Friday, March 30, 2012

TGIF as per.

Sleep was fine.

2 eggs, 3 natural bacon. coffee.

Americano, few mini eggs, few almonds. I'm finding being 100% good is very very difficult. And almost no way to live! fack. I'm a flip flopper.

I feel ok with my body right now, I even feel a bit leaner. I'll be working out tomorrow and once the good weather is here to stay, many more runs.

Lunch I have to buy. Ugh I hate that!

Few mini eggs. Damn you.

chicken breast, veggie salad w/italian dressing. Overpriced fail. Next time Fusaro's.

70% dark chocolate.. Green and Black's. I am aware that just because it says organic doesn't mean its fair game.

Few..and I mean FEW ruffles sour cream n onion.

an apple.

Workout #3..No Metcon. Will not complain. :)

meat muff. broccoli, red pepper spinach etc.

Drinking cider currently. Movie time.

Handful of walnuts and chocolate chips. Note: do not buy chocolate chips and pretend like they'll be used in baking.

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