Thursday, February 7, 2013

Let's go Thursday

It's almost Friday, guys!!

Sleep could have been better. Last night's metcon actually kicked my ass:
4 man-makers
25 kettle bell swings
finished in 10:25

I didn't finish last, which is interesting, and made me feel hardcore. but what helped was during my training workout I used a 25kg (or is it 24?) kettle bell for my 4 min workout. So the 16kg during metcon felt light. It's the man-makers, they're hard. I used 20's and I felt like a million bucks after. A milli. Not to be an ass but I was using heavier weights than the boys. So what, I can brag about it a little bit, no?

My body was exhausted by bed time and it felt like I was heavily melting into the mattress. I almost slept for like 8 or 9 hours but I woke up just as I was falling asleep and it took a while to get back into it. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!? Working on it.

eggplant strata
1/4 avocado

David Beckham is on BT right now. What a handsome fellow.

2 bacon
buttercup squash

Aft Snack:
3/4 honeycrisp apple + cinnamon

It's supposed to snow overnight tonight. I'm mentally and crosfitually preparing for this.

The snow has begun.

Benched 80 3x. It's a PR I think.
Only did half the turkish getups. Meh.
Metcon was aight, not as bad as yesterday. Although my back muscles are still sore from it.

Dinner, brace yourselves, I was hungry:
Leftover chinese curry chicken. Regrettable for the sodium and mystery ingredients.
buttercup squash
1 whole red pepper
home made mayo

frozen berries + organic plain yogurt (probiotics?) + honey
I had this twice, it was really good.

took my magnesium + omegas, and now drinking a Rude-bwoy tea.

Thank the fucking fuckn fuck shit bitch it's Friday tomorrow. I WISH it could be a snow day. It'll be quite the commute, y'all.


  1. I also saw David Beckham and ya... good butt. That is all.

  2. Reeeeeen! You saw Becks in real life?!! :O

    F this's killing me.....
    (been eating a truckload of sugar if that makes you feel any better?!)