Monday, March 26, 2012

Cold today.

Slept ok, I was super tired and had to sleep with a hot water bottle on my pelvis. 2X extra strength Advils did nothing. Nothing!

(didn't wanna get out of bed at all. Sooo tired. damn you lady curse!)
2 eggs, spinach, salsa, coffee

1 cookie. almond kind.

leftover steak and veggies

So I looked at the WOD again.. 4 burpees. I can handle that! haha.. well 16 total.. but better than 60.

I will go.

1 peppermint patty (small kind)
rooibos tea

Saw a tall girl with awesome hair today. Kind of like what I want. Still on the fence about it.

Snack later:
cucumber and trail mix.

pre workout:
these dehydrated flax cracker things I got from Essence of Life in Kensington. New fave spot!

I also bought some whey isolate protein powder. A brand reco'd by Leah and Summer. That'll be my go-to lazy meal replacement. Most likely for breakfasts here and there and post-workout dinner. Sometimes you just don't wanna make food!


A. Back Squat 4×3 @ 90%, rest 3mins - prob be adjusted for my gimpy knee.
B. Group Metcon: 
4 sets:
3mins of: 16 double unders, 8 wall ball, 4 burpees (I tried getting out of them. No deal)
2mins rest

almond crusted salmon
broccoli/onion oven roasted

the LAST TWO chocolate chip cookies. Good, they're gone now.
Rooibos tea before bed.

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