Monday, February 11, 2013


Monday again. Fuck you, time. Fuck you to hell.

Today is the start of a new challenge at the gym, but I'm not sure I will participate officially. There are two ways to win: by gym performance or an essay/video.

Now, I'm being a pessimist, but I don't want to compete for performance because I don't think I'll win. Also, I am not a fan of assignments and being creative on my own time so that means I won't be doing a video. Therefore I have no prize motivation. I will, however, participate from afar, I think.

Wait, I have an idea for the video.. might do it.

Sleep was ok, not long enough because we stayed up to watch the boring Grammys.

2 eggs, spinach, handful maca nuts.

5 meatballs, arugula, almonds

1 big orange

Small can tuna - the lemon/dill kind
1 tomato

I kept burping tuna all night. No more cans of tuna.


A1. Back Squat 4×5 [50x0] @ approx 75%, rest 45s - 105#
A2. Chin-ups 4×4-8 [4010], rest 2.5mins - sucking at chinups

10min AMRAP: 5 push-up, 5 thursters @ 40% 1RM push press, 10 KB swing to chin level
Managed 7 rounds + 5 pushups + 2 thrusters

sauteed red pepper/mushrooms
olive oil
lemon juice
salad styles.

You know, I just didn't feel like eating meat for dinner. After burping tuna all evening, the thought of adding more meat protein was not appetizing. So I had quinoa. If I'm a gassy mess all night, I'll know why.