Saturday, March 3, 2012

La première weekend de mars

Second night flying solo.

Like I said, last night I went out for a few drinks with workmates then came home and watched a movie. I ended up staying up til like 12:30 or so. I planned on going to crossfit this am but decided I needed a good night's sleep instead. Good call, self.

Glory shot of the pint.
This afternoon I have a wax appointment and later on a skinny party at the gym's 2 year anni 'do. We'll see how skinny it actually is. I think mah fran MA is coming over before I'll have the place spick and span just in case. Well I want this place spick and span anyway cuz I am Costco'ing it up with me mum domani, and most likely gonna be in Brampton the majority of the day. K.

I woke up to the wind howling and my house shaking. I kept thinking the wind noise was someone screaming, it freaked me out a few times.

coffee / 2 eggs / 3 pieces turkey bacon / 1/4 avocado / salsa

I'm back baby. And I can't wait to start running in the good weather. Running is kind to my body fat. Er, should I say MEAN TO IT!

I woke up mega bloated and gassy. That'll learn me from drinkin Strongows, what was I thinking? Oh yes I was thinking 'it's Friday, what the heck'. I think I'll stick to wine tonight and keep away from the crap. Unless there are ketchup chips, we all know I can't say no to those guys. Why? Because I look at ketchup chips this way: I love them. They are my guilty pleasure. And if by chance there are some within my grasp, I will eat them because if I die tomorrow, at least I enjoyed some of my favourite chips the day before.* Of course I don't have chips in my face every day, which is a good thing. But do you see what I mean?? I can say no to other treats, because if I die the next day, whatever, they weren't my faves. But when a fave is around, Imma just go for it. (Not stuff my face, but at least have a taste).

*I also look at food this way when I am travelling.

Which reminds me, Jamie and I mentioned heading to the areas of France our relatives were from. So excited!!! It's pretty much Southern France, which is SUCH a bonus.

Oh yeah, I bought "Tom's of Maine" all natural deodorant in 'apricot' scent. Don't get it. It actually MAKES me stink. I'm not kidding. It makes me smell like a skunk–actually. My armpits don't even smell this way when I DON'T have deodorant on. It's nasty. Sorry, Tom's. Looks like you're FIT for the PIT! but not my pits. I had a Body Shop all natural deodorant which sucked way less than this one. I'm on a quest to find the best. Next stop: Burt's Bees natural spray deodorant.

I actually checked out some deodorant reviews. I might even make my own using this recipe.
I realize that is super hippy of me, but I don't care. I am turned off of regular antiperspirants because of the synthetic smells and ridiculous ingredients. Do we have essential oils still? Must ask J.

***UPDATE*** I made my own deodorant. How annoying am I to you right now? Jealous? hahaaa!

I used baking soda, arrowroot flour, coconut oil and shae butter. Mixed that up. Added some essential oils we had from when we made soap. And ... voila! It was fun too!

I'll let you know how it works. I may add some clay to it since I was a bit short on NaHCO 3. Oh, that's sodium bicarbonate for you Chemistry class failures. Kidding I just googled it!

IF I get up at a decent time tomorrow, I'll hit yoga. I'm not making any promises.

good day.

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