Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Day Lights

Sleep wasn't best, but not too shit. I had sad/scary nightmares. I don't care to share them today.

bits of a stuffed red pepper.. probably not even half.
few bits of my hard cashonut butter. mm.

I'm at work, drinking a coffee and I'm hungry. I'm not prepared today for food. There is a chicken leg in the fridge, that's it.

Looking forward to working out tonight.

Chicken leg.
kale chips - not nearly as good as the ones I got from Raw Aura.

There is client food here. I'm hoping to eat some of those beets. I avoided the chocolate and chocolate covered cookies that were available. Not worth the shitty sugar crash afterwards. Sugar = depression.

Snacks later:
nuts/seeds and the rest of those boring kale chips

Dodged booze although I really wanted more of that prosecco. Maybe I'll have some drinks tonight who knows.

mmmmdunno. Hitting up CF after work. We have no food.

few spoons of cashonut butter


A. Back Squat 4×2@85-90%, rest 2.5mins  - 135#
B. Bench Press 3×5, 1x10 all at 80%, rest 2-3mins  - 70# - I think I've got the hang of proper bench form. finally.
C1. GH Raise 3×8, rest 60s - love this thing, feels good on my hamstrings/ass
C2. powel raise 3×8/side, rest 60s  / 8s/10s

sausage, broccoli, beer. - fail. cutting things out sucks

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