Thursday, February 28, 2013


Sleep was weird. I woke up in the night and brain turned on instantly. I turned it off and went back to sleep. Stil a weird night's sleep.

last of the meatball stew

At work:

Tuna salad from Fusaro's.
They had delicious pastries to sample. I dodged.
Narine is eating a delicious chocolate cookie, I'm jealous.

I've avoided the candies that have been on the table here for two reasons:
1) they're candy and not worth the hellish feeling afterwards
2) a dog was licking them the other day and I haven't had the heart to tell everyone.

I think that yogurt I bought yesterday gave me rumbly gas. Dislike.

No crossfit tonight. Tomorrow or Saturday am.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Sleep was ok

2 rice cakes, almond butter, blueberries

Not ideal

apple, cinnamon

1 sausage
roasted veggies
celery + baba ghanjouhjgklsdhgjksdf

Afternoon snack:
strawberries and greek yogurt
fail because I feel weird now.

Also I keep burping sausage air. Gross.

I feel super tired all of a sudden. I blame the stupid yogurt. Fine I had a bit of honey too. Frig.

Shoulder pressed 70#
Metcon was brutal

Meatball stew, avocado
some chips
cheese + rice crackers


Monday, February 25, 2013


Weekend recap


Raw Aura

Real Pizza - Not worth it, stomach hurt after. Next time I crave chips for dinner, I'll just have chips for dinner.
Chicken wings x4

Greek food



Little sleep

blueberries, coconut, almonds, c-milk, bit of yogurt

at work
beef jerky.

Meatball stew

Friday, February 22, 2013


I'm skipping Thursday.

Just know that it was flawless for nutrition and I went to Crossfit.


Sleep was ok. Should be going to bed earlier.

2 eggs
1 bacon
0.25 avocado
hot sauce

Jamie's dad's homemade beef jerky. amaze.

3 tomatoes
avo oil

Trail mix

Orange pekoe tea

Would be nice to hit up CF tonight so I don't have to go tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Short week

Sleep was ok, went to bed too late though.

3 eggs
.25 avocado

yes, three eggs. I don't wanna snack before lunch.

eggplant chicken strata


spinach salad w/home made balsamic dressing
some coconut shreds

pan fried apple in coconut oil w/cinnamon, nutmeg - THIS is my new (desperate times) dessert. No added sweeteners, all natural taste. Just like apple pie filling. YES.

I didn't go to crossfit tonight. I was bothered by that decision.

I'm using this extra time to wind down and go to bed early. It was nice eating dinner before 7.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Back to work, great. That weekend just whipped by. K, Tim McGraw is on BT and he is so fit right now. You wanna know how? He has a "strict diet and works out three times A DAY (with Daniel Craig's trainer). Can you say unrealistic celebrity perks? I'd be ripped if I had time for that shit too.

Sleep was ok, not long enough and getting out of bed was super hard.

blueberries / 0.5 banana / coconut / c-milk / cacao nibs / cinnamon / few almonds
I love this makeshift cereal. I just didn't feel like meat.

Eating healthy and clean = calories / nutrients. The calories you eat must be nutrient-rich. I think that breakfast had nutrients, it was just lacking in protein.

Shep pie + 1 Tbsp avocado a la Reen. Thanks, that fat was needed to keep me satiated. (new word).


Chicken eggplant strata
1/4 avocado

Tea time. Bed soon.

Crossfit was great, I need to work on my double unders. And chins.

Pressed 65# 4x4. Good times.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Fam Day

Sleep was garbage. My niece is the worst to sleep with, she flopped around like crazy and kicked me in my ass. I had to go to the couch. I just had an uneasy sleep because I felt like I had to be on alert.

Bacon n Eggs

Few lara balls. There. They're gone.

At parents:
Sliced meat, cheese
Small piece of quiche
few chips

Had a short nap at home, it was needed.

Bag of popchips. :(
Small serving of shep pie

I'm making some sort of eggplant/chicken strata casserole. wingin it. I want fuel for the week.

chicken breast strata turned out great, considering it's chicken breasts. I keep forgetting about chicken thighs, I like them better. But not baked in a casserole.

Had a small bowl of it. Had to taste it!!


coconut milk
coconut shreds
In a bowl.

Made chocolate salty balls - they were the best ever. I tested a few.
attempted to make coconut butter - failed. didn't cream.

Girlies came over

Salt & Vinegar chips were had before dinner

I taught them to make jewelry with feathers and all the crap I had, they enjoyed it.

I then put Labyrinth on for them while dinner cooked. They liked it! Win! I was wondering if they were noticing Bowie's bulge because its so prominent. And why is it funny now, but not funny then?

Shep pie from Well Fed. I seasoned it "Mexicana' and it was great.
Bit of squash

After dinner we went for a walk along the beach. Not a very long one, it was bitter out.

Came back, did our face masks then watched Hotel Transylvania. It wasn't good.
Had some popcorn with dinner.

Sunday, February 17, 2013


Had alcohol Friday night, that's it, my challenge is beginning now! Yes I just had wine but now NOW. I just looked at my ass and I'm not ok with it. That and my belly are not ideal at the moment.


It's too cold out. Thats my running excuse. -16??? no thanks.

I'm watching Coronation now, and enjoying myself actually. I have a coffee, my house is warm and clean and the laundry is started. My nieces are coming over later, the shep pie is ready to pop in the oven and all we need to do is hang out together. I'll think of some sort of facial mask to make them. Maybe we can paint our nails too. My mom was supposed to come as well, but last night she had an accident and scalded her hand and foot. Had to go to the hospital to get it bandaged. :( I tried convincing her to come still, since she won't have to do anything, but she can't even put a boot on her burned foot. The things nanas do for their family.

So, back to nutrition. Today is a new day. I'll eat breakfast once I feel starving. Plus, not eating gives me hope that I may jog.

Why can't we have a FOUR day weekend? The next holiday is in April, for Easter. Blerg.

What I ate yesterday:
banana pancakes. You know the ones.
I was hungry like an hour later so I ate some chicken.


few bites of the ground beef from shep pie.

quinoa, blueberries, coconut, coconut milk, cashews/almonds, cinnamon. So good!
Here is an article on quinoa, written by a respected, known paleo guy. I won't eat it all the time, but I'll throw it in the mix here and there. It's so versatile, great as a cereal or as a rice replacement.

Later MA came by for a nice, surprise visit! We shared a bottle of wine, ate the rest of the deli olives and polished off a bag of S&V Popchips. So good!


Friday, February 15, 2013


Sleep was ok, ate bad foods before bed. Bad meaning not paleo, not chips or anything.

berries, quinoa, banana, coconut milk + cinnamon

K, enough with the quinoa.

At work:
coffee, small chocolate cookie.

salad from Fusaros: tuna + greens + dressing, the usual.
there was a boccancini there.

On a positive, healthy fitness note: I'm starting a running club at work. So far I have 4 members and we are fucking running after work together. And I'm doing the 10k, enough of this chubby madness.

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Sleep was better than I thought considering I ate three cookies last night. go me.

leftover chicken curry type thing
1/2 avocado

The rest of the day included some wine/champaign, a few treats and later on we went out for dinner. It was all very delicious.

Oh, I did squeeze in a crossfit session though:


A. Shoulder Press 3×6, 1×7 at 75% / 65#), rest 3mins
B. Ring Rows 3×10+, rest 90sec

5 sets for quality:
2 tough TGU/side / 25# then 30# for the last 2 rounds. yih yih!
4 heavy DB thrusters / 25#'s
6 strict toe to bar / working on getting my feet up there.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Hump Day. Woooooo

Sleep wasn't great, but not terrible. I'm not tired til like 11pm, it's a problem.

4 or 5? meatballs
1/4 avocado

At work:
banana w/cinnamon
few pumpkin seeds. meh.

1 turkey sausage
sweet potato

I know I'll be hungry soon. I have a big orange for a snack. Not ideal.


I bailed on crossfit. I just wasn't in the mood. I felt like cooking dinner, relaxing and working on my work valentine. Ok I didn't 'feel like' working on my valentine, I just had to do it. And I didn't wanna be up late doing it. Oh well, maybe I'll go tonight.

I am currently unhappy with my weight, (complaining about to happen here). I am visibly fatter than I was a few months ago, and I'm not ok with it. I'm uncomfortable in my own skin. Not ok. I wish it wasn't winter, but I have no excuse for not running. I don't know why I'm afraid of running in the evening when it's dark. People do it, I see them all the time. And it's not like it's 1am. I wish I had a running partner.

chicken/eggplant/broccoli/red pepper curry in coconut milk

3 cookies. great.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013



I keep thinking this is a short week, probably because of the V-day festivities at work on Thursday. I am somewhat prepared.

Sleep was ok, I had to go pee in the night but I refused, resulting in a somewhat disrupted sleep.

2 eggs
sauteed red pepper/mushroom
1/4 avocado

5 meatballs
avo oil, S/P

Debating whether or not I go to CF tonight. I want to get my hair did (highlighted.) Yes, I want to change my hair AGAIN.

Snacks today:

I'm cutting down on the nut butters. FML.

The stupid treadmill doesn't fit with the bed in there. I need a solution that doesn't involve running outside.

Got my hair did today, I'm blonde again bitches. Blawwwwnd. I feel comforatble with this although I'm not too keen on my bowl cut. Not cutting it though, I just need to not wear it straight.

While the foils were in my hair I ran across to the convenience store and bought a banana + some shelled pumpkin seeds. Took the hunger away.

Turkey sausage
sweet potatoes
few macadamia nuts.

Need to hit CF Wed and Saturday.

Monday, February 11, 2013


Monday again. Fuck you, time. Fuck you to hell.

Today is the start of a new challenge at the gym, but I'm not sure I will participate officially. There are two ways to win: by gym performance or an essay/video.

Now, I'm being a pessimist, but I don't want to compete for performance because I don't think I'll win. Also, I am not a fan of assignments and being creative on my own time so that means I won't be doing a video. Therefore I have no prize motivation. I will, however, participate from afar, I think.

Wait, I have an idea for the video.. might do it.

Sleep was ok, not long enough because we stayed up to watch the boring Grammys.

2 eggs, spinach, handful maca nuts.

5 meatballs, arugula, almonds

1 big orange

Small can tuna - the lemon/dill kind
1 tomato

I kept burping tuna all night. No more cans of tuna.


A1. Back Squat 4×5 [50x0] @ approx 75%, rest 45s - 105#
A2. Chin-ups 4×4-8 [4010], rest 2.5mins - sucking at chinups

10min AMRAP: 5 push-up, 5 thursters @ 40% 1RM push press, 10 KB swing to chin level
Managed 7 rounds + 5 pushups + 2 thrusters

sauteed red pepper/mushrooms
olive oil
lemon juice
salad styles.

You know, I just didn't feel like eating meat for dinner. After burping tuna all evening, the thought of adding more meat protein was not appetizing. So I had quinoa. If I'm a gassy mess all night, I'll know why.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Walking Dead returns!

Something to look forward to at least.

Sleep was pretty good considering my diet yesterday. It helped that I stayed up to make sure I digested before going to bed. I was reading my book, It Starts With Food. I'm having a hard time picturing myself sticking to this way of eating FOR LIFE. Of course 100% isn't realistic. I almost feel like I'm being brainwashed. I used to not eat this way and I was thinner and that annoys me. Mind you, I was running too and counting calories. Is that what I need to do? I need to run.

few bites of leftover mac n cheese.
leftover button mushrooms from Hys + egg whites.
I only ate egg whites because we are out of full eggs and this needed to be used. I originally bought it for the stupid paleo tortillas I failed at last weekend.

Today I need to get groceries and cook up some food for the week. I thought about running as well, we'll see if I follow through or just bitch about my fatness.

Got groceries, loaded up on vegetables.

Quinoa with honey/lemon
buttercup squash

You know why I ate quinoa? Because no matter how fucking paleo I eat, I just keep getting fatter. Something isn't working for me and it's frustrating and mega depressing. I see skinny people eating quinoa, so I'm copying them. Maybe high fat actually MAKES ME FAT? I know it's not supposed to but why is this happening to me? Clothes are tighter, the belly is bigger and ass fatter. I'm not ok with any of this. I don't like running in the winter. But I feel like that's the solution because I've been crossfitting at least 3X/week and I'm not slimming down. What the fuck?!!!!!!

5 small meatballs
tabouleh made with quinoa - there it is again
baba ghanouj (spelling? dunkurr.)

I had several dates throughout the day, also some almonds and rice crackers.

Red wine later.

Saturday, February 9, 2013


It's 50% over. Great.

I'm not even addressing nutrition Friday night or Saturday. I was good at work but snacked in the evening and then had a gluttonous dinner at a steakhouse. We didn't hold back.

Then today, I had a great healthy breakfast but failed during our outing. We went to the sportsman show. I ate a chocolate bar.

Then had some cider and sweet potato fries.

Then proceeded to a wonderful restaurant and had a plank with paté and all sorts of pickled meaty goodness. Then ate some trout and salad.

2 cocktails. Delicous ones, I might add.

chocolate cake and coffee for dessert.

So, I had a chocolate bar for lunch and a huge ass dinner. I'm sitting here on my laptop looking at images of crossfit girls and wanting to got hardcore to be super fit this summer. I need to start now if this is going to happen. Fucking winter.

Friday, February 8, 2013


It's a mega snowstorm outside today. It's been snowing since yesterday afternoon, and it's not stopping anytime soon. My bus was 10 minutes late and a bit slow moving in. But I wasn't super late for work. It's nice watching the snowfall, knowing I have nowhere to go but home from here, and I'll let the TTC do all the driving. If I had to drive I'd be a bit more stressed.

Sleep was almost perfect if I hadn't been woken up by a tingly sleeping hand. Annoying.

1/2 sausage
1/2 avocado

Snack at work:
NUD "chips". Essentially dehydrated crackers made from banana, coconut, cocoa, sesame.

grass fed, nicely raised hamburger from Sense Appeal. Bun and all, sue me!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Let's go Thursday

It's almost Friday, guys!!

Sleep could have been better. Last night's metcon actually kicked my ass:
4 man-makers
25 kettle bell swings
finished in 10:25

I didn't finish last, which is interesting, and made me feel hardcore. but what helped was during my training workout I used a 25kg (or is it 24?) kettle bell for my 4 min workout. So the 16kg during metcon felt light. It's the man-makers, they're hard. I used 20's and I felt like a million bucks after. A milli. Not to be an ass but I was using heavier weights than the boys. So what, I can brag about it a little bit, no?

My body was exhausted by bed time and it felt like I was heavily melting into the mattress. I almost slept for like 8 or 9 hours but I woke up just as I was falling asleep and it took a while to get back into it. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!? Working on it.

eggplant strata
1/4 avocado

David Beckham is on BT right now. What a handsome fellow.

2 bacon
buttercup squash

Aft Snack:
3/4 honeycrisp apple + cinnamon

It's supposed to snow overnight tonight. I'm mentally and crosfitually preparing for this.

The snow has begun.

Benched 80 3x. It's a PR I think.
Only did half the turkish getups. Meh.
Metcon was aight, not as bad as yesterday. Although my back muscles are still sore from it.

Dinner, brace yourselves, I was hungry:
Leftover chinese curry chicken. Regrettable for the sodium and mystery ingredients.
buttercup squash
1 whole red pepper
home made mayo

frozen berries + organic plain yogurt (probiotics?) + honey
I had this twice, it was really good.

took my magnesium + omegas, and now drinking a Rude-bwoy tea.

Thank the fucking fuckn fuck shit bitch it's Friday tomorrow. I WISH it could be a snow day. It'll be quite the commute, y'all.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Salt Hangover Recovery

K, Salt hangover is gone and I feel ok now. Sleep was alright, maybe 7 hours but I woke up briefly a few times.

3 eggs
1/2 avocado
fried in coconut oil

Eggplant Strata - this piece has a bit of cheese on the top. BIT!
1/4 avo

apple + cinnamon

Pre workout:
handful coconut shreds, bites of chicken. maca nuts. I was starving, sorry.


Workout #2
A. Chin-up practice for quality. I'll practice my thing.
B. Tall box jumps (step down). 4 jumps for quality EMOM for 5mins
C. Tough KB swings (to chin). 20sec, rest 40sec for 4mins
D. Group Metcon:
5 sets for time:
4 man makers
25 KB swings (to chin)

Butcher's sausage - MMMMMMMM
Buttercup squash
Half a red pepper
Home made mayo

Things I need to do today:
Return GAP jeans
Buy clean protein powder to keep at work
Bring cinnamon to work

Whoops I ate almost a full avocado today.


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Salt Hangover

I feel gross.

small handful cashews/macadamias + coffee

leftover beef fajitas on spinach w/cashew butter/salsa etc.

apple, orange.

I'm still so mad about Chinese food, and I hate that I'm hung up on it. I'm afraid it will affect my performance tonight at the gym. So ridiculous, need to get my priorities straight.

What is it, Michelle? Eat "treats" once a week and fuck up my strength training?

Or eat treats less than once a week and do better/feel better? Annoying.

The answer is so obvious but not easy for this inner fatty.

The rest of the week is clean eating FOSHE. I'll let you know how the fat test goes and how depressed I am on a scale of 1 to 10 later on. 10 being mega depressed.

Dinner tonight:
Eggplant strata.

Bed at 9:30.

I set some personal records tonight!

100 lb push press
130 lb front squat

Quite happy with this. It sort of erases the bad feelings about my 1.7% body fat increase. I'm working on getting better quality/ more sleep so hopefully that combined with good clean eating will shed that extra fat and more.

I'm considering doing the sporting life 10k again..but I'm a little worried that its all downhill. My knees aren't good with hills no mo. Perhaps I'll just add some running into my training regime, work on increasing my kms on my own without hills, and even try doing non hot yoga with Reen.

Today was a 100% success in terms of nutrition. Lets keep it up, self.

Monday, February 4, 2013

A New Week

Sleep was average, not great.

Last night I ate more popchips. Running. Seriously... starvation mode afterwards.

3 bacon 2 eggs. I didn't plan on eating bacon again, but Jamie made it. No more this week.


eggplant strata w/1/4 avo
kale chips

banada + pumk seed butter. its gone now, good riddance!

I made a poor choice tonight.

Jamie planted the seed that we could go to Peking Man for dinner. This is our favourite, RARE OCCASION Chinese restaurant. It's up in North York so we never go. We haven't been in a few years I'd say. So I thought I'd rush home, go to CF early and we could go after. I showed up at 6:30 and it was completely rammed, I could have waited til 7 for the official 'class' to start but I was motivated by the thought of eating at PM so I left and we went there for dinner. Was it delicious? Absolutely. Was it necessary...? no. Did I eat too much 'bad' food? Yes. And I paid by having a sore stomach all night and this morning (it's Tuesday now) I feel like a salty bloat fish.

What have I learned from this? Don't bail on Crossfit when I'm already there - ESPECIALLY if bailing means going to eat food that will make me less healthy. Also, I've learned that Peking Man is delicious, but it hurts my stomach now. Great.


Sunday, February 3, 2013


Sleep was good, a few tosses and turns. But overall good.

2 eggs, 3 bacon, several coffees.

I wanted to bail on my friends for the run we had planned. But I sucked it up and went, hated it up until I got going. Bailing isn't nice, anyway.

In the end, it felt great. We did about 4.5km, and I knew I wouldn't regret it. The hard part is getting out there. Once you get passed that, it's all good and endorphins take over. Easier said than done, I know. But when you have friends to be with, it changes things and time just flies. The only problem I have with running is that it makes me hungry, like ALL DAY. Unless I fill up on carbs after, I'm constantly craving them.

After run I prepared dinner, eggplant strata from Well Fed. Essentially an eggplant lasagna type thing: layers of eggplant, beef, tomato sauce. Turned out great. While cooking I had:

1 banana + yogurt (yes, plain, organic yogurt) with some seeds/dried berries of some sort and honey + cinnamon/nutmeg too. Really, I wanna make the banana pudding from my cookbook. It's paleo! but My bananas aren't ripe enough. Need me some black ones and I'm totally making it. I'm craving bananas right now because of the run.

1 small pepperette.

Had a nice soak in the tub and ate some popchips. (still hungry)

Finished cooking up the eggplant strata (it's a process) and had 1 small can of tuna + 1 small tomato


apple w/tahini + cinnamon

Hopefully that kills my carb craving.

There is lots of strata left, will have that for lunch and maybe dinner. Not slacking this week, fuckit.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Freakin Weekin

I am glad right now for reasons:

  1. I slept like a good 10 hours. THANK THE LAWWWWD! It felt amazing.
  2. Went to crossfit again today, yes! made it 3X this week despite the minor hiccups.
  3. I've already gone grocery shopping, got a nice haul for the week and I plan on sticking to great nutrition all throughout.
  4. I had a chat with a gym coach today about food, I'm no longer using the word "cheat" because it's dumb. Sometimes you eat bad things, and when you do, either get over it or don't do it in the first place. You can have the strength to avoid, or eat and deal with the guilt (if you have it).
  5. Since most chores are done, I can veg the fuck out all day and night, and I can't wait.
  6. Making fajitas tonight with 2 attempts: home made coconut flour tortillas and home made 'cashew sour cream'. Just wanna give it a whirl. (contradictory cheddar cheese will be on the fajitas, but whatever, I like to experiment. Also I bought some fancy organic yogurt in case the cashew sour cream fails.)
So, it's cold out, my house is warm, groceries are done and I have the afternoon to chill. Happy Caturday to all.

Work up at 10am. Went to bed at like 11. Suck it!

A. Bench Press 2×3@85%, 1×3+ @ 85%, rest 2.5mins (80#, managed to hit 5 reps for my max)
B. Speed DL 8×2@60% every minute on the minute (110#, nbd)
3 sets, rest as needed:
C1. Rope Climb (arms only if possible) 1-3 reps. (can't do ropes, did my variation)
C2. GHD sit-ups 10-15 reps  / LOVE
C3. Front Step-up 10-15/side / My left knee is crunchy and weak, so I don't enjoy these

After workout:
3 little peperettes

GROCERY TIME. Mother load complete.

Late brunch:
2 eggs, spinach, 1/2 avocado, salsa. Love this breakfast.

Gonna take a hot-ass bath and hit the couch for a bit.

Beef fajitas for dinner - no tortillas.