Thursday, March 15, 2012

one mo day

til the weekend. And thank jebus for that.

2 eggs, small piece of steak, coffee


1 farmer's sausage, cucumber salad from last night

1 apple with cinnamon. (first apple of the week. And last)

Veggies and some almond butter. Not alot of AB. First almond butter since Saturday. Sigh. few almonds also.

Pre dinner:
Bag of "pumpkin chips" (Danielle Chips brand) from Fresh and Wild. They are awesssommmmmme.
New fave snack. Indulgence I'd say.

"Fresh" of course (working late)
Raw Italian bowl and a 12oz smoothie: almond milk (sweetened.. damn. Didn't know.) blueberries, cocoa powder and protein + whey isolate powder.

I've decided I'm buying protein powder. I can't make perfect meals all the time, and come summer, after a workout, sometimes I just want a smoothie. I won't load it with berries anymore, but some blueberries and a bit of coconut milk will do. (Summer's reco). I'm cool with that. I'll pick up a tub of it on the weekend or something. Maybe tomorrow if I get a proper break. There are good, natural brands.

I almost reached for a beer. Or a glass of wine. Luckily the wine was old and the beer was beer.

Home time.

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