Sunday, March 25, 2012

Wedding yesterday, too much everything. hungover.
Today, I hope to run.

banana pancakes again. That's the last of the bananas.

2 peperette sticks.

So it turns out that getting smashed on a Saturday night ruins your Sunday. Who knew?! I'm 17, how would I know that?

I was hungover alllllll fucking day. What a waste. Someone send me to a California rehab centre. Not that I have a problem, but it would be nice to go to Cali and come back clean and glowing.

I had a strawberry milkshake from.. wait for it.. MCDONALDS. and a small fry. I didn't eat all the fries, they werent even that good. But I did finish the milkshake. It was good.

I got my period yesterday - you need to know that. Which explained my annoying cravings and hip discomfort. It's like my hip sockets get sore along with cramps. Weird and uncomfortable. It also completely drains my energy, I feel drowsy and lazy and restless.

steak on the bbq and vegetables.

I was feeling like I wanted some comfort food and comfort smells in my house since the weather was cool again. I made those paleo almond flour chocolate chip cookies. Only half the batch though. They turned out way flatter and crispier than my last batch. Felt like a fat fuck but whatever I'll get back into it starting now. I don't think I'll go to CF tonight because there are burpees involved. See what happens? I hate them that much. Fuck you, burpees. Maybe I'll go to yoga and stretch out my hips.


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