Monday, February 18, 2013

Fam Day

Sleep was garbage. My niece is the worst to sleep with, she flopped around like crazy and kicked me in my ass. I had to go to the couch. I just had an uneasy sleep because I felt like I had to be on alert.

Bacon n Eggs

Few lara balls. There. They're gone.

At parents:
Sliced meat, cheese
Small piece of quiche
few chips

Had a short nap at home, it was needed.

Bag of popchips. :(
Small serving of shep pie

I'm making some sort of eggplant/chicken strata casserole. wingin it. I want fuel for the week.

chicken breast strata turned out great, considering it's chicken breasts. I keep forgetting about chicken thighs, I like them better. But not baked in a casserole.

Had a small bowl of it. Had to taste it!!

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