Sunday, February 17, 2013


Had alcohol Friday night, that's it, my challenge is beginning now! Yes I just had wine but now NOW. I just looked at my ass and I'm not ok with it. That and my belly are not ideal at the moment.


It's too cold out. Thats my running excuse. -16??? no thanks.

I'm watching Coronation now, and enjoying myself actually. I have a coffee, my house is warm and clean and the laundry is started. My nieces are coming over later, the shep pie is ready to pop in the oven and all we need to do is hang out together. I'll think of some sort of facial mask to make them. Maybe we can paint our nails too. My mom was supposed to come as well, but last night she had an accident and scalded her hand and foot. Had to go to the hospital to get it bandaged. :( I tried convincing her to come still, since she won't have to do anything, but she can't even put a boot on her burned foot. The things nanas do for their family.

So, back to nutrition. Today is a new day. I'll eat breakfast once I feel starving. Plus, not eating gives me hope that I may jog.

Why can't we have a FOUR day weekend? The next holiday is in April, for Easter. Blerg.

What I ate yesterday:
banana pancakes. You know the ones.
I was hungry like an hour later so I ate some chicken.


few bites of the ground beef from shep pie.

quinoa, blueberries, coconut, coconut milk, cashews/almonds, cinnamon. So good!
Here is an article on quinoa, written by a respected, known paleo guy. I won't eat it all the time, but I'll throw it in the mix here and there. It's so versatile, great as a cereal or as a rice replacement.

Later MA came by for a nice, surprise visit! We shared a bottle of wine, ate the rest of the deli olives and polished off a bag of S&V Popchips. So good!


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