Tuesday, February 12, 2013



I keep thinking this is a short week, probably because of the V-day festivities at work on Thursday. I am somewhat prepared.

Sleep was ok, I had to go pee in the night but I refused, resulting in a somewhat disrupted sleep.

2 eggs
sauteed red pepper/mushroom
1/4 avocado

5 meatballs
avo oil, S/P

Debating whether or not I go to CF tonight. I want to get my hair did (highlighted.) Yes, I want to change my hair AGAIN.

Snacks today:

I'm cutting down on the nut butters. FML.

The stupid treadmill doesn't fit with the bed in there. I need a solution that doesn't involve running outside.

Got my hair did today, I'm blonde again bitches. Blawwwwnd. I feel comforatble with this although I'm not too keen on my bowl cut. Not cutting it though, I just need to not wear it straight.

While the foils were in my hair I ran across to the convenience store and bought a banana + some shelled pumpkin seeds. Took the hunger away.

Turkey sausage
sweet potatoes
few macadamia nuts.

Need to hit CF Wed and Saturday.

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