are my guilty pleasure. And if by chance there are some within my grasp, I will eat them because if I die tomorrow, at least I enjoyed some of my favourite chips the day before.* Of course I don't have chips in my face every day, which is a good thing. But do you see what I mean?? I can say no to other treats, because if I die the next day, whatever, they weren't my faves. But when a fave is around, Imma just go for it. (Not stuff my face, but at least have a taste).

*I also look at food this way when I am travelling.

Which reminds me, Jamie and I mentioned heading to the areas of France our relatives were from. So excited!!! It's pretty much Southern France, which is SUCH a bonus.

Oh yeah, I bought "Tom's of Maine" all natural deodorant in 'apricot' scent. Don't get it. It actually MAKES me stink. I'm not kidding. It makes me smell like a skunk–actually. My armpits don't even smell this way when I DON'T have deodorant on. It's nasty. Sorry, Tom's. Looks like you're FIT for the PIT! but not my pits. I had a Body Shop all natural deodorant which sucked way less than this one. I'm on a quest to find the best. Next stop: Burt's Bees natural spray deodorant.

I actually checked out some deodorant reviews. I might even make my own using this recipe.
I realize that is super hippy of me, but I don't care. I am turned off of regular antiperspirants because of the synthetic smells and ridiculous ingredients. Do we have essential oils still? Must ask J.

***UPDATE*** I made my own deodorant. How annoying am I to you right now? Jealous? hahaaa!

I used baking soda, arrowroot flour, coconut oil and shae butter. Mixed that up. Added some essential oils we had from when we made soap. And ... voila! It was fun too!

I'll let you know how it works. I may add some clay to it since I was a bit short on NaHCO 3. Oh, that's sodium bicarbonate for you Chemistry class failures. Kidding I just googled it!

IF I get up at a decent time tomorrow, I'll hit yoga. I'm not making any promises.

good day.

Friday, March 2, 2012


bowl of mixed berries, 1 banana, 3 spoonfuls of greek yogurt, cinnamon / coffee

almond loaf slice w/almond butter / coffee
2 dates / almonds. almonds much?

thai red curry again
dessert an hour later: 1 apple/almond butter

tonight's activities are tbd. I may go home and chill unless I get a sweeter offer!

ms vicki's s/v chips - friday i'on kurr

went out for drinks with work peeps.
3 pints of strongbow cider - NAUGHTY!
some sweet potato fries, not a lot. some tomato/jalepeno/cheese bits off nacho platter. i didn't touch the tortilla chips.

a slice of almond bread w/butter, now drinking water and watching "Unfaithful". love this movie!
why is it on tv so much??!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

It's my Month

March! I turn 30 this month. Wow. I'll write a good post on my birthday.

Probably fell asleep around midnight, woke up about 7am. I'd say, 6.5 hrs of sleep, maybe a bit more. Not great. Not horrible. 9 Hours just won't happen on a weeknight. It really won't.

Average size apple w/almond butter. Coffee.

I am waiting for there to be some sort of sale or coupon deal for AA. There are some pants I'm eyeballing. I may not be able to wait for a sale though.

It's really shitty out. Slushy and snowy. Last night felt like Thursday, I kept thinking today would be Friday. BEEWWWWWW!

my GF almond bread with 1/4 avocado smushed on it. s&p. GOOD. SATISFYING.
I was hungry after that light breakfast. working out makes you burn through food like a muhfuh.
2 dates, some almonds.

leftover thai red curry - see last night's dinner.
1 small orange for dessert.
1 date, 4 almonds. now drinking a decaf coffee.

Back to work!

1 banana w/cinnamon

later, a hard boiled egg.

Hot Yoga, 90 Min. I've never been so disgusted in all my life. Of course I was in the man zone of the room. All these dudes around me, one of them was a white older long haired dread. His dreads were  down to his ass and they were flopping everywhere. Gross. It looked like he was pissing himself at one point, thats how much sweat. That was when I had to sit down and gather myself to avoid puking. Just so grossed out. And there was a man in front of me and if I didn't consciously look elsewhere I would have seen his sweaty hairy balls. Nasty. Sorry.

Just ate dinner, it's like 10. I was hungry. Just had some mixed greens w/ an egg and half an avocado. Also a slice of almond bread.

It's awfully quiet round these parts.