Thursday, March 1, 2012

It's my Month

March! I turn 30 this month. Wow. I'll write a good post on my birthday.

Probably fell asleep around midnight, woke up about 7am. I'd say, 6.5 hrs of sleep, maybe a bit more. Not great. Not horrible. 9 Hours just won't happen on a weeknight. It really won't.

Average size apple w/almond butter. Coffee.

I am waiting for there to be some sort of sale or coupon deal for AA. There are some pants I'm eyeballing. I may not be able to wait for a sale though.

It's really shitty out. Slushy and snowy. Last night felt like Thursday, I kept thinking today would be Friday. BEEWWWWWW!

my GF almond bread with 1/4 avocado smushed on it. s&p. GOOD. SATISFYING.
I was hungry after that light breakfast. working out makes you burn through food like a muhfuh.
2 dates, some almonds.

leftover thai red curry - see last night's dinner.
1 small orange for dessert.
1 date, 4 almonds. now drinking a decaf coffee.

Back to work!

1 banana w/cinnamon

later, a hard boiled egg.

Hot Yoga, 90 Min. I've never been so disgusted in all my life. Of course I was in the man zone of the room. All these dudes around me, one of them was a white older long haired dread. His dreads were  down to his ass and they were flopping everywhere. Gross. It looked like he was pissing himself at one point, thats how much sweat. That was when I had to sit down and gather myself to avoid puking. Just so grossed out. And there was a man in front of me and if I didn't consciously look elsewhere I would have seen his sweaty hairy balls. Nasty. Sorry.

Just ate dinner, it's like 10. I was hungry. Just had some mixed greens w/ an egg and half an avocado. Also a slice of almond bread.

It's awfully quiet round these parts.

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