Sunday, February 3, 2013


Sleep was good, a few tosses and turns. But overall good.

2 eggs, 3 bacon, several coffees.

I wanted to bail on my friends for the run we had planned. But I sucked it up and went, hated it up until I got going. Bailing isn't nice, anyway.

In the end, it felt great. We did about 4.5km, and I knew I wouldn't regret it. The hard part is getting out there. Once you get passed that, it's all good and endorphins take over. Easier said than done, I know. But when you have friends to be with, it changes things and time just flies. The only problem I have with running is that it makes me hungry, like ALL DAY. Unless I fill up on carbs after, I'm constantly craving them.

After run I prepared dinner, eggplant strata from Well Fed. Essentially an eggplant lasagna type thing: layers of eggplant, beef, tomato sauce. Turned out great. While cooking I had:

1 banana + yogurt (yes, plain, organic yogurt) with some seeds/dried berries of some sort and honey + cinnamon/nutmeg too. Really, I wanna make the banana pudding from my cookbook. It's paleo! but My bananas aren't ripe enough. Need me some black ones and I'm totally making it. I'm craving bananas right now because of the run.

1 small pepperette.

Had a nice soak in the tub and ate some popchips. (still hungry)

Finished cooking up the eggplant strata (it's a process) and had 1 small can of tuna + 1 small tomato


apple w/tahini + cinnamon

Hopefully that kills my carb craving.

There is lots of strata left, will have that for lunch and maybe dinner. Not slacking this week, fuckit.

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