Thursday, January 31, 2013


Almost weekend. GO GO GO.

Sleep was not great, I should have gone to bed earlier. Also that tea before bed made me have to pee in the night. Je n'aime pas.

I wish I could go to the gym tonight, but I need to go and socialize with work. The bausses are in town and taking us all out. It would be rude and non-participanty not to. I'll go Friday night like a loner instead.

And Saturday to make sure I get in 3X.

2 eggs omelette w/red pepper and goat cheese.

chilli, spinach

banana/pumpk butter

Went to pub with work, looking back, I should have gone home and gone to the gym. Noted for future. Not because I didn't enjoy myself but because I drank wine and ate unhealthy pub crap. Tastey, but not good for me. Huge fail, and on top of that, I had THE WORST SLEEP. I fell asleep at like 11 only to wake up at (what I thought was like 4am) then I finally looked at the clock after tossing and turning for at least an hour and it was 2:48am. This is a good thing and a bad thing for insomniacs. Good because it seems like you have an opportunity to get a good ish night's sleep, bad because if you can't get back to sleep you're lying there for like 5 more hours. This time, it was bad. I didn't fall back asleep til after 5am and my alarm went off at 6:15. Cool. I read a bit when I realized it was only 2, but it didn't help.

I drank 3 9oz glasses of pinot which I made into spritzers. The alcohol effected my sleep, also the food. Oh, when I got home I ate popcorn.

I didn't stuff myself or anything at the pub, but I ate bits of fried garbage. Not cool. Today, I am going to be perfect and force myself to the gym tonight despite my fatigue.

This weekend will be a mega chill weekend. Perhaps I'll start a new crochet project.

2 hard boiled eggs, almonds

At work:

Sushi like last week. This is the last time.
Wakame salad
1x4" pancake with butter. It was good. I love plain pancakes with just butter.

some broccoli stir fry from the other night. One of the bites tasted nasty.
Then.. 1 timbit. ouch.

Crossfit, hit 125# for front squats. But I was starting to feel that shit sleep from last night. Slowed me down. I decided to try out the "Iqbal" place in the plaza. Got Butter chicken + rice for dinner, from someone's reco. It came to 14 bucks and it was a rip off. Hardly any chicken, mostly buttery sauce. I like my indian food with more zing, that was very tame. I wouldn't get it again, perhaps some beef another time. I didn't eat the whole thing, I went easy on the sauce but ate all the chicken bits. The rice was really good. I've gone buck wild with rice today, clearly. Today and yesterday have been a write off. Well, Tomorrow is a new day, the challenge begins. Right MA?? Def going to gym in the morns.

Coronation Street and maybe a movie. Jamie is out tonight, I'm a bachelorette.


  1. Oh Meeeehsssshelle....
    BTW, is pumpkin butter delish or do you prefer other kinds?

    1. pumpk butter tastes a lot like peanut butter actually. it's not bad.