Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Ciderday!

St Patrick's day, y'all. Not that I'm overly festive about it, but its a good excuse to make Irish stew and drink. Not excessively.

Woke up 9am, went to Crossfit. Pretty good sleep overall.

2 eggs, 2 slices bacon, sauteed spinach and a bit of leftover greek salad. Lots of coffee today. It's Saturday!

85% dark chocolate. 4 pieces. Some red wine.

If the weather holds up, MA and I are gonna go for our Sunday goth run through the cemetery. We love it, it's always so dead. Ba-dum pshhh!

Tonight we're having company so I made "Irish" stew. Well, more like MK stew.  Beef short ribs, veggies.. the whole nine. So good!!! I Start my stew on the stovetop and transfer to the oven for a few hours of slow cooking. This way I don't have to be nervous about the gas stove being on for a while.

I'll be drinking some cider tonight, and probably eating chips.

Tomorrow I am back to strict. I realize my goals are to reduce body fat, and it will happen. But I need balance of some sort or I'll go mental. Running will help.

2 tall boy cans of cider: William's brand. It's Canadian, organic. I like it. It's on my list!
Kettle chips-salt and vinegar and plain. I didn't hold back.

Dinner was home made beef stew: beef, carrots, onions, potatoes, turnips.. the uje. I don't like sweet potatoes in my stew. Sorry.
85% dark chocolate. Prob ate half the bar or more. You know the bigs ones you get at the grocery store. Yeah.

Before bed: 
a few puffs off a doobie and rooibos tea. What?


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