Wednesday, June 27, 2012

One Mo Day

Til I'm off for 4 days. Sweet.

I have been bad with sugar lately. Too many treats in the office and I am not saying no. BAD.

1 apple /homemade almond/walnut butter

Chocolate covered walnuts - home made.
small cup of coffee

1 starbust

Full disclosure guys. every bit counts.

lettuce, 2 eggs, 1/2 avocado, homemade salsa - which doesn't agree with me. must be the onions.
few chips

few more chips - NAUGHTY
some starbust jellybeans - 6 of them.


I am feeling peckish.

You know, I like my eating habits much better when I'm stressed/anxious/depressed. I don't eat and I feel skinny. Then I feel better and eat again and just gain the weight back. This is the con to starving yourself. It ALWAYS comes back. And quick. Also, too much beer has happened recently. Thin michelle does NOT drink beer or eat sweets. And I've slipped into allowing bad carbs here and there. Of course you see that I'm eating too much sugar. SUGAR IS BAD. I have a fat check with Summer soon... I'm worried.

Dinner tonight will be a smoothie after Crossfit. I'm going only once this week unless ome magic happens and I end up going tomorrow morning.. :(

I plan on bringing running gear to the Sault. There will be lots of food and drink happening and I am not coming back fucking cottage fat. Fuck that. My doc suggested I run more to help ease any anxious feelings. I know it helps, but it makes me feel good when a professional tells me to do something. I am totally running more. It's what the doctor ordered!!!!


Monday, June 25, 2012

4 day week - twice!

ahh, I live for weekends. This coming weekend will be a 4-dayer.

Sleep was good. Ever since I've cut back on coffee, I've been sleeping much better. Crazy ass dreams though.

2 rice cakes + nut butter. Rice cake is a semi fail. coffee.

At work:
1 apple, 1 pep patty.

Tonight I crossfit fo sho. I've got some ground beef thawing, I might make some scotch eggs.

There are free sandwich samples at work today, from Fusaro's. I passed because of the bread. Need to focus.

Fusaro's salad (I keep my promises sometimes)
a few stale cheezies. I love stale cheezies!!

K, it's our 7th anniversary today - we're happily unmarried and celebrate the night of our first date.

We went to a pub on College called Southside Louis'. We drank like two pitchers and maybe ate some food I don't remember. Jamie made me a little ewok out of felt, it was stuffed and on it's own little "packaging" background. Of course he hand-stitched it. It was very cute and it even had a little heart where it's heart is. I'll have to dig it up and take some pics of it. He made it for me because I was an ewok for halloween when I was little.. also he loves star wars and the only thing I know about star wars is Ewoks.

It's very cute.

So, tonight we are either going to that pub for dins.. or I am going to the gym.

Update: I didn't do the pub OR gym. I went home, grabbed some ingredients for dinner on the way and made us some tacos. Lettuce shell tacos. No carb. I also made salsa with tomatoes, onions, cilantro and lime juice. So good and easy. I used my food processor and it kind of made it too smooth, but it beat chopping all that. It gets messy.

Now I am on the couch, sans gym. I feel like a fatass.

tacos with lettuce "shells". Fresh and delicious. I put yogurt and cheese on them. So what.

Sunday, June 24, 2012


They truly need to make all weekends in the summer months long weekends.  Considering our weather is so shit 8 months out of the year, the least they can do is give us long weekends each weekend. Even if it were just July/August. Come on. European people get like 5 weeks vaca each year. We are supposed to get a certain amount of sunshine and vitamin D, how can we do that if we're cooped indoors most of our lives? Fuck the man. What am I even doing with my life?

I went on a bit of a bender these past few days. A burger..a BURRITO (note to self, never eat a burrito ever again)...baked beans - a big NONO for me... gelato like I don't even give a care. Who am I??? I feel bloated and disgusting. Just when I was starting to feel tighter. Back on my game now.

Crossfit. It was ok. No Metcon, but I had to learn how to do "skin the cat" which is impossible for a slow giant like me. It's easier and comes more naturally for those who grew up doing more gymasticy things. I, am slow and awkward. Not to mention EVERYONE stopped what they were doing and watched me look retarded. Obv I didn't do it and got an alternate exercise to sub in.

Deadlifted 3RM @ 150lb. I like classes with no metcon but I also feel more satisfied when I do have them.

1.5 sausages, 1 egg, spinach and half a tomato.

gelato with MA - delish

9:30p Dinner:
ground beef + squash. It was good but filling.

Oh yeah, I consumed 3 beers and 1 vodker and tonic throughout the day. See what I mean by not giving a shit? fuck.

I've been sleeping much better these days. My mind is a bit less crazy and I've cut back on the coffee. 1 per day now. Today we are going to see my niece's recital and have lupper at my brudders. Oh yeah, I also made some nut butter just now. It's SO good. It's walnut/almond butter. I toasted the nuts slightly in a pan before making the butter. I added some salt and a small teaspoon of coconut palm sugar. No big deal. It is very very good.I highly recommend making your own nut butters. You can customize them how you please, combine nuts, add a bit or a lot of sweetness, some salt.. even cinnamon. And everything just tastes better when it's home made.

don't mind my bed head/morning face. Or do mind it I don't give a kurrrrrrrrr. I've strategucally cropped out the craziest part of my hair.

I was "browsing" short haircuts again. By now you probably realize I have obsessive tendencies. You should also realize that everyone has some sort of mental illness so don't go thinking you're normal. No one is!

I saw a pic of a woman at a fashion show, she was interviewing someone. And she was wearing a fedora with a nice sleek ponytail. This made me realize I am a lazy bastard with my hair and maybe I should polish up a bit in general, seeing as I'm a 30 year old lady now. But on the other hand I am a natural not caring type that does care but not really. It's a hard mix. I also noticed my ends are fried from my stupid decision to get an ombre. My hair is too long to straighten (time consuming) and it's summer. I dunno yo, maybe I'll give it a good chop when I pay off my credit card. Yawza. You can check out my pinterest (mishkebob) to see what I like in terms of hair. And you all know I really want a short ass 'do but I don't have the balls (read: confidence). I feel I need to be skinnier, really. That is not fishing btw, that is the truth. I don't want to look like a giant pinhead triangle. You're laughing because you see what I mean!! haha.

Anyhoo, laptop is dying, I'm outside and I need to get ready for the day. I thought about going for a run this morning but made up an excuse not to: I'm making nut butter! ha.


PS, our good friend Gasp is having a show soon. I better see all my peeps there!! miss you guys.
really only 3 people read this... but you know. 

Happy Sunday! (4-day week for me suckaaaaaz)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


k, week. END. This is my life, wanting the work week to end.

Dinner last night I made meatballs, sauteed spinach and red peppers. So good. The meat was a pork/beef/veal blend. No regrets.

coffee and a large apple w/peanut butter. ugh, not satisfying. I want a hamburger or a bagel right now.

leftover meatballs + veg.

Crossfit tonight. It's hot. Don't care.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Super hot out. So what. Slacked on entries, so what again.

Sleep was not bad actually.

2 rice cakes, almond butter, raspberries.

1 sausage, roasted veggies (very little), cantaloupe and some chips.

3 hershey kisses. Getting bored of these.

some cantaloupe.

Worked out last night. I couldn't complete my sets because my hamstrings were in too much pain. When I got home I had a good massage on them with my little rubber ball. My leg feels better now.

Monday, June 11, 2012


fucking hate this week already. Whyyyyyyyyyy?! Reeeen I'm pms-ing like a muhfuh. I'm sorry!
I don't want to hate my life. I really really don't. I think I desp need to work out. But obv not desp enough or I'd go in the am.

2 eggs, 1 tomato, salsa

few chocolates

2 small sausages, few grilled veggies

Apple, prob a few hershey kisses.

small steak, salad, blue cheese.

ginger peach tea

Thursday, June 7, 2012


I've been busy and stuck in a fat advertising job rut. Working past 5 (not much but I've been spoiled lately) When this happens I don't take good care of myself, I haven't worked out in a week and I feel like I'm expanding and all my muscle is disappearing. NOOO!

I've decided I'm working out on Saturday. Hangover or not. Hopefully not. But I just had a martini and I feel hungover already. What's happening to me!?

Smoothie / coffee

At work:
Fuckall until like 2pm when I had a shitty grilled chicken salad. The salad part was shyte so I pretty much only ate the chicken. Gay.

MC67 sublime.

Dinner at Jamie Kennedy's:
Fries, ribs, mashed potatoes and braised cabbage. Good shit. Not in abundance.
Plum (gin) martini - hence the pre hangover hangover.

Now tea and coronation street.

I need to work out.