Saturday, February 2, 2013

Freakin Weekin

I am glad right now for reasons:

  1. I slept like a good 10 hours. THANK THE LAWWWWD! It felt amazing.
  2. Went to crossfit again today, yes! made it 3X this week despite the minor hiccups.
  3. I've already gone grocery shopping, got a nice haul for the week and I plan on sticking to great nutrition all throughout.
  4. I had a chat with a gym coach today about food, I'm no longer using the word "cheat" because it's dumb. Sometimes you eat bad things, and when you do, either get over it or don't do it in the first place. You can have the strength to avoid, or eat and deal with the guilt (if you have it).
  5. Since most chores are done, I can veg the fuck out all day and night, and I can't wait.
  6. Making fajitas tonight with 2 attempts: home made coconut flour tortillas and home made 'cashew sour cream'. Just wanna give it a whirl. (contradictory cheddar cheese will be on the fajitas, but whatever, I like to experiment. Also I bought some fancy organic yogurt in case the cashew sour cream fails.)
So, it's cold out, my house is warm, groceries are done and I have the afternoon to chill. Happy Caturday to all.

Work up at 10am. Went to bed at like 11. Suck it!

A. Bench Press 2×3@85%, 1×3+ @ 85%, rest 2.5mins (80#, managed to hit 5 reps for my max)
B. Speed DL 8×2@60% every minute on the minute (110#, nbd)
3 sets, rest as needed:
C1. Rope Climb (arms only if possible) 1-3 reps. (can't do ropes, did my variation)
C2. GHD sit-ups 10-15 reps  / LOVE
C3. Front Step-up 10-15/side / My left knee is crunchy and weak, so I don't enjoy these

After workout:
3 little peperettes

GROCERY TIME. Mother load complete.

Late brunch:
2 eggs, spinach, 1/2 avocado, salsa. Love this breakfast.

Gonna take a hot-ass bath and hit the couch for a bit.

Beef fajitas for dinner - no tortillas.

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