Sunday, February 10, 2013

Walking Dead returns!

Something to look forward to at least.

Sleep was pretty good considering my diet yesterday. It helped that I stayed up to make sure I digested before going to bed. I was reading my book, It Starts With Food. I'm having a hard time picturing myself sticking to this way of eating FOR LIFE. Of course 100% isn't realistic. I almost feel like I'm being brainwashed. I used to not eat this way and I was thinner and that annoys me. Mind you, I was running too and counting calories. Is that what I need to do? I need to run.

few bites of leftover mac n cheese.
leftover button mushrooms from Hys + egg whites.
I only ate egg whites because we are out of full eggs and this needed to be used. I originally bought it for the stupid paleo tortillas I failed at last weekend.

Today I need to get groceries and cook up some food for the week. I thought about running as well, we'll see if I follow through or just bitch about my fatness.

Got groceries, loaded up on vegetables.

Quinoa with honey/lemon
buttercup squash

You know why I ate quinoa? Because no matter how fucking paleo I eat, I just keep getting fatter. Something isn't working for me and it's frustrating and mega depressing. I see skinny people eating quinoa, so I'm copying them. Maybe high fat actually MAKES ME FAT? I know it's not supposed to but why is this happening to me? Clothes are tighter, the belly is bigger and ass fatter. I'm not ok with any of this. I don't like running in the winter. But I feel like that's the solution because I've been crossfitting at least 3X/week and I'm not slimming down. What the fuck?!!!!!!

5 small meatballs
tabouleh made with quinoa - there it is again
baba ghanouj (spelling? dunkurr.)

I had several dates throughout the day, also some almonds and rice crackers.

Red wine later.

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