Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ciderday! Last one of March.

Bring it, summertime. Bring it.

Sleep was great. Ish. Well I got to sleep in which is magical enough. Ugh I just had a vision of having children and never being able to sleep in again until they can make their own breakfast. Whoa.

I'm glad I worked out last night. I've lazed on the couch allllll morning.

2 egg omelette w/goat cheese, 3 bacon, lots of coffee.

handful walnuts/choc chips. surprise!

Tonight I am going to my friend's for dinner. She is making chicken soft tacos. yum! wine and snacks will be had. And cider. Maybe some dancing.

Evening there was snacking and pasta. Yes, pasta. I was a guest and that's what dinner was. It was delicious. I also ate some salami, cheeses, ace bakery toasties... and i made lara balls. Ate like 5 of them. Eep. Also drank.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds fun!! Have a good night :)
    It's raining here, I guess to make it easier to come home. See you soon!