Wednesday, March 7, 2012

half way there.

Every week is a countdown to the weekend. I live for weekends. Doesn't everybody? I may go to yoga tonight.. I'll see how I feel. The only part in yoga I like are the lying down poses. True story. I think after my 10 class is done I'll try another type of yoga.. maybe this Ashtanga I hear so much about. Or maybe I'll just start running since the nicer weather is on it's way! On that note, how beautiful is it outside today!!!

Didn't do a big shop on the weekend cuz Jamie did it last Monday.. This weekend I'll do a super haul.

Besides I'm not home for dinner Thur/Fri/Sat OR Sun.

3/4 apple and almond butter / coffee / 1 meatball

few almonds / beef jerky / Americano

2 of those chocolate from the fridge again. 

blackened salmon salad from Zoeys (on work!) It was a huge salad and I ate 99% of it. Now I am stuffed.

See, now I am craving more chocolate.

damn. i ate a small bag of mini reese pb cups.

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